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It was done once we heard the baby crying, it was a boy. The nurse handed him to Amu in a blanket, she was in tears of pain and joy. "Look Ikuto…it's our son…." I looked at his features, same eyes as Amu and same hair as mine, she handed him to me and I took him gently. "What are we going to name him?" I asked, Amu thought for a second.

"What about….Amuto? You know… like Amu and Ikuto?"

"That's… um…"

"Alright, fine, you choose, but choose a good one."

"What about… Ryuu?"

"Works for me."

(Third Person)

"Ryuu! Don't forget your lunch!" Called Liddy, Ryuu sighed, grabbed his green bento, and took off. It was his first day of 8th grade, but he hated school with a burning passion. He was going to the same middle school his parents went to. His mother's a famous fashion designer and his father's a world famous violinist. In other words, they're rarely ever home.

He's got a very old nanny, Liddy, who takes care of him as if he were still a baby. "Ryuu!" called his friend Amaya, he turned around and waited for her to catch up. She was small, but not as small as her mother, Rima, when she was her age. She has shoulder length dark purple hair and light brown eyes. "Excited?" She asked as they walked together, Ryuu gave a lengthy sigh. "Why did I even bother asking? All you want to do is stay home in the dark, you freakin goth." Teased Amaya, Ryuu didn't respond.

When they reached the school, all his friends were waiting for them there. And all his friend's parents were friends. Besides Amaya, there was Kiyoko and Kei, twins from Utau and Kukai, they both have dirty blonde hair and amber eyes, Kiyoko's hair is to her waist. They were both harassed into sports by their dad and Kiyoko got into acting. They also have a little brother, Juro, who looks like the miniature version of his dad. He's in second grade.

Charles, Yaya and Kairi's son, has short dark green hair and brown eyes. Kairi died in a car accident before Charles was even born, and a year later, Yaya ended up with Tadase who had a kid with a random African lady. Their kid's name is Devan, but he's with his mother in America. The kid Yaya and Tadase had is Naomi, she's now a seventh grader with short blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

(Ryuu's POV)

I have a little sister named Jewel, she's a brat. I hate how she gets all the attention from our parents that I've never got, even when I was her age, which is 5. "What's wrong?" Asked my cousin Jenna worriedly, "Nothing," I told her, and walked inside the building.

School went by smoothly, I guess that's because I was sleeping the whole entire time.

During lunch, I found a favorite spot outside where no one can see me if I lay down. It's under this big, shady tree on a small hill. I lay there and day dream about seeing the world and becoming a famous drummer.

What? You thought I traveled with my parents? Only during summer, but even if we get out of the country, I still don't see my parents as much. Like this summer, we went to Australia.

Drumming is my life, it annoys the shit of Jewel and Liddy, but I don't care.

When school ended, Amaya asked if she could come over. "Why?" I asked her plainly, "Because you obviously need a friend to keep you distracted," she said like it was obvious. I sighed and agreed to let her come over.

Jewel wasn't home and neither was Liddy, they must have went out to have some fun without me. "So, what do you want to do?" Asked Amaya as she took off her shoes and put her bag by the couch. I took my shoes off as well and shrugged, "Drums, sleep."

Amaya gave an irritated sigh and said, "That's it. Put your shoes back on, we're going out." I raised an eyebrow, "Where?" She grabbed her wallet out of her bag and put her shoes back on, "Out to have fun," she said.

She dragged me to this ice cream shop and she bought us both strawberry. "Thanks…" I mumbled as I took the cone from her hand, she smiled and said,"Yup!"

Next, she dragged me into a photo booth with her, one thing I didn't like was getting my picture taken. "I don't want to," I told her, she frowned at me and said demonically, "Get. In. . Booth!" I gulped and took a seat next to her as I closed the curtain.

She fed the machine money and hovered her free hand over the start button, "Ready?" She asked me, "Whatever," I replied. Amaya rolled her eyes and pressed the button. The machine started counting down and I stared away from the camera with a frown. Amaya was sitting there with her tongue on her ice cream.

After the first picture was shot, Amayai yelled at me, "Ryuu! What the hell were you looking at! Stop making the picture look so depressing on your side!" I eyed her curiously, there was a bit of ice cream on her cheek. "What?" She asked confused, I rubbed my cheek, giving her a hint. She touched her own cheek the moment we heard, "3." We looked at the camera at the same time, startled. In the picture, I was staring at the camera with my eyes a bit wider than normal, my ice cream was held up a bit. Amaya was just staring widely at it while touching her cheek and her mouth open .

