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Harry blinked into the early morning light. The beeping of the tempus charm he had cast announcing that it was time for him to get ready for work. He threw his arm over to move the duvet off of him, instead colliding with another body. He promptly began to freak out before glancing over his shoulder to see a peeved Draco staring at him. "What the bloody hell you doing Harry?" Draco yawned, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

Harry looked at Draco sheepishly, "forgot you were there," he muttered, siding out of bed and rubbed his face wearily.

"You forgot I was in your bed? How kind," Draco's harsh tone was offset by the grin plastered to his face.

"Sod off Draco," Harry mumbled, making his way into the washroom. "You're not going to make me angry on our first day back at work."

"Mmm, we could always go in late," purred Draco, wrapping his arms around Harry's waist.

It had been a week since the attack at the safe house and Draco had moved in with Harry after a long talk between the two of them that involved more shouting than was necessary. Draco had spent time getting to know Harry in every way possible and was glad things had worked out how they had. They had received a Howler from Ginny, which Draco had expected and laughed the entire way through, seeing as she blamed him for turning Harry into a pouf and threatened to tell the Prophet all about the illicit love affair of the two of them.

Draco had then been stunned by Harry's reaction, the brunette apparating to the both of them to the Burrow where Harry proceeded to explain their relationship to the Weasley's. Ron had surprisingly accepted the announcement with a grin, Hermione bouncing up and down next to him. Mrs Weasley had hugged both of them, crying because she was happy Harry had found love even if it wasn't Ginny, telling Ginny off the entire time for being so rude. Arthur shook both of their hands, welcoming Draco into the family, and for the first time in his like Draco didn't feel contempt for the clan of gingers, but understood why Harry saw them as family.

"We're not going in late, Draco," Harry spoke, breaking into Draco's memory. "We've spent plenty of time together this past week, I need to see Seamus before I go mad."

"That cuts deep Harry," Draco cried, clutching his hands to his chest.

"Would it help if I told you that you're still my favourite?" queried Harry, pressing a kiss to Draco's cheek.

"A little. You have to promise that we can shag when we get home though."

"You're so articulate Draco, I don't know why you don't have men lining up at the door to date you."

"Shut up Potter, you're lucky I'm with you and not some Witch Weekly model."

Harry grinned, moving back to the bedroom to pull on his Auror robes. "Obviously you're the lucky one, I do have suitors trying to knock down my door."

Draco rolled his eyes at Harry, slipping out of his pyjamas and slipping into his set of Auror robes.

Seamus greeted his partners with a smile. "I missed you two constantly, it was hell doing rumour control."

"Rumour control for what?" asked Harry as he sat behind his desk, staring at the mountain of paperwork.

"Didn't you see the Prophet Tuesday and Wednesday? You two and your relationship is the hot topic and the Prophet doesn't seem to know where to stand on it."

Harry turned a sickly shade of green that was quickly replaced by a flaming red. "If you'll excuse me for a moment." With that he vanished with a pop, leaving Draco and Seamus with twin frowns on their faces.

Harry appeared suddenly and without warning in the office of the Daily Prophet, his magic thrumming inside of him as he began to boil over, his rage increasing with each person who stopped what they were doing to stare at him.

Harry stuck out his wand, his hand shaking in fury as he pointed it at the magical printing machines, closing his eyes before he began to speak. "I don't know what the bloody hell you think you're doing, printing this load of bollocks about two of the Ministries Aurors, but if I read one more word about Draco and I, I swear to Merlin I will destroy every piece of machinery in this room.

Harry watched as the people in the room began to tremble under his glare, an office door squeaking open as the editor stood in front of him, looking as if she were about to break down in tears at any given moment. "I apologise Mr Potter and we promise to keep any news of you and Draco out of the paper as long as it regards the relationship sir."

Harry sent a withering glare towards her before lowering his wand, glancing about the room. "I don't want a single interview, phone call, or letter to ever disturb me or him about what we choose to do out of the public eye or my threat stands." Harry tucked his wand back into his Auror robes, nodding at the girl in front of him before apparating back to the Ministry.

"What was that about?" Draco asked as he heard Harry reappear.

Harry straightened his robes before he moved to sit in his chair. "Taking care of the Prophet myself," he answered, looking at the paperwork stacked neatly on his desk.

"Promise me you at least left the building standing."

Harry grinned at Draco, "I merely threatened to blow it up. They seemed to take the hint."

Two Weeks Later

"Congratulations, Draco," Harry grinned, slipping his arm around Draco's waist as they announced he had passes his first Auror levels, a feat that meant Draco was allowed to go on stakeouts and manhunts with Harry and Seamus.

"Thank you Harry," Draco smiled back as the camera flashed at him again. The Prophet had been good on its word about leaving Draco and Harry's relationship out of the paper, commenting only that Harry and Draco seemed to always be around one another. "I always wondered what it was like to be the focus of the Prophet but there was some bloody prat that kept stealing the limelight in school."

Harry prodded Draco in the ribs causing the blond to cry out. "Watch it Draco, I'll stick you in the cold case files if you don't behave."

Draco stared at Harry, his mouth curving into a grin. "No you wouldn't, you'd miss me too much." With that he lowered his head to meet Harry's mouth in a kiss, cameras flashing as Harry decided to hell with it all and pulled Draco to him, kissing back passionately. Draco felt like home, the one Harry never had and that was good enough for him.