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Pay Attention Fabray!

Quinn Fabray smoothed down her Ravenclaw tie and glanced down from the astronomy tower casually as the long line of awed and in some cases terrified first years filed through into the famed great hall of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

A small smile found its way across her lips and pushing her glasses back up she glanced across to her best friend, Santanna Lopez.

"San, you DO realise that as a Prefect you're meant to be down there helping the newbie's get oriented in this place?"

The blonde felt compelled to remind her friend of this even though she knew it was more likely for Hagrid to start dancing a jig on the dining table than it was for the Latina to actually embrace her new responsibility.

Rolling her dark eyes the Slytherin glanced over the edge of the window frame Quinn was sat on and shrugged.

"They look just fine from up here Q, besides I don't see why I had to get stuck with Prefect duty anyway, you and Brittany managed to dodge it easily enough!"

Quinn raised a delicate eyebrow and smirked.

"That is because Brittany and myself are Quidditch Captains…plus for some reason McGonagall thought that maybe, just maybe a touch of responsibility would instill some sense into you, personally I think she's mad."

Santanna narrowed her eyes as her arms crossed over her chest petulantly.

"Just because we're friends does not mean I wont push you off the astronomy tower Fabray!"

Quinn just laughed and went back to taking in the scene below her, they were just starting their seventh and final year at Hogwarts and despite her academic prowess her heart just wasn't in it, only her best friend knew where her soul truly lay, and that was on the Quidditch field. Completely unbidden her eyes found themselves locked on the towers of the pitch and if she just closed them she could hear the applause, smell the air rushing past her, hear the whiz of the bludger…her eyes snapped open abruptly at her friends snigger.

"That's tragic Q, seriously you think about Quidditch the way I think about Brit, don't get me wrong it's great you love something that much but…don't you think maybe you should get out there and just get laid before you let your Father push you into his muggle accounting business?"

Regretfully the inner glow she felt whenever she thought about the sport faded under the yoke of resignation and duty her father had literally lay upon her, swallowing the stone of panic that lodged in her throat, her shoulders twitched unconsciously and she studiously avoided the Latina's gaze so as to dodge the questions she knew were brewing.

Her relationship with her parents was complicated, they were muggle born and if not for the legality of her magical schooling they would have ignored the fact she was a witch, as it was they had agreed to support her through the education on the understanding that she then devote her life to being as 'normal' as she could be which meant attending College and working at her fathers accountancy firm.

Santanna knew how much Quinn lived for a sport she hadn't heard of until six years ago and did her best to encourage that love, she also knew that in her opinion Quinn's parents were idiotic, small minded bigots but…it was however easy for her coming from a magical family, to judge others too harshly and so she offered an ear when Quinn wanted to talk but otherwise tried to hold her tongue, not an easy task, so when her friend took a deep breath and changed the subject Santanna let her…for now anyway.

"Enough about me, what about you…have you made up your mind what you're going to do once you've sat the final's?"

Running a hand through her long dark hair and stifling a yawn she shrugged.

"The plan is still the same, Brit wants to work with Dragons and I'm going to be the best kick ass Auror out there, seriously, people wont even remember the names Weasley and Potter when I get my licence!"

The Slytherin's grin was amused but confident and the blonde found herself returning it.

"I don't doubt it for a second…though I'm surprised Brit has no issues with you doing something that dangerous, she panics every time we go out to Quidditch practice let alone the matches."

From the halls of the school they could hear excited mutterings, muted conversations and the general scuffle of returning students milling about looking to catch up with friends they missed over the summer, it was a fun and typical first day back but for some reason Quinn could never get comfortable with the happy crowds and would sneak off to the privacy and solace of the astronomy tower, from the second year onwards her best friend had joined her wordlessly. Quinn never explained and Santanna never asked, it was their own little ritual even though technically this year they should have been in the hall already helping the Professors.

Typically of course Santanna broke the comfortable silence abruptly at Quinn's observation.

"Well it might help if you didn't have to be such a daredevil on the field, for the love of Merlin you even gave Hooch a heart attack at last years final…Brit worries because she thinks I'm going to try all that crazy assed shit you do!"

Polishing her glasses on her tie the Captain shrugged a shoulder.

"It doesn't feel that risky when I'm up there…it makes sense and feels right, I mean sure, a couple of times it may not have paid off…"

Flushing a dark red Quinn trailed off as a dark eyebrow rose in a look of blatant disbelief.

"MIGHT not have paid off? Hmm let's recount shall we, first year you had a second round match with Hufflepuff, as well as losing the match where did you end up?"