"God damn!" She cried, "Ryuu! Pose, now!"

She fixed her hair really fast and did a peace sign, as the machine was counting down, Amaya glanced over at me. I was once again, staring at nothing. When it hit two, she smacked my face and she laughed. I was about to smack her arm (Don't worry, it's normal for us to hit each other) when I had a brain fart and used the hand that's holding the ice cream. It flew out of my hand and hit her face right when the machine hit three.

"Shit! Sorry!" I told her. I looked at the picture, it made me want to roll on the floor laughing. The ice cream just hit her face, but you could see the look of surprise she had on. When you looked over at me, my empty hand was awkwardly posed in the air and my mouth hung open.

"Ryuu…." Grumbled Amaya, the machine started counting down once more. "Yes?" I asked innocently, she stuffed her ice cream in my face. The cone fell off and we both looked at each other. She looked ridiculous, and I'm sure I did too. "2" the machine said, we both looked at the camera and smiled. "3"

When left the booth, all eyes were on us and our ice cream covered faces.

We got two photo strips out of the booth, I took one and put it in my wallet, she did the same.

After we cleaned up in the public restroom, we walked over to the park, laughing at that hysterical moment in the photo booth. "Oh God, did you see the look on that old man's face?" Cried Amaya as she wiped a forming tear away, I laughed and said, "That was nothing compared to the younger lady who stood next to him!"

We sat on a bench, laughing the day away, when my phone started vibrating. I grabbed it out of my uniform pocket and looked at the caller I.D. It was my dad. I touched the answer button and held the phone up to my ear, "What?" I asked, "Ryuu, I'm sorry, but my flight got delayed so I won't be home until tomorrow, tell your sister too okay? I'm sure she's out with Liddy."

I frowned and said, "And mom? Where is she?" There was a pause on the other end, "She's in Paris, but she lost her phone so I'm sure that's why she hasn't called you."

"How would you know about this if she lost her phone?"

Another pause.

"She called on someone else's"

"Then why didn't she call me then?"

"She's busy Ryuu, look I have to-"

"Don't give me that damn excuse, asshole! I know you two want nothing to do with me!"

"What? Ryuu!"

And with that, I hung up and threw my phone somewhere in the grass. "Ryuu…" Said Amaya softly. The sun started setting and my phone was going off like no other. "I think you should answer it, just so you can let your dad know you're alright." Said Amaya as she gently took my hand, I shook my head and said, "He won't let me get a word in if I answer it now, he's just going to keep on yelling at me."

She squeezed my hand and sighed.

I stood up and led her onto the grass; the hard bench was doing a number on our asses. I picked up my phone when it finally calmed down; all the missed calls were from him. I turned to Amaya and said, "Have you heard the story of how my parents got together?" Amaya shook her head and I looked at her curiously, "You mean, your mom hasn't told you or anything?"

"No… Why?"

"It's pretty intense."

"Tell me!"

I told her everything my parents told me. I started from the beginning, when Tadase and my mom where first together, then when my dad surprised her at a party and she kicked his balls. Then I talked about how she was raped, that part gave me a shocked expression from her. Then I talked about the bitch Saaya who sold her soul to the devil and made Tadase shoot my mom but instead he shot my aunt Ami. I also talked about that ninja who they met in Utah named Steffany. (Ninjakat: Oh yeah, props to me for being a ninja. Jk) A long time later, I finally got to the end where my mom died.

"Um… Ryuu? Your mom is still alive."

"Yes, I realize that."

"Then why did you say she died?"

"She did die. My great-grandma helped her come back to this world."

"….. You do realize that's impossible right?"

I shrugged, "I'm just telling you what they told me."

"And Saaya?"

"The bitch is miserable in hell and is Lucifer's sex slave."


I sighed and stared at the ground.

We were both silent for a long moment when I finally said, "Amaya… will you run away with me?" Her eyes popped out of their sockets, she sat up and looked at me sternly, "What? Are you crazy? I'm not running away and neither are you!"

I took both of her hands and looked deep into her eyes, "Please, I'm miserable here, I can't take it anymore…"

"Where would we go?"

"I've got a bunch of money in my pocket, we could go anywhere."

