No Ordinary Family

Season 2, Episode 1

"No Ordinary Wedding"

It is a sunny, blue skied morning at the Powell house. It is a Friday, and J.J. and Daphne are ready for the weekend. Stephanie is making breakfast while Daphne complains about the drama in their lives.

"So it been a couple weeks, and we still haven't decided what we're doing!"

Jim replies, "What can we do? We can't just pause our everyday lives and go save the world! It's just too much to handle."

"But Dad, if we don't, the world will be infested with super-criminals!" I mean, who else do you expect to stop eighty prisoners with super-powers?"

"Anyone but us." Jim sharply replies. Daphne can see that begging wouldn't get her anywhere. She sighs, and storms out the door to school.

To break the awkward silence, J.J. says, "So… I think we should do it. You know, scientifically speaking, our powers combined are a good enough combination to bring them down."

Jim walks away, seeing how awkward the moment was becoming.

"It's best not to argue with your father, J.J." Stephanie advises him. "He just doesn't want to put us in danger, especially at your age."

"I know Mom, but we have the potential to do this." Stephanie sighs. J.J. knows that if even Daphne couldn't convince them, he had no chance. "I'm going to be late. I'd better go" And so he did.


Katie is giving the baby his bottle. After a long and hard amount of thinking, they decided to name him Will, since that was the name of the fake online dater that brought Joshua and her together. She sighs because she already noticed signs of abilities. Maybe the trillsettum was in his blood. Maybe he would turn out to be a super. This thought scared her. Not because he was a baby, but because of what these powers had done to just about everyone who had them. Even thinking back at how amazing it was when Joshua would levitate her and gently help her down, even thinking back at how he saved her from Victoria, she knew it had negatively affected him. After all, he did kill a couple of people just to keep them. She worried that somehow, someday, this baby could turn out the same way. A criminal, with a sweet and kind heart underneath it all.

Just at that moment, Joshua walked in. "Hey. How's he doing?"

"Oh, he, he's fine."

"Is everything ok? You sound nervous."

Katie shrugged and replied, "Oh, I seemed nervous? I didn't mean to, I don't know why I did, but I'm not. I'm fine. Actually I'm better than fine I'm great. Well, not great, but still good…" She stopped there because she realized she was rambling, as she often did. She was embarrassed, because even after that, she couldn't hide it. She was nervous. The next day was the wedding. Joshua was sweet, and she still loved him, but with everything that happened between them, it was hard to trust him.

"Katie, I can tell something's bothering you. Come on, you can tell me." She put the baby back in his crib, and they sat down on the couch.

"Joshua, I love you. I really do. But, tomorrow, with the wedding, I, I'm just so nervous! I mean, a lot happened between us, and I keep feeling like someday I'm going to discover something else about you, another lie, another secret. And, I'm not sure I can take anymore."

He sat there, looking at the floor, with that look on his face that Katie knew so well. He looked so sorry, so innocent, the look he had when she broke up with him. She knew he loved her. After all, why else would he have come back? He must have, she had no doubts about that, but it frightened her to think that this man, the only one who had ever made her feel this way, was a murderer. She never would have guessed. He was the type of guy who looked tough, but looked like he would never hurt anyone unless it was to protect someone he cared about. He was a criminal, but not intentionally. Just by force.

"I know I have a difficult past, and I know you're not the type of girl that would ever date a criminal, let alone someone who broke your heart, but I love you, and I can't live without you. That's why I came back. That's why I proposed. So I never have to be without you. When I came back, I was so surprised that you weren't mad at me, that you took me back so easily. I assumed that was because you missed me, too. But somehow, I knew you would have trouble trusting me. Katie, I know I have let you down in the past, and I know you're afraid I will again, but even though I have a past of violence, I would never hurt you. I love you and I don't want to lose you. "

He slowly reached over and grabbed her hand, looking at her with that sweet face. It was true. She had missed him when he was gone. And as much as she worried, she loved him. She never wanted to be away from him again. And as she stared into his eyes, all her worried slipped away. She leaned in and kissed him. There, in his arms, she felt safe.

Back at the Powell house…

George bursts through the door panting and shouts, "Where's Jim?"

Stephanie replies, "He's in the bedroom getting ready for work. But why…" Before she could finish he sprinted into the bedroom. "Jim!"

