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Someone to watch over me…

Bulma gave Vegeta one last look before retreating into the female dressing room to check over her gown and make up before hitting the stage to present the award for best soundtrack for a movie. Looking around the dressing room noticing tons of other women she was familiar with, some against her for a few awards, Bulma sighed heavily as she waited.

"Bulma? You alright?" Bulma opened her eyes that she didn't know she closed to look at Jessica that stood in front of her.

"Yeah, I'm just fine. Just trying to remember my stupid lines is all."

"Just checking. You look very good tonight Bulma." Jessica sidetracked the conversation to get Bulma's mind away from things.

"So do you. You look like you're one that belongs up on that stage." Jessica gave her a smile before flipping her long red over her shoulder.

"I'll leave that up to the professionals."

"Excuse me, Miss Briefs you're up next." A stagehand interrupted the two. Bulma gave him a nod and followed him out the door with Jessica right behind him. Through the crowded halls of the backstage Bulma followed with Jessica right behind her until till they were a few steps from the stage.

"Here is the envelope, don't open it until all the nominees are read." The stagehand told her before scuffling away quickly. Bulma bit her lower lip looking at the stage.

"Presenting the award for best soundtrack for a movie is Best female vocalist nominee Bulma Briefs and the International Man of Mystery 'Austin Powers'!" With a reassuring pat on the back from Jessica, Bulma made her way towards the podium with Austin walking in from the other direction.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we are here to present the award for best soundtrack for a motion picture. Austin since you are looking pretty groovy in that suit, why don't you do the honors of announcing the nominees."

"Well you are looking pretty shagadelic yourself baby." Austin announced giving her a deep purr. Bulma blushed slightly, mostly in embarrassment then anything else.

"Why thank you."

"Yeah baby, oh so here are the nominees for this year's soundtrack. Jason Black producer for Cherry Angel. I'd like to meet her."

"I'm sure you would. Andrea Chase for Love in the afternoon."

"Marshall McDonald for Furious Guns. You know I have one of those."

"Something I did not need to know Austin really. Zack Mitchell for Legends of the Knight. And last but not least, Baz Luhrmann for Moulin Rouge. And the winner is." Bulma bit her lip as she looked over the crowd that sat in silence as her co-presenter wrestled with getting the envelope open. She flashed a nervous smile to the audience before checking both sides of the stage finding Vegeta and Jessica standing right where they said they would be.

"Bulma?" Bulma turned her gaze back to the crowd the nervousness turning into pure terror at the moment.

"Bulma Darling, would you like to do the honors?" She wiped the sweat that had collected on her brow off with a shaky hand.

"Sure, this year's winner is Baz Luhrmann for Moulin Rouge."

Both presenters stepped back applauding the gentleman as he came up on the stage. Bulma hefted up the sparkling glass award to the man as she received a kiss on the cheek.

"Wow what can I say about this award…."

"Are you alright?" Austin leaned over and whispered to her.

"I don't know." She whispered back, her voice cracking slightly.

"Lets get you out of here lovey." Austin wrapped an arm around her and made a quick exit with her off the stage. Vegeta from the other side them leaving and hurried himself around the back to meet up with her. By the time he got there, Jessica and Goku had already huddled around her along with her co-presenter.

"What happened out there?" Vegeta asked in a gruff voice as he approached swiftly. Bulma snapped her head toward his voice, relieved that he was there.

"I got scared out there. I'm so sick of being scared Vegeta." Bulma snapped out at the prince with pure angry pushing her on.

"I told you not to be scared didn't I?"

"You know what? You've reminded me the whole time that this was the night. Well I think the bastard chickened out or something. I'm tired of this guy making my life hell and making decisions for me. I can't hide the rest of my life and I'm not going to be made a fool because of it."

"Bulma calm down this isn't the place to have a fight with Vegeta." Jessica said, reminding Bulma where they were. Bulma's icy blue eyes turned and looked Vegeta in the face one last time before she stamped away in a hurry towards the back dressing rooms. Jessica shrugged her shoulders before picking up the front of the dress she was wearing to hurry off after Bulma.

