"I'll miss you Bella" my sister whispered in my ear as she tightly hugged me, her eyes were glistening with tears; a few droplets escaping and streaking down her beautiful cheeks.

"I'll miss you too" was my faint reply as I kissed her cheek and then proceeded to board the plane.

Was I nervous? Yes. Yes I was. But I needed this; I needed to escape and my only chance of doing so was to attend a college as far away from my small rainy home town; Forks as possible.

The really upsetting fact is though, is it isn't Forks I'm escaping…it's my life, my parents, everything.

Renee and Charlie Swan both high school sweethearts; beautiful, smart and charming made the most handsome couple in the whole of Forks. They were happy and in love and married at the tender age of eighteen.

They spent ten long glorious years together caring for nothing and no-one but each other until the "accident" happened.

The accident of course was me… "accident and tester baby" phrases that had been constantly referred to in relation to me my entire life. They never really wanted children, but they were prepared to try none the less.

Charlie was more than convinced that I was a boy…to carry on the family name and follow in his footsteps in the police force…only all his hopes were shattered when I turned out to be a girl. A girl who looked nothing like Charlie or Renee.

I was scrawny and frail with a small but crooked nose, dull brown eyes and brown hair, very, very plain looking even as a baby.

This description of me hasn't really changed much over my eighteen years, my nose is still very crooked, I am still small framed and my eyes and hair are both still a very dull brown.

My parents are both blonde haired and blue eyed and are very, very beautiful just like their youngest daughter, my sister Tanya. Hence the phrase "tester cake" my father is never really, truly happy unless he is making a joke at someone else's expense and for the past eighteen years I have been the butt of every single one.

I was the plain, ugly daughter. The throwback who looks like grandma Swan and has no resemblance to her parents whatsoever.

Tanya, who is five years my junior is an exact replica of both Charlie and Renee, she is the daughter they got perfectly right in both looks and personality. I was the "tester cake" they practically discarded and Tanya was the perfected finished six tier wedding cake they loved and adored.

Despite this however Tanya and I were as close as could be, I have never been jealous of her looks, or the way my parents feel over her…I love her far too much and I am truly sorry to be leaving her behind. I just had to get away, I would have gone mad if I had stayed in that tiny rotten town any longer.

I smiled to myself as the plane ascended down the run way and lifted into the air…the "tester cake" has spread her wings, I hope she can fly.

AN – Just a story I came up with which I decided to run with. Let me know your thoughts good or bad.