"George? What are you doing here so early?"

"Because the most unbelievable thing just happened!"

"You met a woman that actually likes you?" Jim joked.

"This is not funny man. You know that plane with the eighty criminals that crashed in Brazil? Well you're looking at a survivor."

"George, you mean you were on that plane? Are you okay?"

"Okay? Am I okay? I'm not okay, I'm great! I may be emotionally scarred, but I'm so glad I was on that plane!"

"Wait, didn't everyone on that plane get powers?"

"That's my point!"

"So you…" Suddenly Jim stopped because after he blinked, George was gone! After a couple seconds, he returns from nowhere.

"So, you like my new powers?" George asks, happily.

Jim just stares at him with his mouth hanging wide open. "Well, this could be useful." Jim says in a toneless voice.

At school…

Chris walks by Daphne on his way to class. He accidentally brushes up against her when he walks by. Daphne sighs, remembering the days before she erased his memory. She misses the gentle kisses he would give her in the morning. But she knew those days were over, she thought she would never find love again.

The teacher is passing back tests. J.J. smiles at yet another A+, but when he looks over his shoulder, he notices a tear in Natalie's eye.

"What's wrong? Didn't you pass?"

"I got a D." Tears filled her eyes.

"But, a D averaged in with all your other grades, you should be fine." J.J. points out.

"But the requirements for my scholarship say I have to have straight A's. With a D averaged in with the rest of my grades, I have no chance! I have a couple other B's and C's so at the least, since this was worth 40% of our grade, the most I can get for the semester is a B."

J.J. saw her sadness worsen. He had to help. If he did, maybe she would like him again!

"You know, Natalie, I could tutor you. Then you could ask the teacher if you could retake it."

"J.J., I see what you're trying to do, but I don't think I could retake a test this important."

J.J. sighs. "But it can't hurt to try."

"Fine" Natalie replies sharply. J.J. smiles.

The bell rings and they all head to the halls. It's the end of the day, and what a long day it had been.

Daphne had been thinking a lot that day, and she had an idea. If she could erase Chris's memory, why shouldn't she be able to bring it back? So she runs up to Chris.

"Hey Chris. What's up?"

He backs slightly away. "What do you want, Powell?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to talk to you." She looks into his eyes, and puts her hand next to his head, as if it helps her use her powers. "You remember. You remember everything. You remember dating me, the things I can do. Everything."

He blinks, and has a blank look on his face for a moment. "Hey, Daph." He kisses her on the cheek.

"Oh my God, Chris!" She hugs him tightly. "You're back!"

"When did I ever leave?"

She didn't reply. There was already enough drama between them. She didn't need any more. She began to cry tears of joy, and hugged him for what seemed like forever.

Jim and George at work…

"So, now that you can, you know, turn invisible, are you going to help me crime fight?" Jims asks.

"Well, duh. Why shouldn't I? Invisibility and strength are the perfect duo! You can beat up one guy, while I sneak up on another guy and shoot him!"

"You know, the gun won't be invisible, just you." Jim replies with a giggle.

"That's where you're wrong, Jim. I can turn other thing invisible, too!" He grabs a pen and it disappears just as he does.

"Well then, get ready to fight crime!" Jim says and then gives George a high five.

After a nice family dinner, they get up early the next day, since it was such a big day.

Stephanie was Katie's maid of honor. She was happy to be part of her friend's wedding, but she still didn't trust Joshua. No one did. How could they? He killed all those people, and he erased both Daphne and Katie's memory. Katie trusted him more than anyone else did though. But that was because she loved him. Stephanie was afraid Joshua would get mad and hurt her, even though he doesn't have his powers anymore. He seemed like such a sweet guy, but Stephanie knew that he had a violent past, whether or not he was happy about it.

"Mom, do you like this dress? Or do you think it looks too girly?" Daphne wasn't sure why she was worried. The only people there that she would know is her family, Katie, and, of course, Joshua. As soon as she thought that, she knew why she was so scared. He had threatened her, erased her memory, and spied on her family.

"It looks beautiful, Daphne. Why do you sound so worried?"

"For the same reason that everyone else is." She sat down. "I just don't see how Katie can marry him. I don't even understand why she took him back after she knew what he did."

"Well," Stephanie replied, agreeing with her. "I guess she loves him. It the same reason you date Chris even though he's been arrested."