"Ok well on with the show, the next performers are nominated for best glam metal album, please welcome Poison singing 'Home'. Is that right?" Hercule was shoved off the stage as the band started.

"Saturday night Rainbow bar and grill where there's cocaine lines and little white pills.
A beer and a gin now I can't see straight. Slip it in no glove, oops to late.
I remember her face but forgot her name, she forgot mine too ain't that a shame.
Smelled like reefer and my hairs in a mess. I left my love running down her dress.
I wanna go, I wanna go home now….

Back in the dressing room, Bulma was getting ready for her performance. She had stripped out of her white evening gown and was now dressed in tight leather pants and a very revealing black halter-top with the words 'Most Girls' written across the chest in rhinestones. She paced back and forth working out the muscles in her legs.

"Stop you are wearing a hole in the floor."

"Sorry Chi, I'm just nervous and pissed off at the same time. Is that possible?" Bulma asked with a small laugh. ChiChi nodded her head and smiled.

"It's alright. Everyone is working hard out there. You're going to be awesome tonight."

"Yep, I know I will." Bulma finally flashed a smile and headed for the door. She was ready to do this.

"Presenting the award for best rock alternative band are Hollywood's top stunt women Blaze and Alexa. But they're not so tough. I did my own stunts in a movie once and they were easy. I don't know what's the big deal about them." Hercule rambled on as the two women came out on the stage. Alexa gave a nod to her co-star and they both took aim at the champ, dropping the large man to the stage floor with a double leg kick to the groin. Blaze smirked evilly as she dusted off her hands and black leather trench coat.

"Well now since he's out of the way for awhile, I think Blaze and I will be taking over." The audience clapped loudly agreeing with the women.

"Ok for best rock alternative band this year the nominees are. Bad Little God."




"And the winner is…Bad Little God!" Both women announced in sync with each other. The crowd erupted in applause as the lead singer for Bad Little God made his way down the isle of the theater with his band mates right behind him to the stage. Blaze took the award from the blonde bimbo that walked out on stage with it and handed it to the light lavender skin hunk that smiled at her.

"Here you go. I'll see you at the awards party." She whispered as he gave her a kiss on the cheek and plucked the award from her hands.

"Are you all ready? Mandy fix that skirt real quick." ChiChi walked around the dancers as they prepared for their performance behind the large curtain. Bulma stood at the top of a platform adjusting her headset as the stagehands set up translucent screens in front of her. Vegeta stood at the side of the stage watching Bulma perched at the top of the platform fidgeting with her microphone. There was less then an hour to go in the awards before they ended, bringing this night of nerve racking to an end. Everyone seemed to be in place. Kakarott was on the other side of the stage in his position. Jessica was stationed on the backside of the stage just under the platform, while Tien, Piccolo and Krillin were out front keeping an eye on the whole theater from their vantage points.

"Now ladies and gentlemen, since the 'Champ' isn't feeling well right now we are going to introduce one of the hottest female singer in the world. With her triple, that's right triple platinum record 'Not putting Dreams on hold'. Here is Bulma Briefs!" The lights dimmed in the theater as a light from the back of the stage lit up casting Bulma's shadow on the screens that were placed in front of her. Different colored lights from the front started to flash wildly as the music started and the dancers came out from each side of the stage to take their places.

"This is my rap song…1-2-3-4
I get really sick and tired of boys up in my face.
Pick-up lines like what's your sign? Won't get you anyplace.
When me and all my girls go walking down the street.
Seems we can't go anywhere without a car that goes beep, beep."

The screens lifted towards the ceiling as the cheering from the balcony seats got louder. Bulma threw her hands up in the air before she stepped down the stairs one by one keeping in step with the other dancers.

"'Cause this body is a priceless piece of lovin' unconditionally, yes!
So Mr. Bigstuff, who you think you are? You was thinkin' you's gon' git it for free?
Hey ladies, yeah? Let 'em know it ain't easy.
R-E-S-P-E-C-T Let's come together.
Hey sistas, yeah? Its time to be greedy.
Nothin' good comes for free!"