"Why me, Ryuu? I'm not miserable here…"

I looked at the ground, trying my hardest not to continue to give her any excuses to come with me. "Alright," I said, "I''ll be on my way then." I let go of her hands and stood up, "What?" She cried and shot up next to me, "You're serious?" I looked at her sternly, "Of course I'm serious, I'm going with or without you."


"Amaya!" I said a little took loudly; tears started forming in her eyes. I gently grabbed her shoulder and said, "I love you. More than you know." She said my name silently. That's when I bent down to kiss her.

She was startled at first, but then she closed her eyes and kissed me back. She put her arms around my neck and I grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to me.

I don't know how long we stood there kissing, but when we parted, there was a huge blush on her face. "Now there's no way I'm letting you leave without me," she said, I smiled and took her hand as we ran off.

(Ikuto's POV)

"Shit!" I cried as kicked the wall which gave me a few stares in my direction. Ryuu wasn't picking up, if he's anything like his mother, which I know he is, this is not good. Scenes of when Amu wouldn't pick up the phone and ran away came back to me, like that time she got so drunk, she somehow ended up on a tall tree and almost died.

I started calling my brother-in-law, Kukai, I was sure that he was home. But then his phone went to voice mail. "That unreliable son of a-" When I looked up, there was a little girl standing nearby, watching me. "Are you okay, mister?" She asked, I gave her a fake smile, "Yes, thank you."

My phone started ringing, it was an unknown number and it looked like it's from out of the country. Amu.

"Hello?" I said immediately, "Ikuto, have you talked to Ryuu yet?"

I started pacing back and forth "Ryuu ran away Amu, he won't pick up his phone!" There was a pause on the other line, "Excuse me, but did you just say our son just ran away?" She pretty much shrieked the last part, "Yes, I did, and I've tried calling Kukai but he didn't pick up."

"Call Rima!"

"I don't have her number!"

She gave me her number as I wrote it down in my little notebook I carry around, "Alright love, I'm going to call her now," I said. "Ikuto... I'm coming over there now."

"What? Doesn't your job require you to be there for a couple more days?"

"I don't give a shit about my job when my son is in trouble!"

Then she hung up and I started dialing Rima's number.

"Moshi moshi?" She answered, "Rima!" I practically yelled out, "This is Ikuto!"

"Ikuto? Where the hell have you been?"

"I'm at the airport right now, but that isn't important. What's important is that my son ran away! Could you please look for him if you can?"

"Amaya hasn't come home…. Do you maybe think…."

We were both silent for a few moments, thinking if the two kids really did run off together. "Rima, call everyone you know, and look for them."

She didn't need to respond, she hung up and I could just picture her telling her husband what happened in five seconds or less and running out the door.

Ryuu was in so much trouble.

(Ryuu's POV)

We were going to another city to live our life together. I know we're only in eighth grade, but we'll find a way.

We bought ourselves a pair of clothes since we didn't get a chance to change out of our uniforms. I wore a black shirt, black jeans and converse while she wore a gray dress and black peep-toe flats.

We sat closely together on the train holding hands, she rested her head on my chest and started drifting to sleep. I stared out the window and wished I had a spy fly, then it could tell me how everyone acted after they found out I left with Amaya.

When I felt Amaya was finally asleep, I stared down at her face. She was just too beautiful. I tucked a purple strand of hair behind her ear, then I fell asleep with my head resting against the window.

(Amu's POV)

-About a month later-

"Ikuto… I want him back…" I said as a tear rolled down my cheek, Ikuto cradled me in his arms on the couch, "We'll get him back," he said, but he didn't sound so sure. Jewel came up to me, her long brown hair was in a braid and she looked at me with those dark blue eyes. "Is big brother coming home soon?" She asked innocently, my response was burying my face in my husband's chest.

"Jewel, come on sweetie, let's go in the kitchen," said Liddy, noticing I wanted to be alone with my husband. Jewel was a good girl and obeyed. When they were finally gone, Ikuto started petting my long hair. "Amu… It will be alright…" He said soothingly. The doorbell rang, my visitors were here.

I jumped off the couch and opened the door to reveal my parents, Aruto, and my little sister, who is not so little anymore. She was the CEO of a big company, she's married, and she has three young kids of her own. My mom hugged me the moment she first saw me, "Honey, don't worry, they have police on almost every single city in Japan looking for them." Then my father and Ami joined the hug as Aruto came in and hugged his son.