"But Chris was only driving without a license! He didn't go around killing everybody!"

Neither one of them knew what else to say, so they all got dressed and headed off to the wedding.

At the wedding…

Joshua sees Katie chatting with Stephanie, so he walks over.

"Hi Dr. Powell." He says.

"Oh, hi Joshua. I was just congratulating Katie on your marriage. So what time does the ceremony start?"

"It starts at 1." Katie answers. "And since it's quarter of, I'd better go get ready. She walks inside, since they were having a backyard wedding.

"I'd better go get Will. Katie's mother is going to hold him during the ceremony." Joshua says. He didn't really know what he should say. He knew that she, along with the rest of her family, didn't trust him. He walked inside, uncomfortable to be around them without Katie. He felt better talking to them when Katie was there because they trusted her. He wondered if there was any way he would ever be able to make up for what he did.

He was walking to Will's room, but on his way, he heard a huge bang. He ran to the bedroom and pulled the door open. There, on the floor, lay Katie, unconscious. "Katie!" he yelled. He ran to her and tried to wake her up. "Katie, Katie, wake up!" She still lay there, not moving at all, other than breathing. He picked her up and quickly carried her outside. "Help! I found Katie lying unconscious in her room!" As soon as he said that, he realized that a man who had committed murder dozens of times, carrying an uncurious woman, saying he had no idea what happened, sounds pretty suspicious.

And that was just what Stephanie was thinking. "Oh my God," She ran over and saw Katie, unconscious, with a scared look on her face. They lied her down on the couch. "How did this happen?" Stephanie asked Joshua.

"I don't know. I heard her scream and then I heard a bang so I ran into her room. There she was, unconscious on the floor." Stephanie didn't believe him, but didn't feel like it was the right time to accuse him.

Back outside, Daphne was talking to J.J.

"You don't seriously believe him, do you?" Daphne asked J.J.

"Well, he seems pretty upset about it." J.J. reasoned.

"That's just a big act to get everyone on his side." Daphne was outraged that everyone was starting to be on Joshua's side. "There was nobody else in the house at the time. Isn't it a little suspicious that he just happens to be inside at the time and he says he has no idea what happened?"

"But why would he hurt Katie?" J.J. felt guilty, because he himself believed Joshua.

"Maybe he's working for someone else and this is all a big plan to get us to trust him. If it is, he's already got Katie believing him."

"Well, when we were trapped in that cell together, he asked about her. And when I told him she was pregnant, he was so worried and just wanted to get out and help her."

"All part of the act." Daphne obviously wasn't going to let anyone convince her otherwise.

Katie woke up. She looked up to see Stephanie and Joshua standing above her. "Hey Steph, Hey Joshua. She moaned, apparently from pain.

"Do you remember what happened?" Joshua had to get back at whoever did this to her. He couldn't let him get away with hurting her.

"Yes, I remember it perfectly. I was in my room, and this guy popped out of the closet. I screamed, but I think he was a super. He held out his hand and the world started spinning. I got dizzy and fainted, but I think I hit my head on the wall."

"A super? You don't think he was one of those prisoners on the plane, do you?" Stephanie was concerned. If it was one of the prisoners, why would he want to attack Katie?

"Quite possibly." Katie was just as concerned. "Maybe he was after the baby. After all, he might be a super baby."

"But why would they want him? They have their own powers." Joshua was confused, but he knew it was possible.

Stephanie jumped in. "I don't know, but you two should keep an eye on him." She went back outside to inform everyone that Katie was okay.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to let anything happen to you or the baby." Katie faked a smile. She was still worried, and she couldn't hide it. They decided to get back to the wedding.

It was 1. Joshua stood patiently, waiting to see Katie. He looked around. Will sat in the arms of Katie's mother. The Powell family, in which only a few trusted him, sat in the front row. He was happy. He couldn't help but think about the times before he met Katie. Back then he never smiled. He never laughed. He was never happy. But standing here, realizing he had a family, he smiled. He knew he had finally found something worth living for. He was happy.

Katie emerged from the house, her white dress shining in the sun. She slowly walked down the aisle, and Joshua knew he was lucky. She looked so beautiful. When she reached him, they looked into each other's eyes. Katie smiled, which made Joshua smile.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join these two lovers in holy matrimony. Joshua, do you take Katie to be your wedded wife?

