Kakashi Hatake sat on the head of the fourth hokage, His teacher. The man whom's head he sat on taught him almost everything he knew, Helped him discover himself, Fought with him just to give him a good smack, Patted him on the head for doing such a good job everytime he mastered a new jutsu.

He missed Minato dearly, Kushina to. Even tho he had only met minato's wife a few times he knew that she was a great person with the best personality anyone could ask for, Long red locks of hair tipped off with a small yellow hair brett. Most of the time he had saw her she wore a plain black sundress with a orange shirt under. She was smart and quick just like minato...And naruto.

That's right, Even tho minato and kushina was gone he had been lucky enough to see naruto around the village every once and a while. Most people would talk bad about the small hyper active blonde child but kakashi thought differently of him. Even tho he didn't know naruto personaly he knew some things about the boy. Like how he was quick on his feet and trained harder than anyone he had ever met before, He was tough even tho he didn't show it most of the time, Brave and smart just like his father.

Minato and kushina would be proud of there son for how hard he worked and stuck with things. No one in the village liked the boy, Kids, Adults, Everyone hated him because of the Kyuubi that was sealed inside of him. It was very sad to see the way people treated him even tho he had done nothing wrong.

Kakashi didn't even know if Naruto knew about the Kyuubi being sealed inside of him.

Naruto sighed for the thousandth time that day as he wiped the small dropletts of water from his eyes and cheeks.

He cried quite alot these days, It was far past normal for him. The scrapes and bruises on his body reminded him of how his life went every single day without fail. He would wake up, take a shower, brush his teeth, get dressed and head to Konoha's school where he got bullied and teased the whole time then after class he would go to the local ramen shop. Supriseingly the two workers there were nice to him, unlike the rest of the village dispite Iruka-Sensei.

He didn't remember much about his parents since they died when he was a baby but he was sure they were nice to him, cared for him and loved him. Sometimes he thought about joining them again but then a voice would come out of nowhere and yell at him.

The voice being Kyuubi of course.

He remembered one time when Kyuubi shouted at him, It was the first time he had thought of killing himself and boy did that fox scream... But he jumped anyway.


iNaruto stood on the cold monument looking down at the village of Konoha. Tears dripped from his eyes and face falling to the ground staining it with salty water./i

iHis mother and father had left him long ago, ten years ago to be exact. When he was just a infant no bigger than the bend of your arm to your fingertips. He didn't know what happened but from what Iruka had told him, His parents had been in battle with the Kyuubi who had killed his mother and his father died sealing the fox demon inside of him to protect the village./i

iHonestly Naruto thought that the only reason his father had used such a jutsu was because Kushina had already been killed, Naruto bet that if his mother had not died in that battle Minato wouldn't have used a jutsu he knew would kill him./i

iHe had left his son all alone in a world that hated his very existance and his mother had done the same. Did they even care about him at all? Did his mother cry tears of joy when she heard his first cry sound through the air? Were they happy they had a son?/i

iHe didn't know the answers to any of these questions but sometimes he thought about how they just left him in this world all alone to fend for himself. Of course Iruka had said after the death of his parents the theird hokage had ordered the ANBU to bring naruto to him so he could keep watch over the boy, Wich meant naruto spent his first seven years of life guarded by the ANBU at all times, Not being aloud to leave the safe house the hokage had set up for him./i

iHe spent six years listening to the ANBU talk about him when they thought he wasn't listening or Watching him cry himself to sleep night after night. They didn't care, No one did, No one ever would and Naruto had to exept that./i

iMakeing sure he was fed, clothed, and in that save house was there job. Nothing more./i

iSo there he stood looking to the village below, No one would miss him if he jumped. They would be happy that the monster was gone for good. They would probley have a huge party to celebrate his death, The death of the Kyuubi./i