They took off their shoes and walked into the living room as I shut and locked the door behind them. "Grandma! Grandpa! Auntie! And other grandpa!" Cried Jewel as she ran to them with her arms open. "Hey sweetheart!" Said my mom as she picked her up, my dad ruffled her hair, Aruto kissed her forehead, and my sister pinched her cheek. "Owie!" She cried, my mom set her down and she went outside with Liddy to play with her pink ball.

Ikuto and I sat on one couch while the guests sat on the couch opposite. "Why do you think Amaya went with him?" Asked Iktuo curiously, I looked at him and smiled. "Because of love. Amaya loves him."

There was silence all over the room.

"Jewel! Jewel no! Don't go there! Jewel!" Cried Liddy hysterically, this was not good.

We all flew off our butts and ran as fast as we could outside, but the door wasn't on my side at the moment. "Open, you damned thing!" I yelled. Outside, you could hear tires swerving, car honking, girl screaming, old lady screaming, and then a crash. Every single one of us froze in terror, and that's when the door finally let us out.

On the road was Jewel's twisted body in a pile of blood. Her blood.

My lip started quivering; I didn't want to believe this. Ikuto ran ahead to our daughter, he knelt down beside her and cradled her upper body in his arms. "JEWEL!" He screamed, the driver got out of his truck and slowly walked towards the two. "You fucking bastard! What the fuck where you thinking? Look at what you've done!" Cried Ikuto as tears started streaming down his face. Aruto slowly approached the two with a tortured look.

My knees gave way and I collapsed on the ground. Liddy screamed and started crying on her own a whiles away. "Oh no… no… not Jewels…" Whispered Ami who knelt down beside me along with my mother. My dad just stood there, he was shaking terribly. Now that I think about it, I'm shaking terribly too.

I let out a series of cries, I never thought I'd have to relive this kind of pain again.

I passed out.

(Ryuu's POV)

-Another month later-

I woke up when my alarm went off. Time to go to school. On the separate bed next to me lied my sleeping beauty, we have traveled together so long and far. We found this old woman who owns with bakery shop when we got here, when she asked who we were and where we were from, I said, "My name is Rain and this is my sister Sonya, our parents died and there are bad people after us."

But I said it more dramatically that time.

"Oh dear," She said, "Come in! You guys look like you haven't eaten or slept in days!"

She cooked us food and offered us a room upstairs that has two beds, it was once occupied by a pair of her many kids who are all grown up now. She said we could keep staying here as long as we go to school and help out in the store.

I got up and turned the alarm off, I heard a suspicious noise coming from the bathroom. It sounded like…laughing.

When I went into the bathroom, I saw no one, so I shrugged and washed my face.

When I looked up in the mirror, I saw my little sister, twisted looking and covered in blood. Her blood. I screamed and she disappeared. "Ryuu!" Cried Amaya as she bursted into the room, "What? What happened?" I stared at the mirror in fear, then I shook my head and said, "I'm sorry, it's morning, I'm seeing things."

"Okay…well, um, I'm going to take a shower."


I walked out of the room and shut the door behind me, there was a pink ball on the floor. "What the… where did this come from?" I could hear the shower being turned on, I picked up the ball and stared at it wide eyed, "This is Jewel's…" When I turned the ball around, I saw blood. I immediately opened the window and threw it as hard as I could.

After I finished changing into my white uniform top and black uniform pants, Amaya came into the room in just a towel. We both blushed and I headed for the bathroom so I could give her privacy.

I avoided looking at the mirror as much as possible.

When I finished with the stuff I had to do in the bathroom, I knocked on the door so I could know if Amaya was done changing or not. "I'm done!" She called, I stepped out and looked at her in her white uniform top, black uniform skirt, and thigh high white socks. "You look adorable," I told her as I kissed her forehead. She blushed lightly.

-Another month later-

I haven't had any more hallucinations about my sister being dead anymore, all was good and nobody around us suspected a thing.

Until one day.

Amaya and I were walking to school, which was about a 20 minute walk. A bunch of suspicious men started following us, so I took her hand in mine and we ran like the devil himself was chasing us down. "How did they find us?" Asked Amaya as she avoided hitting the people in our way, "I don't know, but we can't stay here any longer!"

A big detective stepped in front of us and I bumped into him. "Shit!" I yelled, now we were completely surrounded by them. "You two are in deep shit," said the big guy. "We're not going," I told him, the man looked at me seriously, "Your sister died two months ago."

