It seemed like such a cliche, Alex finally kissing his crush in the library of all places.

Cliche because Hank McCoy was the smartest, cutest, prettiest geek in the entire school. Cliche because Alex was the star quarterback doomed to fall in love with the smartest, cutest, prettiest geek in the school. Cliche because the library was where Hank always was, and where Alex expertly had stalked and fawned over the other boy.

But as Alex gave in to his cliched fate, his arms wrapping tightly around the boy's shoulders, stepping closer and not caring that he was pressing the taller boy against the books, probably pressing the other boy's silhouette into them.

Pulling away, he was surprised to see his best friend and the librarian clapping their hands slightly, which was odd, as Charles seemed like the type not to pry and Sean? Well… Sean was Sean. It was in character for him to do everything except stay out of other people's business.

"Wow…" was all Hank could say, pushing those ridiculous glasses up his nose.

And true to the cliche, all Alex could do was blush and storm out of the library, thoroughly embarrassed that he had given in to his feelings.