Bulma stepped towards the front of the stage, hips swaying with the music in perfect rhythm. The rhinestones on her halter-top sparkled brilliantly with the different colored lights. Bulma felt like nothing could stop her. She was in her element. The stage and the fans pushing her on as she continued with the song. Vegeta stood back in awe as she performed her routine in perfection.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall damn, I sure look fine.
I can't blame those horny boys I would make me mine.
When I pass you in a club, "Ooh la la," you gasp.
Back up boy, I ain't your toy or your piece of ass!
'Cause this body is a priceless piece of lovin' unconditionally, yes!
So Mr. Bigstuff, who you think you are? You was thinkin' you's gon' git it for free?
Hey ladies, yeah? Let 'em know it ain't easy.
R-E-S-P-E-C-T Let's come together.
Hey sistas, yeah? Its time to be greedy.
Nothin' good comes for free!"

As the performance wound down, Vegeta was feeling the heavy weight that had been on his chest being released. There was no sign of the stalker anywhere and everything was running smoothly as it could. As the music died on the stage, the house lights went dark as the crowd gave Bulma a thunderous ovation for her singing talents. A single spot light came on centering down on Bulma as she bowed deeply and giving a wave to everyone

"Thank you, thank you god bless!" She shouted out in her headset before taking her leave from the stage quickly. With a huge smile on her face she launched herself in to the arms of ChiChi as she danced around, happy that she made it through the whole routine without messing up or the stalker coming to claim her life.

"I did it, I did it!" Bulma said excitedly giving her behind a little jiggle before walking towards the dressing room to change back into her gown for the rest of the evening. Vegeta rolled his eyes and smirked as he followed behind her and the other two onnas that were in celebration with his mate.

"So what are you two doing after the awards? I know a good place where we can go." Blaze looked down annoyingly at the pig that was talking to her. Alexa cringed slightly wanting to get away from Oolong and Pimp Daddy Roshi and his 'Bimbo' squad.

"So what do you think?" Oolong asked again running a chubby pink hand up Blaze's thigh.

"This is what I think about it." Blaze cocked back her leg, bringing it towards the pig with full fury. Oolong went sailing through the hallway in back of the theater.

"Whoa! Flying Pork Rinds! Incoming!" Alexa called out so no one would be injured by the two-point conversion her friend just did on the horny pig.

"Damn wish I had my cleats on." Blaze snapped her fingers as her and Alexa headed back to the stage to get ready for the rest of the awards show since Hercule was hiding from them at the moment.

Bulma took her time in the dressing room gathering her stuff around and making sure it got to her limo. She readjusted her crown on top of her head as she smiled to herself in the mirror. She made it through the roughest part of the whole awards show and she was mighty proud of her confidence. Slipping on her heels quickly she opened the dressing room door to see Vegeta leaning against the wall across from the door.

"You were great." He said as she came out and stood in front of him. She bit at her bottom lip looking up into his eyes.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you. Forgive me?"

"There is nothing to forgive. Come on lets get back to our seats and finish this damn thing up. I got real plans with you after the show." Bulma raised an eyebrow to him as a cocky looking smile came to his face as they walked.

"Oh really?"

"Yes really. It involves you and me and a far away island for a week straight."

"I like the sounds of that." Bulma giggled out wrapping her arm tightly around the prince's arm.

"I knew you would."

As the awards were coming to the end of the night, there was only three more awards to give out, one which Bulma was nominated for. Best female vocalist.
"Now presenting best female vocalist award tonight please welcome rock alternative band winner Shin and straight from the streets of Detroit Kid Rock!"

"Yo, Yo, Yo! We're here to present the award for female vocalist of the year so here we go!" Kid Rock yelled out adjusting his pimp hat just so on his head as Shin stepped towards the microphone.