It took me so long to process what he just said.

This explains my hallucinations.

"Jewel is…" I started, but I couldn't finish it. The man sighed and said, "Jewel is dead, your mother is very sick and in the hospital, and your father is going mad." I looked at him shocked. All this after I left?

He turned to Amaya and said, "And you, your mother hasn't gotten any sleep since Jewel died because she's worried you turned out like that poor little girl."

I looked over at Amaya who looked back at me, she was crying.

"What's the problem here sir?" Asked the old woman who we were staying with, she apparently went shopping. Cops around us were telling a bunch of people who were crowding around us to move along and that there's nothing to see here. "These two have ran away from their homes, now I'm bringing them back."

"But their parents died and there's bad people after them!"

"I'm sorry if they lied to you mam. The only people after them were us, and their parents are not dead."

The old woman looked at us shocked, "You used me!" She cried, I didn't want to be here anymore, I had to go home. My home.

"Ryuu…" Whispered Amaya, "Let's go." I nodded and we walked away with the cops and detectives.

(Rima's POV)

"Rima, you need to sleep," Whispered my husband, Nagihiko. "Don't you fucking tell me to sleep when my daughter could be dead in the streets somewhere!" I cried, Nagi fell silent and said, "She's my daughter too."

The phone on the wall started ringing, I hurried and answered it. "Hello?" I practically screamed out, the detective was on the other line, "Mrs. Fujisaki, we found your daughter and Ryuu, we'll be there tomorrow morning."

"Oh God… are they alright?"


"Thank you, so much."

After we hung up, I told Nagi what happened. "That's a relief…." He said softly. That night, I slept peacefully.

(Ikuto's POV)

I was pacing back and forth in my room, I couldn't believe what was happening. I still couldn't believe Jewel was gone. My Jewel. My daughter. If Ryuu was gone, I don't know what me and Amu would do. I just know she'll take it even harder since he's our first born.

My phone on the bed started ringing; I lunged for it and picked it up right away. "Yes?" I asked, "Ikuto," said my detective friend on the other line. "We've got both Ryuu and Amaya, we'll be there tomorrow morning."

"Oh thank God!"

"Take care,"

Then we hung up and I threw myself on the bed. "Amu will be so relieved…"

(Ryuu's POV)

Amaya was dropped off first, they didn't even give us time to say bye. When we arrived to my house, I gave a long sigh. Jewel wouldn't be there anymore, and somehow, I blame myself. If I didn't leave, this probably wouldn't have happened.

I saw my dad come out right away, he looked older, most likely because of all the stress. "Get out, kid," Said the man who opened the door for me. I slowly got out and my dad ran up and hugged me. "Ryuu… we were all so worried… Why did you leave?" His voice cracked and he sounded like he was about to cry, I felt really guilty. "I… I thought you and mom didn't love me… I thought you loved Jewel and wanted nothing to do with me…"

He pulled away and held onto my shoulders, "Why would you think that? Your mother and I love you as much as we loved Jewel!"

"You guys are never home! You guys also pay more attention to Jewel!"

"Ryuu! She was six!"

I broke down in tears. She was six. Was. Meaning she'll never be another age.

"We're off," Said the detective behind us, my dad nodded his head and led me inside. "How's mom doing?" I asked as I took off my shoes and sat on the couch, he sighed and said, "Not good, she still doesn't know your back and she's still traumatized from what happened to Jewel."

"How did Jewel…"

"She was chasing her ball on the street and she got hit by a big car."

"Where's Liddy?"

"I fired her, she was right there, she could have done something."

I fell silent for a long time. Then I finally asked, "Can we go see mom?" My dad grabbed his keys and said, "That's what I was about to say."

I got into passengers seat and leaned my head against the window. "So, new school uniform, huh?" He said, I looked down at what I was wearing and realized I was still in my school uniform. "Yeah, I still went to school while I was away."

"Where did you live?"

"This old lady's bakery."

"Did you and Amaya… you know…"

I sat up startled, "What? No! Dammit dad, what do you take me for?"

"I don't know… I mean, you guys were away for a long time… Do you love her?"

I smiled softly, "Yeah, I never felt this way before."

I looked over at him and saw that he was also smiling.

We arrived at the hospital that my mom was at. "Alright son, ready to see your mother?" Asked my dad as we stood outside her door, I took in a deep breath and nodded my head. We walked inside, the room felt warm; the sun was shining brightly through the open window with a slight breeze blowing the curtains back.

