This is not smutty at all, but it is romantic if you look for it. It's a little gross, so be warned.

I own nothing but this idea and story line.

Dave's eyes opened slowly, his eyes crusted shut with tears and mucus. His head felt like it was full of think liquid, moving back and forth with the slightest movement.

'Where am I?' Dave asked himself. A quick look around told him he was in his apartment, but there was stuff everywhere. Old, disturbing, medical looking stuff. The stuff Balthazar most likely kept in his store.


"H-hello?" Dave called out. Balthazar walked into his bedroom with thick gloves on his hands and a mask over his mouth.

"Wh-" Dave barely started.

"Before you ask, you where ditching me for Becky again, something about radio waves mixing or- I don't know, I wasn't really listening. The point is, you've been so busy tending to your girlfriend; you haven't been eating or sleeping, so your immune system was shot when you stood outside of her radio station building for an hour. In the rain." Balthazar said, opening a jar of something wiggling.

"Because you're too busy to take care of yourself it means I have to. Now I haven't read up on medical science for a couple hundred years, so I hope leeches still cure this kind of thing. I guess we're about to find out. These are inserted right?" Dave had lost all color in his face at this point; Balthazar didn't really mean he was about to-

"I think you need to roll over." Balthazar said, scooping a squirming mass out of the jar.

"Even I know you don't use leeches, you have to be kidding!" Dave protested.

"You sure you don't? I didn't think you knew anything about proper health, seeing the way you've been acting." Balthazar said. Dave starred at Balthazar for a moment, before smiling.

"If I promise to sleep, will you take away the leeches?" Dave asked. Balthazar stopped scooping.

"Will you eat? Drink something? Tell Becky 'no' every so often?" Balthazar said seriously. Dave smiled up at him before responding.


"Well then," Balthazar began, putting the leeches back in the jar, "I think I'll let you rest. If you're ever this negligent to your health again, I will not wait to-"

"It's okay, Balthazar. I'll be careful." Dave said, smiling up at him, his red, crusty eyes looking into Balthazar's. Balthazar finished gathering his things.

"You better." He whispered to an already asleep Dave.

"You better."

I know I'm in the middle of another story, but I have too. I wanted to try to make something sweet.