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This fic is based loosely on the Movie the Bodyguard, but with totally different twist on things.

Someone to watch over me…

Bulma Briefs had it all. She had the world in the palm of her dainty hand. Rich, beautiful, the voice of an angel, and a body to kill for. But with fame and fortune comes danger, even though she was naive to it. Over the last few months, the song bird's security was working over time with death threats, phone calls, and a stranger entering her mansion while she was away on tour. Bulma, with not a care in the world besides her music, didn't know how much danger she was in. She had Son Goku, as a bodyguard for over three years, but his family was growing weary of him always away from home, even though they lived in a guesthouse on the Brief's estate.

"I think it's time to bring in another bodyguard for her personally. Nothing against you, Goku, you do a terrific job, but with all the stuff going on right now we need more security to keep her safe. I can't have some weirdo waltzing in her and murdering her." Yamcha, Bulma's music manager declared to the tall Saiyan.

"I understand, Yamcha, really I do. I might have someone in mind that will help. Well that's if I can talk him into it. He's the best around."

"Get him then. Money is no object here. Five thousand zeni a week should be adequate enough."

"I'll go and talk to him, but I'm not going to promise anything."

"Don't take no for an answer. That bomb at the hotel last week was meant for her. I couldn't live with myself if something happened to her you know."

"I know Yamcha, I couldn't live with it either. Have Krillin and Piccolo watch her for now. I'll be back."


Loud thunderous music blared through large speakers in a huge practice room on the other side of the estate. Bulma was in a huge practice session working on some new dance moves for an upcoming video shoot they were going to do in Hawaii.

"Looking great Bulma!" ChiChi, Bulma's personal assistant yelled over the music watching her and the twenty backup dancers practice. Bulma grinned and kept in time with the music as her hips swayed and her hands slid up her body erotically. Her smile widen when Yamcha strolled in and took a seat beside ChiChi to watch her.

"Very nice Bulma!" He gave her the thumbs up and watched her spin on her heel brining up one of her sexy long legs into a kick. Her blue hair fell around her face, sticking to her forehead with sweat. To Yamcha she was the most gorgeous creature in the universe and she was all his. He found the beauty and gave her a record deal and now he was a rich man thanks to her. With his promotion of her exotic beauty, and the voice to make any rock star jealous, he indeed had it all besides her in his bed. But that didn't matter too much to him. He could always find a female fan of Bulma's to spend a lonely night with all for a backstage pass or concert ticket. And he loved every minute of it.

"She's doing great isn't she?"

"Yes she is Chi. She's going to win that World Music Award this year for sure. Bulma is going to take home every award she's nominated for."

"Yamcha, I think you are over confident."

"No, but Bulma is the best there is. She's a household name now and will be that way for a long time to come."

"Not if these death threats continue Yamcha. I'm scared for her. I'm scared for everyone around her."

"I know Chi, I'm scared also. That bomb could have gone off when she was in that dressing room. I just thank Kami that she was on stage when it went off."

"What kind of sick person puts a bomb in a basket of flowers anyways?"

"Chi, you have to remember there are a lot of sick fucks out there that will do about anything to get attention. And if killing Bulma is a way to do it, they are going to keep trying to get their attention and thrill from it. I've asked Goku to get another bodyguard that can be with her at all times. He said he knows of someone that can do it and is a professional at it. I will spare no expense to keep her out of harms way."

"I understand. I'm afraid that someone or something is going to slip by and then Bulma or someone else that works for her will be killed. I'm so afraid sometimes that Goku won't come back home."

"Goku is a tough man. He'll always come home to you. Now cheer up we got a video to shoot in a few weeks." Yamcha gave the raven hair woman a smile before getting up from his directors chair to use his cell phone.


Goku made his way over to the local hang out, The Lakewood Tavern to find his so called 'friend'. Upon entering, his senses were assaulted with the cigarette smoke, loud music and the heavy intoxication of alcohol. He grimaced slightly, walking around the patrons towards the corner of the bar where he noticed the outline of the man he was seeking out for the talk. At first glance no one would of thought that the short stature of the man before Goku was the earth's best bodyguard. But underneath the casual clothes was the lean, well muscular body of the royal prince Vegeta.

"What do you want Kakarott?" Vegeta asked rudely as he nursed his beer watching the people on the dance floor.

"Job proposition for you."

"Really? Who is it this time? Baseball player? A governor? King perhaps? President of the United States?"

"A singer. A very talented singer." Vegeta raised an eyebrow to the younger Saiyan.