"I-Ikuto?" Said my mom softly, my dad hurried over by her side as I stood at the foot of her bed. He helped her sit up, she looked terrible. Her face was really pale, bags were under her eyes, and her hair was a complete mess. "Look who came to see you," he said softly, my mom looked at him confused for a second but then saw me. Her eyes widened like she couldn't believe it was me.

"Ryuu!" She said with a smile, "You're alive!" She tried to stand up but my dad stopped her, "Not so fast love, I don't want you to collapse."

She held onto my dad as she slowly got up, I walked over to her with my eyes watery. "You're back!" She said, we hugged for a long time. "Why did you leave?" She asked, I told her how I felt and she looked at me shocked. My mom stared at me for a few moments, and then she said, "You thought… Oh Ryuu, I'm so sorry…."

After about an hour of that, my mom had to sleep. "Let's go see Jewel, dad," I told him as we got in the car. His grip tightened on the wheel a bit, "Alright," He said. We arrived at the graveyard and walked towards her gravestone. "This is where your mom was supposed to be buried years ago…" he said quietly, I clenched my fists to my side.

"You're lying when you say that," I told him, he looked at me and said, "You can believe what you want, but what happened that day was far more than a miracle."

"You said mom came back to life,"

"Yeah, thank God too."

"Why didn't Jewel?"

He let out a really long sigh, "Some people aren't as lucky. Your mom wasn't completely dead, but Jewels was so tiny, and that car was going really fast. Jewel didn't stand a chance…"

"Let's go home…."

-Another month later-

Mom was back with us, and everything started to slowly get better. Amaya and I were openly girlfriend and boyfriend, though we rarely ever talk about what happened so long ago. My parents spend more time with me and they try not to be away for long if they have to. But they don't have to do that for me now, I now know that they love me.

One day, while me and both of my parents were watching a movie on the flat, my mom ran to the bathroom as fast as she could. I looked at my dad worried, "Do you think she's sick again?" He shrugged and we ran after her. "Amu! Are you okay?" He asked as he knocked on the door, she responded my letting out big, "BBBLLLEEEHHH!"

"Oh God, just hearing that sound makes me want to puke too…" I said as I walked away to a point where I couldn't hear my mom puke anymore

We waited for her to come out, when she did, we approached her right away. "Are you still sick?" I asked her, she just shook her head and looked at my dad. "Honey, I think I'm pregnant again."

Insert long pause here.

-8 years later-

It was Christmas eve, but not for long since it was almost 12, and I decided to spend the holiday with my parents and little sister, Sayuri. I've been away to college for a while now, and I've grown up to look just like my dad, except for my honey colored eyes. If you're wondering what happened between me and Amaya, all I can say is that she moved to America with her parents during our junior year. And you guys should know long distant relationships never really last.

Last I saw or heard from her was at the airport.

When I arrived, Sayuri opened the door for me with a huge smile on her face. She grew out her pink hair and her dark blue eyes were still sparkling. "Big brother!" She cried as she hugged me tightly, I picked her up and spun around.

"Ryuu!" Said my mother as she appeared at the door, her hair was cut to her shoulders now, "Glad you're back!" I set down Sayuri and hugged my mom. "Where's dad?" I asked as I stepped into the house and took my shoes off. "He's right here," said my dad as he approached us, he gave me a quick hug and said, "I have a surprise waiting for you in the living room." I raised an eyebrow and heard my little sister giggle.

"What's so funny?" I asked her, she was about to say something when my mom said, "Ryuu, we're going out to get something really quick… Do you mind?" I shrugged and said, "Go ahead, just don't take a long time or I'll be bored to tears."

Before they all left, I could have sworn I heard my mom say something like, "You'd want us to take a long time after you got your gift."

I debated whether I should go see what kind of prank they pulled on me or visit my cousin, Kei, star soccer player, just like his dad. His sister was away in Brazil staring in a movie, but she promised to be here by tomorrow.

I decided since I was already here, I should just go see what the hell they put up.

When I walked into the living room, I noticed someone I didn't know was sitting on the couch. Well, no one I couldn't recognize at the moment since I could only see the back of their head. But that person's hair was purple, and it reminded me of someone I knew.

"Um… Hi there?" I said as I stood behind the couch. The person got up, she was a girl, her hair was down to her butt and she was wearing a short blue dress. She slowly turned around.