"This year there are four of the best singers in this category and I can only imagine the cat fight afterwards over this award. So here goes. Christina Aguilera."

"Britney Spears."


"And that hot babe Bulma Briefs!"

"And the winner for this years award goes to…" Shin ripped open the envelope and showed it to Kid Rock. They both smiled before announcing it together.

"Bulma Briefs come on down!"

Bulma's face twisted in shock. This was one award she didn't plan on winning at all. She stood up straightening her dress as she made her way people to get to the isle. She walked calmly down to the front of the stage taking one step at a time. Kid Rock met her at the stairs helping her up on the stage and to the podium where Shin stood holding her award out to her. She gave them both hugs before setting the award down on the podium.

Jessica smiled widely as her boss won her award. She clapped loudly and threw in a few good loud whistles for good measures. Glancing down towards Vegeta, she could see him smirking up at his mate with a glimmer to his eyes. Yep he was happy, probably happier that he could get the hell out of there. As her eyes pierced through the semi dark theater Jessica could make out someone she hadn't seen before on the right side of the theater, standing against the wall arm raised towards the stage.

"Oh wow, I never thought I'd be standing here tonight saying thank you to everyone for this award. I'd like to thank my producer Mikey Wallace for a job well done. Umm Thanks to ChiChi Son for all her hard work on the chorography for all the dancers. Thank you to Vegeta no Ouji for his valuable time and staying with me. To my security department you are all great. To my Dad back in Japan, I love you. This one is for you Mom, I love you!" She raised her award toward the ceiling showing her mother up in heaven that she really did it.

Jessica kicked off her heels before she bolted from the side of the stage, she could see a small glowing light coming from the stranger that made her move faster. Vegeta saw Jessica coming out of the wings of the stage in a hurry. He got up rushing towards the stage not knowing exactly what was going on.

"I also want to thank my former manager Yamcha, you bastard see what I did? Thank you to my fans with out you here, I wouldn't be here…"

"Bulma get down!" The shout from her female bodyguard startled Bulma. She saw Jessica rushing towards her as a flash of light zinged by her. Bulma looked wide-eyed as chaos started to unfold around her. Letting out a painful scream, Jessica collapsed to the stage floor holding her stomach. Frozen in terror Bulma stood there with award in hand watching Jessica cry out in pain from what ever had hit her. The audience stood in silence not knowing what was going on. As far as they were concerned this was all apart of the act with the bright flashes of light that hit the stage area.

"Bulma!" The male voice caught her attention as she saw Vegeta coming up the stairs at her at full speed. All Bulma could do was stand in shock whimpering as gasps and screams rang through the air. Looking towards the crowd, Bulma could see another bright flash of light heading straight towards her. She opened her mouth but nothing came out as she looked on in horror as the light came closer to her. Within a blink of an eye she was pushed roughly off her feet, sliding across the stage on her side before stopping at the feet of two shocked women. The last sound Bulma heard was the sound of the crown Vegeta had given her clattering on the stage floor. Blaze and Alexa looked on in horror as panic ensued in the theater. Three blasts of light came in different directions of the theater to where the first one had come from.

Unsteadily, Bulma rose on her feet walking back towards she was standing before Vegeta had tackled her. People rushed by her getting to Jessica that still cried in pain.

"That isn't the real stalker! It's not him!" Jessica shouted out in between panting breaths.

"Vegeta? Oh no…Vegeta!" Bulma screamed rushing to Vegeta's side. He laid on the stage with his face against the cool flooring breathing hard. Bulma rolled him over carefully as she could placing his head in her lap.

"Vegeta, oh gawd." She started to tear up seeing the blood on the front of his white shirt.


"Don't you leave me Vegeta? You hear me don't you leave me." She shouted at him as his blood started to smear all over the white gown she wore.

"Someone help me!" She shouted again getting people to come to her aid.

"Bulma you're hurt!" Blaze said as she got to her.

"It's not me! It's not my blood! He's dying. Help him gawd help me!" Bulma trembled as she held him close to her, trying to keep him awake.

