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Love can neither be bought or sold, its only price is love.

~English Proverb

The Price of Love

Chapter 1

Sam gently massaged his temples. The evening was not going at all well and he could already sense a headache coming on.

Dean and Sam had spent the last few hours traipsing throught the very muddy woods looking for what they thought was a black dog. Sam had done all the research and he had been pretty confident in his decision that they were dealing with a black dog.

But as they entered the motel, after an entire car ride of fighting, Sam had come to regret his mistake ten fold.

"I'm sorry, okay? I just thought-"

"No, Sam, obviously you didn't think or you would have realized that it was a fucking bear!"

"Dean, bears aren't common here and they aren't usually that vicious," Sam said, trying to justify his actions.

In honesty, he had plain old screwed up. Thankfully neither brother had paid for that mistake and been hurt.

He was tired. Always. Dean mistakenly thought he was getting better, recovering from Jess' death. Even though it had been a little while, not a day went by that Sam didn't think of her and, more often, have nightmares of her death. He'd just gotten better at hiding it. Plus, after two years of normal college hours, it was hard to get back into the insane hunting sleeping patterns, which usually consisted of little rest at best. That plus nightmares equals half-hearted research.

"One thing, Sam, I just asked you to do one thing and that was the research. And you fucked it up!"

Dean suddenly leapt up from the motel bed and grabbed his jacket.

"Where are you going?" Sam asked. Like he didn't already know.

"Bar," Dean said emotionlessly. There was no 'want to come?' but Sam grabbed his laptop and jacket and followed. He was pretty sure his presences wouldn't exactly be appreciated by Dean, but Sam wanted to come and Dean would just ignore him anyway.

Even though just the thought of a loud, musty bar was enough to make his head hurt worse, having to deal with a drunk Dean fresh from a bar fight he'd started with his already less than happy attitude was even less appealing.

As an added bonus bars usually had free internet. This was mostly because most bar-goers didn't bring a laptop so owners don't usually put up private networking walls (not that Sam couldn't get through them if he had to but he'd prefer to be legal whenever possible.) Plus, most bar owners around there probably couldn't spell computer let alone build privacy walls.

Sam closed and locked the motel door behind him and stepped out after Dean. The bar was pretty close, just across the street and down a little ways. That was one of the reasons Dean had selected that particular motel. Because of the bar's close proximity, within easy walking distance.

The air was crisp and the ground was still lightly wet from the morning's showers. Sam kept shooting Dean glances, lest he blow up again.

Sam was well aware that he hadn't exactly been the most pleasant person to be around since Jess' death, but he had been making a very large effort not to let his negative mood show or take itself out on Dean. But, regardless of his mood, he'd been working as hard as ever on their hunts. And it wasn't like he never did anything but the research. He helped on the actually hunting part to and watched Dean's back. Research was just his strength. Everyone made mistakes researching sometimes, even Dean and John, and that was really all it was – a mistake. Bears weren't native to the region and the attack on the victims was perfectly aligned with an average black dog attack, so Sam hadn't questioned it.

And that little slip up had caused the largest argument between Sam and Dean since he had come back to hunting.

As they arrived outside the bar entrance, Dean suddenly stopped. Sam barely managed to avoid walking into him. Dean's hands searched his pockets for something unknown.

"Fucking…" Dean trailed off and Sam just continued to stare at him in confusion. "Left my phone at the room," he growled by way of explanation. "Be right back," Dean said curtly before spinning on his heal to cross back to the other side of the road.

Sam was pretty sure his presence was barely being tolerated as it was and he wasn't going to test the limits of Dean's increasingly pissy mood by following.

And it was because of his spot on the sidewalk that he saw what Dean didn't.

A car was coming around the corner, speeding straight at Dean showing no signs of slowing. Probably driven by someone who'd had a few too many that night.

It was like time slowed. Sam saw the car coming and saw Dean, completely unaware of the hunk of metal barreling at him, continuing to cross the road. His vision tunneled to Dean.

No way in hell was he losing someone else close to him. Especially not Dean.

His heart was beating so loudly that Sam was fairly sure that the sound of it would be enough to alert Dean to the trouble.

Finally time seemed to speed up. Sam's time to act was running out and with it went Dean's time to get away uninjured. Well no way was he just going to stand frozen on the sidewalk. Not when it was Dean at risk. He probably wouldn't stay there if there was anyone in that position and he had the chance to save them.

A scream of warning burst from his lips and the laptop dropped to the ground. John had been smart and, knowing it would take a lot of abuse of the years, had bought a laptop that was very durable. A good quality to have everytime their bags got jerked or one of them was in a foul mood and dropped it on the table harder than necessary or when it fell to the sidewalk from Sam's nimble fingers.

Sam flung his lanky body forward just in time.

For Dean anyway.

Sam's strong hands met Dean's back and shoved him out of the way. A curse slipped past Dean's lips as he was thrown forward onto the asphalt. Headlights temporarily blinded Sam and he tried to steal himself for the onslaught of pain he knew would be coming.

His last coherent thought was that at least Dean was safe.

And then nothing.


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