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Full summary:

It was a normal day at the hop mart. Henry was talking to Medabee and Ikki and that's when it happened. A girl from his past comes in that day. With her Tyrelbeetle by her side, she heard Medabee say something weird and Henry yell something weird back. Thinking it's cute, she becomes friends with him. They then figure out that they figured out that they have something in common. Phantom Renegade. She was the reason for The Phantom Renegade, and Henry still remembers. To him it feels like it was yesterday. They then run into someone else from the past. Can Henry make things right? Will Rei figure out that Henry is the Phantom Renegade? Or will he still keep his secret?

Chapter one, All of us are different.

"Give it back!" Six year old Hikaru said as he jumped. A bully held his metal above his head.

"Ha ha ha! Who will stop me if I keep your rare metal?" Hikaru stopped jumping.

"T-The Phantom Renegade will stop you!" Hikaru called. He was about to cry, but a girl walked up. The bullies stepped back a step.

"What do you want Rei?" The little girl Rei stepped forward. Henry admired her courage.

"Give that back!" She commanded. The bully shook his head no. He grinned and left with poor Hikaru's metal.

"I believe in Mr. Phantom Renegade." Hikaru's eyes widened. He blushed. That was the day that the Phantom Renegade was created. Because of one girl and one metal.

"So what do you do in your spare time Henry?" The annoying yellow Medabot asked. Henry blushed and looked at the medabot. What to say. I can't tell him my secret. Henry thought. "Do you have a girlfriend or are you gay?" Henry glared at the medabot.

"I'm not Gay Medabee!" Henry yelled as a girl walked in. Her dark brown hair moved as she walked. A Tyrelbeetle walked by her.

"You're cute!" The girl said as she giggled. Henry looked up and blushed. The girl smiled and looked at Henry. "I just came to get a drink. Sorry for bothering you." Henry blushed again.

"No, we weren't busy. What would you like to drink Miss...?" The girl smiled.

"Rei, Water." Henry's face turned red.

"R-Rei! Can you remember me? I'm Hikaru from elementary school." Rei tapped her head and then hit herself lightly on the forehead.

"Hikaru! Right, I remember. I've been following the Phantom Renegade." Henry was shocked.

"W-What?" He asked. He looked at Rei as she payed for her water.

"Yep. Ever since that day he came like you said. I was so amazed!" Henry blushed.

"Yeah well." He said. Rei smiled.

"He's my idol. Maybe I'll met him." She smiled again. "See you later Hikaru." Rei finished her water. She left the bottle on the counter. Rei went to walk out, but someone grabbed her shoulder. She turned her head.

"You'll meet him, I promise." Henry said as he let go. Rei smiled and nodded.

"I believe in you Hikaru." Henry smiled back.

"Call me Henry."

The rest of the chapter will be combined with chapter two. I'm to tired to finish. Hope you enjoy so far!