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Kara's Pov

I was in total shock because I have been gone for a day but it turns out I have been gone for a total year. I also know that my cousin must have been worried about me. Clark has been a worry wort since I finally caught up with him with being in a space ship for years.

I knew where I had to go because the league have been thinking about letting their sidekicks come together to join their own league and Black Canary told me where their hide out was going to be.

Heading towards their cave I didn't know what I was going to say to Black Canary or to Superman besides being the man of steel and having to take care of his cousin he had his wife Lois to take care of and I am pretty sure that Lois could take care of herself even knowing Clarks Secret.

The cave doors were open and me well I am still limping even being out of the yellow sun I was still not healing because before I left the phantom zone Zod being the ass he is stabbed me with green Kryptonite which is my weakness and Clarks.


Conner's Pov

Dick, Bart, Me, Artmeis, Megan , Kal, Red tornado, Black canary were training when we heard the alarm go off. I knew that Bart was being an idiot and left the door open and who would randomally come inside the hide out.

We saw a figure head our way and it looked like she was injured because she was limping and sweating and it looked like she was badly injured but we had know idea why she would come to us in the first place.

Then I saw the look on Black Canary's face it looked like she knew her.

" Hi Dinah how are you." Said the girl

" it can't be you have been gone for three years we thought you were dead he thought you were dead." Said Black Canary

" yeah well I am not dead yet I am wondering if you can get Dr. Emil over here and quickly because I don't think I could make it any longer." The girl said

" what happened to you." Black canary said

" well for one thing I wasn't on a mission it was a trick from a bad guy who has been tourtuing me for the past three years he finally let me go. He also put green kryptonite into me before I left and if someone doesn't take it out soon I will die." The girl said

" right then the dr. came in and he saw the girl and he ran right to her.

" Kara are you okay what happened." Emil said

" I have green Kryptonite in me and so I can't heal myself right now so I am wondering if you can take it out of me before I die ." said kara

Right after she said this Emil went to work but when I tried to get close to her it seemed that I got weaker but I didn't know why but I think Black Canary did because she told me to stay back for my own good.

" Justice League to Young Justice this is superman what seems to be the problem." Said Superman.

" young justice to the Justice League Superman you have to come here know there is something you have to see." Said Black Canary

" what is wrong what happened." Said Superman

" You just have to come here to see for yourself it is just to hard to explain." Black Canary said

" Okay we will be there right away so don't worry Dinah." Said superman

Then all of a sudden we saw the justice league enter the gave and from what I saw on Superman's face is he new Kara too because he was shocked then well happy to see Kara.

Superman flew over to Kara and hugged her and I knew she was still in pain

Who is this girl and how does she know superman

Hope you guys like this story.