This is Life

He catches her gaze

And he can't look away,

But she takes a step back

And he deflates.

He walks through the garden,

Resigned to his fate.

She is not his,

Except, of course she is.

And there was the longing.


Then she sits down next to him,

On that old battered swing,

And they let the momentum

Lead them forward.

Her shoulder bumps his;

He pretends not to notice,

But his eyes are alight,

And hope – it shines bright.

And there was the moment.


Her hand reaches out

And closes that gap,

Fingers entwine again

And this is meant to be.

This is their vow; their life,

And they'll live it together

Laugh, run and grieve,

And he'll never leave.

And there was the day.


Her smile is a beacon

Of everything they were

And everything they are.

They are once again standing

On a beach - but this time,

Someplace hot.

And she's all he ever wants

And so he tells her he loves her

And they make love in the water.

And that was the year.


He asks her a question

One rainy day in Spring.

And she shrugs and says yes,

(Because she wants to, and so does he.)

She wears a white dress

And he wears his Converses.

And because it's what he loves to call her

She keeps herself Rose Tyler

And then came the decade.


He's got his brown hair

And her brown eyes.

She's got his brown eyes

And her (dyed) blonde hair.

And they've been causing trouble,

Just like they ought to.

And he thinks, this is it:

My children, my wife.

This is life, this is love

This is everything,

Let me never lose it.

And here is now.


A/N: Okaaay, so there's my attempt at poetry. If this is as bad as I myself think it is, please pretend it's fallen through the crack in time and erased itself from your memory. xx