"Hey, that really wasn't my fault, if that seeker had watched where he was going I wouldn't have taken out the tower!"

The blonde Captain attempted to defend herself but chewed on her lower lip when Santanna merely glared and prompted her again.


The answer came out in an embarrassed rumble as Quinn admitted.

"And half the Gryffindor viewing gallery."

Nodding her head the Slytherin opened her mouth to continue listing the various mishaps of one Quinn Fabray but the blonde held her hands up in surrender.

"Pax Centurion, I give…so maybe I can play a little risky but you cant argue the results, plus it's the only time I feel alive San…when I'm out there the rush is…it's indescribable!"

Santanna sighed and in a rare display of affection (which she would deny vehemently if anyone ever asked her about it, AND dole out a few bat bogey hexes to boot) slung one arm around her friends shoulders.

"I get it Q…I really do and I hope this year you find your balls and finally let it be known what you want out of life, rather than what your ass wipe folks want."

Sliding off the window ledge of the tower Quinn sighed and straightened her robes then flicked a piece of lint absently off of the dark green stripe on her friends robes, she studiously decided not to address Santanna's comment about her parents, or the fact that she was right…this was their last year, her last chance to decide to fight for she wanted or let go of any dreams she may have had of her own. Instead she chose to lighten the mood.

"I hate to break it to you S but I don't have, nor do I have the capacity, to find any balls."

Smiling politely she ducked the swipe of the Prefects arm and headed toward the door.

"Come on, let's go find Brit and see if there's anybody new starting this year, hopefully I can get there before you corrupt them, and please for the love of Merlin's left testicle would you NOT send the first years down to Myrtle again? last year it took us three nights to mop up all the mess they made when she went after them."

A dark and slightly maniacal chuckle followed her down the corridor as they made their way towards the main staircase.

"Aw come on Q! it was hysterical watching them run out of there screaming and drenched…it's not MY fault the big McG went all muggle on our punishment and made us clean up by hand."

Levelling the infamous eyebrow at her friend the Quidditch Captain reminded the Latina of two key points.

"Okay firstly it was you who got the punishment not me, I helped because I felt sorry for you after Brittany cut you off, you were doing that whole wobbly lower lip thing, if you wont think of the mess and the poor first years, at least think of Brit."

Scowling Santanna remembered the week of hell as she personally thought of it, Brittany had been worse than angry with her, she had been disappointed and even McGonagall at her worst couldn't make San feel as bad as the single look her girlfriend had levelled at her while she comforted the terrified first years.

"Low blow Fabray…see if I get you a date now."

The blonde laughed at her friends irritable grumble and held open the door for a few distracted fifth years to pass through before she replied.

"I can honestly say I'm relieved as Hades that you WONT be setting me up on a date, I would like to date a nice girl after all."

Whatever response the loud Prefect made was lost in a haze of static as for the first time in her life Quinn Fabray was quite simply awestruck.

At the bottom of the stairs and just starting to walk up towards them was the familiar figure of Brittany with…someone new, someone with amazingly lustrous black hair that curled slightly towards the ends as it fell over petite shoulders, someone whose eyes shone with a bright and keen intelligence as well as an openness Quinn had never seen before. Sure, some might say her nose was a little big but the Captain found herself smiling lazily because when the dark haired girl below her smiled you couldn't help but see her whole face light up.

Had she actually been paying attention she would have been aware that she was about to make a monumental pillock of herself, however as her eyes and brain seemed otherwise occupied she missed her footing, didn't hear Santanna's sharp warning and subsequently the Ravenclaw found herself tripping over her own robes and starting a spinning freefall down the stairs.

Brittany looked up and yelped as a mass of limbs and Ravenclaw robes spotted with blonde hair barrelled straight towards her and Rachel Berry, the new Gryffindor student.

There wasn't time to lift a wand and stop it so she merely closed her eyes gripped Rachel's arm and prepared for impact.

Rachel had been enjoying the tour around the famous School and despite being in Gryffindor was glad it had been Brittany, a friendly Hufflepuff seventh year, that Professor Murphy had asked to show her around. She had been very open and friendly, answering as many of Rachel's numerous questions as she could as well as introducing her to so many people she felt a part of everything already.

It was certainly going to be different to the home schooling she was used to but it wasn't until recently that she was considered old enough by her fathers to be left alone. Their jobs as Dragon wranglers meant they went where and when they were needed and they preferred to have their daughter with them while they did so.

They had all agreed however that to have a proper scholastic atmosphere for the year leading up to her N.E.W.T's was very important. The only snag had been that they couldn't guarantee to be home during the holidays but after several very detailed and extensive presentations from Rachel they had agreed that if it came to it she could be home alone.

