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Normal PoV:

Marcello has been continuously visiting Cossette; in fact, almost daily. Every time he comes over, he paints a portrait of Cossette. She, on the other hand, is getting very irritated with the fact that he always wants to paint a picture. She thinks that it's coming toward the point where she thinks he's becoming obsessed with her. He pays attention to his artwork more than he does to her. If anything starts happening with the weather; like rain, he'll run inside with the artwork. This leaves her drenched with the rain all over her. She doesn't even bother to follow him.

She is upset with the fact that he forgets about their planned events for the days they spend together. Marcello on the other hand, does not think that his feelings for Cossette are obsessive. He thinks it is indeed healthy. In reality however, it is most definitely not healthy for him to have such a drive to paint and draw portraits of Cossette. He's actually starting to become more possessive toward him; this frightens her as a result. One time, she actually told him that she doesn't like when he paints or draws her.

They got in a huge fight and Cossette, not long after, decided to apologize since he was making her feel profoundly uncomfortable. Everything at that moment was terrifying for her. The way he smiled ever-so-pleasantly. When he would talk; more precisely come up with comebacks, he would talk with dangerous undertones seeping within his velvety voice after the argument.


"My dear Cossette, come with me to the studio. I have yet another portrait just screaming to be created." the man says with an eerie smile. "But Marcello, you always draw and paint me. It's getting quite old. Can't we do something else?" at that moment, Cossette noticed Marcello's eyes narrowing and becoming dark and cold. "You don't appreciate all of the paintings I make for you? The ones that capture your beauty, and make you eternally beautiful! The ones that don't make you become hideously ugly, and age!" he shouted at her louder than he intended to do so. At this point, Cossette took a brisk step backward toward the wall. "N-No! It's not like that at all Marcello! Look... I'm sorry, let's just go to the studio okay?" she said with tears threatening to fall from her eyes. He nods his head, and his personality returns to normal.

Or so she thought. After all the things that happened, he began exchanging pleasantries with her, making her feel like he's being all too possessive. Like she's forever in his overwhelming grasp, and unable to get away. But she just brushes off the worry fleetingly and acts as if nothing ever happened.

Returning to Normal PoV:

Cossette is surrounded by her plush toys, porcelain dolls, and by Marcello; all are sitting around a round, chestnut brown, wooden table. They are having a tea party, despite the age that they're at. Cossette knew she was indeed a child at heart, and on the outside. She looked like she'd be around the age of twelve when in reality, she's sixteen years old. Marcello, on the other hand, looks like he could be older than his actual age. He finds himself contented with the fact that since he paints Cossette daily, she changes daily. This seems too worry him all too much. So much to the point where he's already coming up with a repulsive plan to keep her beauty eternal and perpetual.

In the mean time however, Marcello has another plan too. He wants to be betrothed to Cossette. So he already prepared a portrait of Cossette in a wedding dress, bought a ring, and he's planning to give it to her tomorrow, on her 17th birthday. 'It all has to be perfect. She is going to be perpetually perfect. She'll perfectly be mine.' he thinks to himself whilst watching Cossette drink some apple tea.

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