There was no delay. He blurted out "I do." quickly, in the happiest tone possible.

"Katie, do you take Joshua to be your wedded husband?"

Katie paused for a moment. She thought of everything he'd done. He erased her memory. He erased Daphne's memory. He was a murderer. She was just about to tell him she was sorry, but she can't marry a criminal, when she thought of all the good times they had. The first few dates, when he kissed her for the first time, when he saved her from Victoria, when he helped her have her baby, and all these memories and more overpowered the bad things he had done. Everyone began to whisper to each other and wonder why she didn't say anything. Finally she smiled and said, "I, I do!"

"Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

So he did. Katie leaned in and waited for that kiss that would make it all official. Joshua kissed her, and Katie instantly felt better. She no longer had doubts. Joshua felt a lot better, too. He was so glad that Katie accepted what he did and took him back. He finally found someone who looked past the horrible things he had done, and saw the sweeter side of him.

Just then, Joshua backed away. "Katie, I, I don't feel right…" Before he had time to finish, he collapsed.

"Joshua!" Katie cried. Suddenly, they all heard laughing. Katie looked up, and there, standing in the aisle, was the man she had seen before, the one who made her faint. Her heart began to beat like crazy. He pulled out a gun and almost everyone ran away. Jim ran in front of Katie to block the bullets, but he suddenly fell to the ground, too. They all realized that this was no ordinary man, that he was a super.

Stephanie tried to run fast enough to grab the gun without him noticing, but she fainted too. Daphne was going to try to stop him with her powers, but J.J. stopped her. "It's too dangerous!"

"Well, we have to stop him!" Daphne cried. J.J. didn't know what to say. The man pointed the gun at them. "If I were you, I wouldn't even try to stop me. You've seen what I can do, and I'm not afraid to hurt children." They sat behind the chairs, out of his sight. Katie didn't know what to do. There wasn't anyone there to help her. They were all either fainted, or threatened to stay away.

"What do you want from me?" Katie yelled.

"You're not the one I want, but it will be easier to get to them without you." He was about to pull the trigger, and Katie knew there was nothing she could do.

Suddenly, in all the suspense, Joshua began to wake up. He saw the man standing over Katie with a gun, and he knew he had to save her. Why did he have to lose his powers? They sure would have been helpful now! He looked down, and saw Katie's ring had fallen off. He looked at it, and unexpectedly, the ring began to float. His powers were back! But how? Did the man inject him with trillsettum? He had to save Katie, but if he used his powers, she would think he lied about them being gone. He had to take the chance.

Katie sat there, her eyed closed, screaming for help. She looked up and saw the man floating. "Oh my God…" she sat there staring at him. Joshua walked over, and she noticed it was him levitating the man. She didn't know what to say, so she just sat there in shock.

Joshua lifted the man, and threw him up into the air. He didn't want to kill him, because that would just be another reason for Katie not to trust him. He landed in the neighbor's pool, and fainted after he got out.

Joshua stood there with a guilty look on his face. He knew Katie would be surprised. He grabbed her hand to help her up. She just stared at him in shock.

"You, you did that! But, but I thought your powers were gone!"

Daphne whispered to J.J. "See? I told you he was lying!"

"They were gone! I don't know how but somehow they're back!" Joshua tried to explain.

"Maybe the effects of Dr. Powell's serum were only temporary. Does that mean you need to take the trillsettum again?" Katie was disappointed. She liked his powers, but she hated that he had to keep using the trillsettum.

"I'm not sure. We'll sort this out later."

Katie looked around and said, "I'm going to go try to find out where everyone went."

Daphne look confused. "Does she actually believe him? He probably had them all along! He doesn't love her, this is all just a big hoax!

Apparently, Joshua heard what she said, and even though they were hiding behind the chairs, he saw her. He had to talk to her and try to convince her he was on their side. He walked over to her. J.J. snuck off and followed Katie. He didn't want to stay for the drama of this conversation. When Daphne saw he was leaving, she yelled for him to stop. "Wait! Don't just leave me out here!" But he was already gone. Daphne had crawled over to another chair. She knew he heard her, and she was afraid he was mad. He walked up behind her, but Daphne didn't notice him.

Joshua stood behind her. "Hey." Daphne screamed as loud as she could. "Get away from me!" She screamed. She tried to get up and run.