Rachel Berry was a very good planner, she liked to think that before she stepped into any situation she could factor in the possible problems and potential disasters, her carefully thought out plan to attend Hogwarts had been one of her better ones.

Somehow she hadn't thought to factor into that plan the possibility of tumbling students. Judging from the badge she had briefly glimpsed attached to the blue and silver tie this particular student was meant to be the Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain (She admittedly only knew this because Brittany had an identical badge and explained to Rachel what it meant) therefore one would assume she would be graceful and athletic. The blur headed down the grand staircase at mach one was currently looking anything but graceful.

For all her academic knowledge and expert planning even Rachel didn't have time to pull her wand and things seemed to go into slow motion as she cringed and attempted to anchor her feet mentally to the cement step beneath her, at the top of the steps she could see a dark haired Slytherin girl looking just as shocked and concerned, around them the other students were caught between surprise, humour and shock.

Rachel wondered if time in fact had actually frozen when a loudly bellowed word halted the blonde in mid air.


Professor Hooch walked up the stairs using her wand to gently lower the bundle of limbs to the floor before releasing the spell, Quinn sat up abruptly her face fire engine red with embaressment as she fumbled her glasses back on. Hooch scowled and motioned for the Ravenclaw to stand before sighing and putting her hands on her hips.

"What in the name of the dark arts are you playing at Fabray! It's a little early in the school year to be damaging yourself, you could at least wait until the first practice session if not the first match!"

Straightening her robes and trying to ignore the inquisitive chocolate gaze locked on her Quinn cleared her throat.

"Sorry Professor, I was discussing something with Santanna and…um well I think my foot must have got caught in my robe or…or something."

The normally confident Captain swallowed slightly as she trailed off and Hooch raised an eyebrow as Santanna joined them on the stairs.

For her part the Slytherin Prefect flicked a glance at Brittany, then her blonde friend and finally the new girl…realisation hit and she smirked. Finally something other than Quidditch had caught the blondes attention…and caught it fast.

"Quinn just got a little dazzled Professor, she'll be fine and kicking uh…broomstick out on the field in no time!"

Sensing something else behind the Slytherin's words but not knowing what Madam Hooch nodded once and tucking her wand away levelled a finger at Quinn and muttered what would become an all too familiar phrase that year at Hogwarts.

"Pay attention Fabray!"

Nodding and muttering apologies and reassurances the Ravenclaw watched the Professor leave then turned back to the group in front of her, although again she couldn't quite focus on what they were saying as her full attention was locked onto the dark brown orbs in front of her. She found she had to take in a deep breath before speaking and once she did it took her a moment to realise the slightly high pitched voice was her own.


The words seemed to dry up in her throat and she wondered with a mild panic if the Immobulus charm was still working on her vocal chords.

A sharp nudge in her back solved the dilemma as the rest of the words tumbled out abruptly.

"QuinnFabray…I mean, Quinn, my name is Quinn and…welcome."

She held out a hand which Rachel took in her own warm one and squeezed briefly before smiling shyly.

"Rachel Berry, it's a pleasure, I certainly wont forget you after an entrance like that!"

There were more words but Quinn didn't hear them as she watched Rachel say something to Santanna who nodded, kissed Brittany briefly and then the Blonde Hufflepuff Quidditch Captain was waving at Quinn and walking away with her Rachel…uh with Rachel, not her Rachel…just Rachel, shaking her head she mentally corrected herself.

The Captain blinked a few times then turned to her smirking companion, years of friendship with the dark haired Slytherin meant she knew exactly what was on the tip of her tongue.

"Don't even say it S…I can see you want to but don't okay, I will pay you fifteen galleons if you can resist saying it!"

"Geez Q, all I was gonna say…"

The infamous eyebrow raised and Quinn started marching off towards the tower that housed the Ravenclaw common room, behind her the Latina carried on talking as a huge grin grew with every word she spoke.

"Was that…"

Calling over her shoulder the blonde walked faster hoping to avoid the inevitable punch line.

"Fifteen galleons that's a night out at the Three Broomsticks S!"

Santanna ran the end of her green and black tie through her fingers actually considering it for a few moments before she couldn't help herself, I mean in her defence Quinn had just made it too easy.

"Way to fall head over heels for a girl Fabray!"

The comment was met with a loud groan from the direction of the rapidly disappearing Ravenclaw and chuckles from the students still on the staircase who had witnessed the altercation. Santanna grinned happily and turning on her heel headed after her girlfriend and the new Gryffindor, this year was going to prove to be very interesting after all!