Ninjakat: Hello everyone! This is my first fanfiction so I'll try my best!

Ikuto: *mumbles*I bet it will be a total failure...

*Ninjakat tries best to ignore comment*

AMU: *whispers* Ikuto, be nice ... you don't want to get on her bad side, trust me

Ikuto: *laughs* had bad can it be?

Ninjakat: oh, it's bad... *gives Ikuto the death glare*

Ikuto: *laughs* I doubt it, because you're a girl *smirks*

Ninjakat & Amu: You sexist!

Amu: *smirks* Ninjakat, I give you permission

Ikuto: *raises eyebrow* permission to do what?

Ninjakat: *pulls out katana* THIS! *chases after Ikuto*

Ikuto: *runs away* What the hell?! Where did that come from?!

Amu: While ninjakat is busy killing Ikuto, please enjoy the story! By the way Ninjakat does not own Shugo Chara. Obviously. I don't see the point of this.


(Amu's POV)

My alarm woke me up at 5am. Being my lazy self, I hit snooze and went back to bed. 'I know it's the first day of 10th grade, I just don't want to get up from my soft...warm...bed...' After I hit the snooze button about 5 more times, I decided to get up so I have time to eat breakfast. I slowly made my way downstairs, still in my pajamas and my pink hair still a mess, and smelt pancakes...I like pancakes, like, a lot. When finally reached the table, I felt a light tap on my shoulder, I turned around and my eyes widened, all I saw was a really bright light , so bright I thought I went blind.

When my eyes finally adjusted, I saw my dad looking at his new ugly picture of me on his camera. "My Amu! You have grown so much!" Cried my dad dramatically, he ran upstairs crying. I rolled my eyes. Don't get me wrong, I love my dad with all my heart, it's just sometimes he know...retarded?

I spotted a note on the table with my name on it, I unfolded the paper and saw my mom's handwriting, she was at work, she said: 'Amu, the pancakes are in the microwave, please wake up Ami too, have a great day at school dear!' A small smile formed on my face. My dad came down the stairs with his camera in his left hand and his duffel bag on his right. He was leaving to his job; he takes pictures of literally everything, and he gets paid good for it because, well, the pictures look awesome.

My dad has gotten so good at what he does, that sometimes people hire him to take pictures out of Japan. He gave me a bear hug before he left, and I turned started turning blue... "D-dad!" I managed to choke out, he jerked away from me with an apologetic look on his face. "Sorry Amu, I'll just miss you" tears were forming in his eyes and I had to stop it before it starts...or it won't stop. I know this because it's happened countless times. "Dad! Don't worry, I'll be here for a long time. And Ami will still be here too." My dad gave me a small smile, "I know that, but I just want us to stay like this." My dad just had to go and say that, we hugged and cried a little before he left.

I went upstairs to wake up my sister, but it turns out I didn't have to, she was watching one of Utau's new music videos. Ami has grown up a lot, and now she is starting the 4th grade. She is so pretty, that sometimes I wonder how we are related. "Ami," I calmly said, "breakfast." She turned off the T.V and followed me downstairs in her pajamas and long, messy brown hair. We ate our pancakes in silence, savoring every bite of the fluffy goodness. My mom is the best cook, period. After Ami and I cleaned up, we departed to our rooms. We have our own bathrooms so we don't have to fight over one.

After my warm shower, I glanced at my digital clock and let out a little "eep!" It was 6:30 and Tadase said he'd call at 6:25! 'Wait... what am I thinking? I don't care...' I ran to where I thought I put my phone and it wasn't there, "What? Where did I put it? Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap!" A few minutes of searching, I stopped when I heard vibrating coming from the bathroom. I looked inside and there it was. On the counter. In the bathroom. Where I was just freaking at. "I'm such an airhead…"

I grabbed my still vibrating phone, and expected to see Tadase's name but it was Rima's. I flipped my pink phone open and held it to my ear, and with my cheeriest voice I said, "Moshi moshi?"

"Cut the crap," came Rima's voice, I sweat dropped and said, "Great to hear you too Rima." I heard her sigh, "Why didn't you answer Tadase's calls? Are you sick?"