"Daphne! Daphne, Wait!" He grabbed her arm and tried to stop her. She looked back at him. He saw the fear in her eyes. He was devastated. To see a young girl that scared of him, that was too much. He didn't want to be the kind of guy who scared everyone. He didn't want to hurt anyone anymore. But it seemed as if he was getting punished for his past. He knew he deserved it. "Daphne, please. I'm not going to hurt you!" He let go and she ran off. She tripped on a rock and fell to the ground. She looked up and Joshua stood above her. She put her arm over her head as if to protect herself. It began to rain. It poured. Joshua felt horrible. He was standing over a crying girl that was freezing in the rain. She began to beg him not to hurt her. "I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me! I didn't mean what I said! Please!" She continued to cry, her tears washed away by the rain.

Joshua knelt beside her on the ground. "Daphne, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm not mad about what you said, I just want you to trust me." Daphne looked up at him, her hair soaked, and she tried to stop crying. "I know I hurt you before, and I'm sorry. When you got so scared back then, I realized that would scar you. I didn't want you to always be afraid of me. I knew it would ruin my chances with Katie. So, in the heat of the moment, I erased your memory. I felt so guilty about it. When I heard you say what you just did, I was so afraid that you would never trust me. I know I messed up a lot, but I promise you, I really do love Katie."

Daphne just sat on the ground, staring at him with a sad look on her face. He helped her up off the ground. She stood there and looked him in the eye. Unexpectedly, she smiled at him. She smiled big and giggled. She hugged him tight, realizing that it was all true. He really did love Katie. He really was sorry about what he did. Joshua hugged her back. He was so glad that she finally trusted him. "I'm so sorry." Daphne knew he meant it. "It's ok, I forgive you." Tears of joy streaked down her face.

They both walked inside together. Everyone from the party was inside. Jim saw that they walked in together, and he wasn't sure whether or not to trust him. He was puzzled, though. He knew Daphne hated Joshua, so why would she walk in so happy with him? Only one possibility came to mind, he erased her memory again. Jim quickly pushed him outside. "What did you do to my daughter?" He yelled.

"What are you talking about?" Joshua replied in a nervous voice.

"Daphne hates you. She always has! Why would she suddenly walk in so happily with you? I heard your powers are back, and I know you erased her memory again!" Jim was very angry, and Joshua could see that. With strength like Jim's, he was nervous. Just when his life was changing for the better, he was being accused again.

"Listen, I know I hurt her before, but I swear I didn't this time!" Joshua knew it would be difficult trying to convince Jim that he's changed.

"Then why would she be so happy around you?" Jim asked angrily.

"Because I talked to her. I'm not sure what I said, but she trusts me. Please. I'm sorry about what I did before, but I'm trying to change. This isn't really helping me, though." Jim started slightly laughing at that comment. "No, it's not." Jim said. Joshua laughed too. He realized that now, they all trusted him. Stephanie and Jim hadn't really said it, but he could tell. Joshua thought that maybe Jim and he could actually be friends now. After all, with Stephanie being both Katie's best friend and her boss, he could tell that this family that he had originally been assigned to spy on, could turn out to be some of his best friends.

The next day...

The doorbell rings and Daphne answers it. "Katie, Joshua, come in." Stephanie invited them over for dinner along with them and George. They all sat down in the living room waiting for George

"Well, this has been an interesting weekend." Jim said. Everyone laughed and agreed. The doorbell rang again. When Jim answered it, there was nobody there. "Huh. Stupid kids." He was about to shut the door when suddenly George popped up in front of Jim. "Boo."

"Ha. I almost forgot about that. Come on in and eat with us."

Joshua was confused. "George, when did you get powers?"

"Right about the time when eighty prisoners crashed in Brazil." George told him.

"You were on that plane? Nice. Two more people with permanent powers. This can't be good." Joshua joked.

"Who else?" George asked.

Joshua realized he didn't know. "My powers came back. Apparently the antidote was only temporary."

"Are you going to keep them this time?" He asked

"I'm not sure yet." Joshua answered.

"That'll make two supers in your family! Too bad Katie doesn't have any." George said. Everyone laughed and started eating. Everyone was happy with the way everything turned out. But they were forgetting one thing; there are still seventy-nine more super criminals out there.