My jaw dropped. Amaya.

"Hey," She said softly with a smile on her face, I didn't say anything. I just walked over to her and pulled her into a hug. "I haven't seen you in so long…" she said as she hugged me back. We pulled away and I asked, "So, how have you been?"

"Not that great,"

I raised an eyebrow, "Why?"

She blushed lightly and said, "Because I was so far away from you… you were the only guy who was on my mind. And wow, you turned out to look just like your father… even the height."

I smiled and said, "Yeah… You look more beautiful than I last saw you…"

We just stood there smiling at each other.

I saw something past her shoulder, when I looked, it was Jewel. But she wasn't covered in blood or anything. She looked happy, and she was mouthing the words, "Kiss her!"

I blushed.

Amaya turned around to look at what I was looking at, but Jewel was gone. "What where you looking at?" She asked questionably, I shook my head and we heard a noise above us. Like soft, chiming noises. Then it was gone.

We looked up at the same time to discover we were under a mistletoe, "What the… was that there this whole entire time? Because I didn't see that earlier," Said Amaya confused, I looked at her and smiled.

The grandfather clocked chimed when it became 12 in the morning. Christmas.

I gently grabbed her shoulders like the night of our first kiss, she realized this too and blushed. "Ryuu…" She said quietly, "Yes?" I asked as I started leaning in.

"Kiss me."

And that, I gladly did.

Ninjakat: So, Wasn't that ending adorable?

Rima: *Wipes a forming tear away* My little baby is all grown up and kissing boys!

Ninjakat: *Just looks at Rima*

Nagihiko: *Holds Rima close* Remember our first kiss?

Rima: *Laughs* Yeah, we were locked in a room

Nagihiko: Did you regret being locked in that room with me?

Rima: No. *Kisses Nagi*

Utau and Amu: Aaawww! *Takes pictures of them*

Tadase: Wow, mega dejavu.

Yaya: Any one got candy? I forgot to bring my Twix along with me and I'm hungry!

Kukai: *Shakes head* Some people never change…

Amu: *Looks at Kukai* Look who's talking!

Kukai: How long has it been since we last went for a sprint?

Amu: *Starts backing away* Oh no…

Kukai: *Smiles and looks at Ikuto* Mind if I borrow her?

Ikuto: Go right ahead.

Amu: Ikuto!

Kukai: *Grabs Amu's hand and starts sprinting*

Ryuu: Wow. Wait, why am I even in this conversation?

Ninjakat: Because you can be.

Ryuu: That makes no sense.

Ninjakat: You make no sense!

Ryuu: *Picture strip of him and Amaya falls out of his wallet*

Ninjakat: Oooh, what's this? *Picks it up and shows everyone*

Ryuu and Amaya: *Looks at each other and blushes*

Kiyoko: You two are so freakin' adorable!

Ninjakat: Well, everyone, I bet our readers are sitting on their butts wondering how long this conversation is going to last, so let's give them one more final goodbye because I'm not going to make any more bonus . I might. But I have to think it up first, I'm thinking it could be an in between thing, you know, like lion king 1 1/2? Where it shows you a story in the story? Anyways, you'll see.

Everybody: Good-bye our fantabulous readers!

Saaya(Who's standing in the corner): And may you all die.

Everyone: *Stops and looks at her*

Amu: I thought you were in hell as Lucifer's sex slave!

Saaya: I am, and I'm still really pissed about not killing you.

Amaya: Holy shit… the story was true!

Rima: Amaya! Language!

Amaya: Mom, I'm not in your care anymore. Hell, I'm over 20. Besides, I knew you swore a lot when you were my age.

Rima: Oh yeah…

Saaya: Lucifer is letting me stay for a couple minutes so I could say good-bye too. Don't worry, I don't have any power to try anything. But I wish I did, I'd kill all of you. Even you who is reading this right now.

Amu: Just say good-bye and leave already.

Saaya: *Sighs* Good-bye. *Vanishes*

Ninjakat: Okay then… She completely ruined the moment, so we'll have to say bye again.

Everybody: Good-bye!

By the way, I just had this thought. You guys don't have to do this if you want to but I thought it might be interesting, drawing a scene from the story and putting it up on deviant art. Don't care if you suck or not, I just thought it would be cool. I actually drew a picture of Ryuu and Amaya with ice cream on their faces, I'd love to put it on deviant art but I don't have a scanner... So yeah!