"A singer? Never done one of those jobs. Let me guess this singer has so many female groupies after him that he needs my help to save him from being raped by all the hormonal teenage girls?" Goku squinted his eyes to the prince as he laughed.

"No, not that at all. Death threats and bombs I would call a real threat, Vegeta."

"Interesting. So who is he?"

"Defiantly not a he that's for sure. Bulma Briefs."

"Don't know her. Like I've said before, I don't like working with celebrities."

"That's not an answer, Vegeta. She needs protection, and you are the only one that can give it to her."

"Why not you?"

"I need your help here, Vegeta. Money is no object here. She was almost killed because I missed one night because ChiChi was sick. It was the night the bomb went off in her dressing room. Very lucky no one was killed."

"That's because you're a baka and shouldn't have taken a mate like her."

"One day you will have a mate."

"Not likely. I like being alone. I have no reason to take a mate here on this planet at all. They all disgust me, Kakarott."

"We'll see. Think it over will you? She needs the protection and you are the only one qualified for the job here."

"Hmpft. Fine I will think about it. I won't take this job for anything under ten thousand zeni a week though."

"Ok, I will talk to her manager then. I assume you know how to find me?"

"Of course! Who else in this area has a ki higher then plant life?" Goku nodded his head and gave a small laugh.

"I'll see then, Vegeta. Thanks." Goku gave Vegeta a slap on the back before he left. Vegeta curled his lip in disgust after the slap.

"Damn third class baka. Going to kick his ass if he touches me one more time." He let out a small growl sitting down his empty glass on the bar and throwing a few zenis next to it before marching out the door a few minutes after Goku.


Vegeta pulled his black leather jacket on his broad shoulders as his boots clicked on the sidewalk in the crisp autumn night. His mind and subconscious arguing over weather to take the job or not. His last job was a simple one at best. Watching some old coot of a lawyer that traveled giving speeches at universities and such. Wasn't a bad stint after all was said and done. Fifty thousand zeni for two weeks worth of following this guy. His keen Saiyan senses were fit for this kind of work along with physical strength and his awesome ki powers. In his whole time in this line of job, not one of his employers were harmed. Well besides one, but technically he was not on duty at the time but he still blamed himself for not being there.

Walking down towards the small wharf near the marina, he let his mind wander further as the salty sea air swept his unruly hair back even farther. He leaned back on a pier mooring, looking to the heavens above as millions of stars twinkled in the night. Finding the right spot in the sky, his scowl deepened on his face. It was the part of the sky he dreaded looking at, but he was always drawn to it. His one time home planet hovered there, revolving around it's own sun, with millions of other Saiyans just like him. Now that it was gone, he was the rogue prince of a warrior civilization with just a handful left. No throne to rule from, nowhere else to go, he settled here on earth near the only full blooded Saiyan left which was Kakarott. He vowed to never take a mate when he came to earth, he would not betray Saiyan tradition of mating and bonding outside of their race. And besides, it interfered with his training and his line of work. How could he protect someone if he got involved with them or had a family? He'd end up like Kakarott has. Vegeta grunted at the thought of Kakarott not being there when the bomb went off for his client because his harpy mate was sick. That was why Vegeta remained alone. His rules were simple. Never let the person you are protecting out of your sight. Never let you guard down for anything. And never fall in love. And he was strict by them.


"So what did your friend say, Goku?" Yamcha asked looking up from his desk full of work.

"He said he'd think about it. He really doesn't like doing celebrities cases."

"You told him that money was nothing here, right?"

"Yamcha, I told him everything. It's up to him whether he takes it or not. I'm not going to force him into this. He hates me enough as it is."

"Take a look at this. Got another one today. That's the seventh one in two weeks." Yamcha tossed Goku a piece of paper. Goku's eyes widen as he read it to himself.

*Miss Bulma,
Do you know how it feels to have nothing? You will soon after I kill you. You contribute nothing to this world except for that shit you call music. You are a waste of space. I'll be watching and waiting.*

"This isn't good. How am I suppose to protect her from this?" Yamcha gave a shrug as he took back the letter and added it to the collection of others.

"I don't know. I'm really at a lost right now."

"Does Bulma even know about this?"

"Are you kidding me, Goku? If she knew about this do you think she'd be working on her music?"

"I really think you need to tell her Yamcha. For her safety and everyone else's you need to."

"No, not until after the World Music Awards. I'm not going to have her hiding when she needs to be doing her music and videos. She's going to win, but she can't if she's in hiding, having panic attacks. Don't you dare tell her either. She doesn't need to know."