Della arrived late at the office after running some errands and found Ken waiting for her in his office.

"Good morning, Della," he said and pecked her cheek.

"Good morning, Ken," Della answered with a hint of skepticism in her voice. "What's going on?"

"Are you ready to release Perry from his sick leave?" He asked with a playful smirk on his lips.

"That depends," Della narrowed her eyes and rushed back into her office to attend to her usual morning routine.

"Depends on the gravity of the case I have to offer?" Ken challenged her with a boyish smile.

"Depends on the circumstances," Della answered sweetly and sat down to sort the mail.

"I had a potential client coming in last night," Ken sat in the chair across from her and started to make his case. "An old friend of Perry's."

Della looked up at him and then leaned back in her chair. "Name?"

"Laura Stevenson," Ken answered quickly but was interrupted before he could give her the details.

"Oh no," Della said briskly.

"It's a fiscal matter," Ken tried to reason with Perry Mason's head of office.

"Perry's unavailable," Della glared at him with stern eyes.

"Unavailable?" Ken laughed and stopped as he saw an unusual lack of benevolence on her face.

"Yes," Della insisted. "For the rest of the week. Or the rest of the month. However long it takes."

"I don't understand," Ken said matter-of-factly and tried Della to get more specific.

Della rested her elbows on the brink of her desk and glared at him. Her voice calm and crisp when she spoke. "We are done dealing with Lauras in this office."

"Says who?" Ken tried to challenge her but lost.

"The head of office," Della said and lowered her voice to emphasize the sincerity of her words, her tone dignified but bordering the relentless.

"Does Perry know?" Ken dared to ask and suppressed a chuckle. He had trouble reading the sudden radiance of her smile.

"He does," Perry's voice sounded from door as he walked past them into his office and answered Della's smile with his own.

"Good morning, Perry," Della said warmly and switched back into her secretarial mode.

Ken watched her getting up, her arm packed with files and mail and two takeout bags.

"Coffee's ready in a minute," Della chirped as she rested everything on his table, carefully sorted with few practiced movements of her hands.

Then she rushed out again and returned moments later with two cups of coffee in her hands. She grabbed a spoon and added a white substance into the cup she had prepared for him.

"I hope that's sugar," Perry said in a gruff voice.

Della clicked her lips and shot him a small, wicked smile. "What else would it be?"

"That sweetener you tried to get me hooked on was awful," he mumbled as he flipped his way through the files she had put on his desk.

"My lapse," Della hummed and mocked him at the same time. Then she walked up to him and placed the sugared coffee on his right-hand side.

"Thank you," Perry said without averting his eyes from the files.

"You're welcome," Della answered him and moved her hand over his neck onto his back in an intimate caress.

"Well, Mrs. Mason," Perry said with a sparkle in his eyes, "I find nothing has changed since your update last night."

"No, it hasn't," Della said and twirled Perry's hair with her fingers.

"Good." Perry looked up at her and gave her a loving smile.

Della's fingers were still curling his hair on the back of his head, softly massaging him. She stood close to him – like she always did. Flirting with him. Making him feel at home. A kiss tingling in the air. Always sizzling. Her knowledge of him, his trust. Their present. Their past. Business as usual at the office. Now as husband and wife.


Author's note: I'm sorry that it took me so long to complete this, but those darn eight years apart were a real hassle. ;) Oh yes, and then there was some work I had to attend to. Those kinds of inanities, you know? :) So thanks for your patience and for taking the time to read y'all! Bless!