Naruto stepped closer to the edge as more tears fell from his light blue eyes with a frown he took a small step closer to his death./i

i"Naruto!" A voice said from nowhere./i

iHe looked around puzzled at who would bother to stop him./i

i"Naruo you better listen to me and listen close, Look at me you brat!" The voice said again. With puzzled eyes naruto looked around some more then everything faded to darkness./i

i"God do I have to do everything? Look at me!"/i

iNaruto looked up and gasped. The cage was huge and inside stood a fox, Not just any old fox, This fox was gigantic and red with a wicked frown./i

i"Don't look so suprised child. It's me, The Kyuubi."/i

iNaruto gasped and stumbled backwards tripping and laning in the water below his feet while stairing up at the fox./i

i"What the hell is wrong with you? You take another step closer to the edge and i'll kill you myself!" It growled./i

i"W-what is this? What's going on? Why can I see you?" The blonde boy questioned frightened./i

i"There is no need to be scared my child, When I was sealed inside of you we became one, I hear every single thought going through your head, I hear every word people say to you, I see how they treat you child. After years of hearing and seeing people treat you like they treated me I decided to protect you, Not harm you. I give you my chakra child, when you run out I help you, Because of me you are a thousand times stronger than any of those fools out there do you understand me?" Kyuubi looked down at naruto./i

i"I-I guess but.."/i

i"You were never alone child, And now that we have spoken to each other we can do so whenever we want to. I cannot come out but I was always here for you Naruto, And I always will be. It's no use jumping child. I won't let you throw your life away like that. You will be hurt but you won't die."/i

iNaruto shook his head and closed his eyes. When he opened them he was back to normal, He saw the village and his tears came faster./i

i"I don't believe you! You're the reason my parents are dead! You're the reason I'm so alone! I hate you you stupid fox! I hate you! Your a monster!" Naruto screamed./i

i"Believe what you want kid, I was only protecting my family as your parents were doing for you. They killed my kit's and I was seeking revenge. They won."/i

i"Shut up! Just shit the hell up!" Naruto screamed and took another step to the edge./i

i"It's no use kid. Why hurt yourself when you won't die?"/i

i"I don't believe you..." Naruto wispered before he took the final step and fell forward from the edge./i

iHe felt like he was flying, Soaring through the air without any care in the world. He felt free./i

i"I told you kid! There was no point in that!"/i

inaruto ignored the voice as he collapsed with the ground roughly. It was over./i

i"Now look what you did! You have broken bones and your bleeding! Kid why didn't you listen to me?'' Kyuubi growled angrily./i

iKyuubi and the sound of screams and cried of startled people were heard before everything went black./i

iA week later naruto head the faint beeping of a monitor and birds chirping. He cracked his eyes open and looked around the room. It was white and light flooded it, He was in a hospital room he noted./i

i"Naruto!" A gasp was heard beside him./i

iHe looked over to see a person sitting there, He couldn't recall who this man was..Dark hair pulled back in a pony tail, His headband adoring his forehead, strong features with a scar on his nose. Who was he? Why had he lived?/i

iThen it all donned on him and he sat up with a scream of pain./i

i"Naruto lay down! You shouldn't move!" The man said just as a woman came into the room./i

iLong blonde hair pulled back in low pigtails, A green jacket and grey shirt under it with a blue ribbon wrapped around her middle, matched with blue pants. Who was she and what did she want?/i

i"Naruto." She spoke. " Why did you do that?"/i

i"Excuse me..W-who are you? Both of you?" His voice was hoarse and cracked as he spoke./i

i"You don't remember who we are?" Tsunade spoke confused./i


iShe sighed and came to stand by his bed. "That's Iruka, You're Sensei, And i'm Tsunade, the Hokage."/i

i"Iruka and..." Naruto closed his eyes for a moment./i

i"Naruto you brat! I should kill you where you lay for pulling that little stunt!" Kyuubi screamed./i

iNaruto's eyes shot open. "No! No fucking way! You shut up! You aren't real, You aren't there! You monster why did you do it? How could you kill my parents?" Naruto screamed aloud, He shook his head and tears fell from his blue eyes. "I hate you.." He wispered./i

i"Naruto we need to talk." Tsunade looked at him with wide eyes./i

*End of flashback*

And thats when Tsunade told him what was going on, Why he could speak to Kyuubi and lots of other things he hadn't had a clue about.

So here he was now, Thirteen years old and still hateing life. Nothing was ever goning to change.