Chapter 3 What MS means

Joe woke up o a bed in a room he did not recgonize but suddenly rembered Alexander and the monster from last night. "Nah I probably drunk to much beer and got drunk." he said to himself he went over to the window and opened the blinds. He gasped as some kind of small airplane crashed through the window. Joe was shocked at what he saw, it wasn't an airplane but some kind of ship and out of it came a creature wearing a black spacesuit with a flexy glass dome, it's face was a new definition of hideous but none compared to that monster last night. It raised out some kind of gun at Joe but he doged the green beam that shot out from it. He then rised with an uppercut and knocked the gun out of it's hand. Joe picked it up and shot it's leg immoblizing it. He then delivered a drop kick on it's helmet and busted it open, blood and pieces of it's head bursted apart. He picked up the gun and the ship fell out the window he looked out in suprise that he was at the city. Then a space ship shot his building and he fell out. He yelled as he fell but before he hit the ground everything stoped in slow motion. then the city dissappeared and the whole world grew smaller. It turns out that he was not in the city but a large spherical room. Joe looked over and saw the door open and a man in a white hasmat suit came in and motioned for Micheal to follow. Outside there was a big labatory with people running around carrying small devices. Then a gril with purple hair came up and said "Follow me please." They arrived at an elevator which took then up into the cieling. Joe looked over at her and asked "What the hell is this place?" they came out the elevator then onto a platform and she said "Alexander will tell you." Once the platform moved up into the ceiling Joe said "Finally some answers!" but what Joe seen before was noting to prepare him now. Once the platform reached it's destination Joe looked around and noticed that this was the room he dinned in only it was huge. He noticed the girl was looking in a different direction and turned to her direction. His mouth opened wide as sitting at the table was a humongous anthro red dragon eating dead cows with a spoon. When he saw Joe it scooped him up and plooped him into it's mouth. He struggled to get away from the tongue but it was alaways there but then he heard "Will you stop torturing the newbie." then the gaint spoon came in and scooped him out. Joe was happy to be free of that dragons tongue. "Hello Joe." said the dragon but Joe recgonized the voice. "Alexander?" Joe said shrimpishly. "Correct!" said Alexander as he laughed Joe still sat cowardly on the spoon sheepishly. Alexander licked the spoon scaring Joe again. "Well so I guess you want me to explain things don't you?" Joe said nothing but Alexander put the spoon in his mouth and sucked. "Yes go ahead!"

"Well we have been watching you for sometime and we have decided that you need what we are about to offer you. MS stands for Monster Squad, or job is to stand between the straights from the unusal paranormal people. We are offering you a job where you are a elite force to fight monsters that have been appeared on movies but are really real life creatures."

"No they are not!Then why haven't we seen them?"

the dragon's eyes widened

"Haven't you learned we were there and stopped them and if you accept you can be a hero too."

"What happens if I don't accept?"

"I eat you."


The dragon laughed loudly Joe almost fell off the spoon.

"No no you will be left out where you are but your memory will be wiped. But we could really use a man like you."


"Because son, we were watching how you went after that paper, and how you unarmed that need you. But you can still decline without a job."

"Wait you pay?"

"Not only that but we also house our workers and give hem food."

"Alright i'll do it. But what about my stuff?"

"Already here, we found them in suitcases in the dumpster."

"That's strange why would they be in a dumpster?"
Alexander pointed behind Joe to the purple haired girl. "Trish will lead you to your room." Alexander then set the spoon on the table and Joe walked off it."So your name is Trish?" she remained slient "Well my name's Joe." she still remained slient then Joe took notice of her devil tatoo on her left arm and the angle tattoo on her right arm. "Don't talk to me." said Trish as they went into a hallway. One door opened and Joe jumped and said "It's that monster from the night before!" indeed it was. Trish lowered his arm and said "Stop screaming, this is CP." she walked over to him and it said "Oh hello." it reached out it's clawed tentcle moved it over to Joe but he didn't shake it. "You were going to eat me." Joe said deffeintly."Oh that was part of Alexander's prank he does that to every rookie." CP said. Trish then said "Well bye CP I have to take the rookie to his room. I also don't want to be any closer to this guy okay." she then walked down the hall. Joe was startled by CP when he tapped his shoulder and was right behing him and said "She's really shy no one goes near her except her partners but she revels nothing of herself." Joe then caught up to her and they were right infront of his room. Once he entered the room "Also Trish would y-" "Goodnight." she interrupted as she closed the door. Joe turned around and saw his bags on the ground. "wha were they doing in the dumpster?" he wondered before going to bed.


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