"Bulma! Vegeta!" Goku's voice rang out as he hit the stage in a dead run to them. Kneeling down in front of his prince, he tried to look over the injuries.

"Kakarott, listen to me…" Vegeta coughed out grabbing Goku's hand. The younger saiyan stopped and looked at the prince.

"I want you to take care of Bulma. Take care of her you baka please. Let nothing happen to her or my heir you hear me?"

"Don't talk that way Vegeta. You're scaring me." Bulma sobbed out.

"Kak…arott, promise me to take care of her and my heir." The prince choked out, blood slipping from his slightly parted lips.

"I promise you on my honor as a saiyan warrior Vegeta."

"Your heir?" Bulma whispered out, the tears coming in a waterfall down her cheeks now. Vegeta took his shaky right hand and placed it on her stomach.

"Take care of the little one for me Bulma. I told you…I'd be around in some shape or form." Bulma started to cry harder as she was moved out of the way as paramedics came to work on her mate that was lying in a pool of his own blood all because he was there to protect her.

Flash bulbs popped as pictures of the whole scene were recorded in history of the bloodshed that happened on the happiest night of her life. The front of her gown was coated in crimson. Her face was smudged with the prince's blood, tears mixing in it to make her appear she was weeping blood. Arms wrapped around Bulma and pulled her back further away from the scene. She struggled against the grip, sobbing to be near Vegeta. She turned quickly in the embrace finding Raditz holding her back. Her bottom lip quivered more as she threw herself against his chest crying harder.

"Come on Bulma, you're going to the hospital with them." He said softly pulling her along to the exit where police and rescue personnel were using at the moment. The first stretcher was lifted from the stage floor with Jessica on it as she cried. Tien was at her side, rushing with the paramedics to get her to an ambulance that awaited them outside.

"Everyone back, get back now!" Alexa shouted, pushing the publicity and fans back so the paramedics could get through.

"Damn it get back this is life and death not your next magazine cover for Christ sake!" Blaze yelled out pushing more people back as the stretcher carrying Jessica was pushed through to the first ambulance. Next out the door was Raditz that balanced Bulma up on her feet.

"Out of the way!" A males voice barked loudly as the stretcher that held the prince was ushered out quickly. Goku and Piccolo were right behind them as the paramedics loaded Vegeta into the awaiting ambulance.

"Bulma here, go with them." Goku grabbed a hold of Bulma taking her quickly towards the back doors before they closed.

"Shit, he's flat lining here!" One paramedic shouted out as the back doors slammed shut. The lights and siren turned on quickly, the horn blowing to get people to move out of the way.

'He's flat lining here…' The words echoed through Bulma's mind. She didn't get to say good-bye to Vegeta. She had so much to tell him that was left unsaid. This couldn't be happening.

'Flat lining…'

'Flat lining…'Bulma choked on a sob as pain shot through her body. She gasped sharply clutching her stomach.

"God NO! Vegeta!" She shouted as she collapsed against Goku, the pain and trauma too much. Goku picked her up heading for the ambulance that held Jessica that was still parked. Banging on the back door roughly, Goku got the attention of one of the paramedics.

"We'll take her with us. She'll be alright." The paramedic reassured Goku.

"What about Vegeta, the guard they just left with?" The paramedic looked from the radio that was frantic with calls to the hospital from the other ambulance then back to Goku.

"I don't think he's going to make it." The paramedic said solemnly to the younger saiyan.

"Thank you. Take care of Bulma please." Goku said as the doors shut. He patted the ambulance as it turned on its lights and siren and left the scene with Jessica and Bulma inside.

Back inside Piccolo, Krillin, Tien and Raditz stood near the cops that had blocked off part of the theater seats. Goku came in, wiping the evidence away from his face as he approached the others.

"Who was it?" Goku asked as he stopped side by side with Piccolo.

"Nappa. His name was Nappa." Raditz said.

"It's over finally." Piccolo whispered as he turned away from the yellow police tape.

The end?????