Chapter 1 Getting a Job

Joe was walking the streets of New York, hi girlfriend kicked him out of the aparment for not keeping his share on the rent because he just lost his thrid job. He then bought a local newspaper and looked through the job section. "This better be worth it, that 10 bucks was all I have left." he thought as he sat down on a bus stop bench. He started looking through the jobs, he didn't want to be a plumber or an mechanic, he didn't want the army because he would be fried. Then a powerful gush of air came and the paper shot out of his hands and into the air. "No no no." Joe said he he made a running start after it. As it went over a fence he jumped on the dumpster and fliped over the fence. He could have sworn he saw a bright flash of light. He emmerged from the alleyway and turned right the see the paper flying across the street, Joe followed it at an increased speed. Then the light turned green and the cars came through. Infront of Joe was a huge truck blocking him from the paper. Joe dived and rolled under it to the sidewalk. Then there again was that flash where was it coming from he wondered where it was comming from but he didn't have any time. When he got to another street he saw the paper in his reach but then a truck that looked excatly like the other one flew right infront of him catching the paper and giving him a bloody nose. He quickly got back up to see a paper land on the ground from the truck. Joe laughed in victory picked it up. One glance at it Joe could already tell that this wasn't the paper he bought. "Wait!" he called after the truck but he didn't seem to hear."Shit! Goddanm it! No job!" he shouted kicking and ounching the air with the paper waded up in his fist. He felt so angry that he spent his last piece of money he had on the paper he just lost. his stomach growled "Man. So hungry!" he took the remaining money out and counted "Three dollars! that's not even enough to buy a Mc Donalds Happy meal!" He backed up against the wall and took out his cell and punched a few numbers in.



"Hey Ashley."

"Did you get a job?"

"No bu-"

"GOD JOE! Get a job or get out of my house do I make myself clear."

"Yes but I need to borrow money for the news paper."

"Oh Joe your such a-"

"Ashley? Damn! Went over my minutes! I don't even have enough money to pay for that too!"

he hung up and sat down on a bench. He looked at his hand rembering the piece of paper that fell off the truck. He uncrumbled it and read "DEAR READER THIS IS AN INVITATION THAT IS NOT MEAN'T FOR ANYONE SPECFIC, IF YOU HAVE THIS INVITATION PLEASE MEET AT THIS ADDRESS IN NEW YORK NEW YORK CITY, THERE WILL BE FOOD AND A HOTEL ROOM FOR THE TIME YOU SPEND HERE, GAURTENNED SERVICE." Joe's mind was racing at the thought of top of the line service hotel room, he could probably steal something and sell it at a high price and get a new job. he then used his leftover money to make someone give him a lift. "Alright the plan is set I'm going." Joe thought.


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