"I was in the shower," I responded, I heard voices in the background, and the clearest one was of Kukai's. Typical. "We are coming to get you after Nagihiko, so be ready in 10 minutes," then Rima hung up. I looked at my phone and saw that I had 6 missed calls and 1 new text, it read, Answer the damn calls amu - Rima. I sighed and got ready.

10 minutes later, my sister got picked up by her friend's mom, and I was waiting outside for a white Honda to pull up. The car finally arrived and I saw Tadase and Kukai in the front seats wave to me. I stood up and slung my blue bag over my shoulder and gave them an emotionless wave. Yes, my cool-and-spicy attitude has yet again returned.

(Tadase's POV)

We finally made it to Amu's, and she looked pretty bored. We didn't take that long did we? Kukai and I smiled and waved to her, she stood up, swung her bag over her shoulder, and gave us an emotionless wave. That's my cool and spicy Amu. We dated for a while back in middle school, but I broke up with her because she wasn't over Ikuto leaving still. But now she is more mature looking and people have told me she is finally over Ikuto.

I think it's time to move in again.

Amu got in my car and sat in the back seats between Yaya and Rima. "Amu-chi!" yaya screamed, I swear, the only way to shut her up is by giving her candy. I opened one of the candy filled compartments and pulled out a large twix bar, 'this will shut her up for a while.'

As I was pulling out of Amu's driveway, I threw the candy at Yaya's face, and then I covered my ears. "Caanndyy!"She screamed. We all sweat dropped. As I was still turned around, I looked at Amu. She looked beautiful today, hell, she looks beautiful every day. "Good-morning Amu," I said while giving her my award winning smile. "G-good-morning T-tadase..." I think she still has feelings for me! Yes!

(Amu's POV)

I sweat dropped as Yaya scarfed down her twix, some things never change. I looked at Tadase, he is staring at me...'why is he staring at me? Is it my hair? My clothes? My-' "Good-morning Amu," I think I melted right there... His smile is so beautiful, do I still have feelings for him? I have no idea... "G-good-morning T-tadase..." 'Crap! I stuttered! Damn it! Wait, he chuckled! Why did he freaking chuckle?' Rima saw my distress and patted me lightly on the back. 'What's wrong with me?'

(Kukai's POV)

'Hinamori stuttered... Does this mean she still likes Tadase?' I sunk down in my seat a little. broke up a year ago, and now with her gone, Hinamori has been the apple of my eye, I guess, but she only thinks of me as a friend and I haven't really been giving her hints. But this year, I will make her love me. We got to the school and I was the first one out of the car, I waited for Hinamori to get out. Once I saw her get out, I was crowded by my fan girls. 'crap!' I struggled to break free, 'What the hell are these girls eating?'

(Amu's POV)

Kukai was being dragged away from us by his fan girls, and he seems to be struggling hard to get out, like he has something important to say. He finally realized he couldn't win and gave up, they disappeared inside the building. Nagihiko put his hand on my shoulder and said, "So Amu, how was your summer?" "Eh," was my reply. He shrugged and we all headed into the building.

Ninjakat: So?

Ikuto & Amu: ...

Ninjakat: Aw come on! It wasn't that bad!

Ikuto: *smirks* w-

Amu: *covers Ikuto's mouth* Well, nothing really happened...

Ikuto: *removes Amu's hand* Where am I in this damn chapter?

Ninjakat: *shrugs* It's only the first chapter... take a chill pill

Ikuto: This better be a Amuto story or you. are. dead.

Tadase: What's wrong with a Tadamu story?

Ikuto: EVERYTHING! *throws Tadase out the window*

Tadase: AAAAHHH!

Ninjakat & Amu: TADDAASSEEE!

Ninjakat: *pulls out katana and chases Ikuto*

Ikuto: What the hell?! Again with the katana?! Where do you even put that thing?!*runs away*

Kukai: Hi Hinamuri!

Amu: Hello Kukai!

Kukai: *pulls out popcorn* Want some?

Amu: Sure

Kukai: R&R