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Summary: Ryoma moved from America to Japan due to the intense bullying. Ryoma was excluded from those who were his friends simply because he fell in love with one of the upperclassmen. It wouldn't have been so much of a problem, if his upperclassman were a female…

Disclaimer: I don't own prince of tennis and any of the characters (besides the obvious OC's that appear for the sake of the story)

Warning: This story is Male x Male, contains male rape, and has quite a bit of homophobia, so if any of these ideas offends you, please kindly press the back button.


A boy stood facing the big, red school building with a sign next to him reading "Fallen Jr. High Sports Division". Before the boy took a step closer to the building, he felt several small impacts on the back of his head followed by a couple of cracking noises. Without turning to look at the objects used as ammunition, he brought his right hand up and carefully rubbed his head. Not much to the boy's astonishment, he felt something slimy layered his hair.


"You deserved that you dirty piece of shit!" Someone called from behind him. The boy didn't dare look back and found that he was staring at the ground. "Fag." The taunting voice was closer now causing the boy to tense up. "Ryo-ma." The voice enunciated each syllable with disgust. Ryoma tried to ignore the voice and just as he took a step forward, he felt another impact; however, this impact was directly aimed towards his stomach and the pain it emitted was much greater than the first one. "Disgusting little vermin." The other boy spat in repugnance and passed Ryoma as if he was invisible.


'I'll do it.' Ryoma told himself, determined to get his feelings across. When he went to look for the older boy in his classroom, his friends told him that he went to the library because he didn't finish his report on time and had to go print it out. Ryoma quickly thanked them and from there, he sprinted towards the library. He had to say it before he lost his confidence.

"Hi." Ryoma greeted one of his upperclassmen, panting from the long run.

"Well, if it isn't my cute little freshmen!" The said upperclassmen ruffled Ryoma's already messy hair and chuckled. Ryoma turned his face away from upperclassmen to hide the blush he felt spreading across his cheeks. "Aw, is the Shorty pissed off about something?" The older of the two teased, with a small chuckle.

"Jason, could I please talk to you… in privet?" Ryoma hesitantly asked. Jason blinked in confusion and nodded his head.

"You sound like a shy girl trying to confess your feelings to the boy you like" Ryoma unnoticeably stiffened but said nothing as he led Jason out of the library and towards an excluded part of the back of the school building. When they got there, Ryoma shuffled his shoes uncomfortably and drew in a deep breath while Jason watched his underclassmen in amusement.

Facing Jason, Ryoma bowed his head a little and quietly said, "Jason, I've liked you for as long as I can remember…" The said boy froze and stared at the smaller of the two, the smile he usually wore swiped clean off his face. "Do you… Do you think… you'd be able to- go out with me?" Ryoma rushed the last bit, feeling nervous and unsure.

When Jason didn't say anything, Ryoma cautiously raised his head to look at the older boy and immediately wished he hadn't. Jason's face was contorted in pure disgust eying Ryoma. "Jason…" When Ryoma took a step forward, the said boy fumbled backwards as if trying to get away from some sort of parasite.

"Don't you dare touch me, you nasty little fag!" Jason hissed and turned his body so that he could walk away from Ryoma without having to look at him anymore. Ryoma's small body frame shook as he was holding in his tears, which were threatening to escape his eyes. Standing like that for a while, Ryoma broke down sobbing. The muddy ground greeted him as his knees dropped him, unable to support him.

Ryoma looked up to see the boy he confessed to just yesterday walk away from him. Ryoma brought his hands up to his stomach, where he had been punched, and rubbed small circles to try and ease the pain. Ryoma chuckled sadly, 'I guess I should've expected that…'.

By now, Ryoma was sure that everyone found out about his preference and sighed. 'Today is going to be one hell of a day…'