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"I hate snow," James groaned from the Astronomy Tower. He turned his eyes to his partner, Devyn Miller as she looked the telescope. She was writing something on parchment in lavender ink without looking at the parchment. James cleared his throat and tried again, "I said-"

"I head you, James," Devyn replied, still not looking away from the stars in the sky and her hand was still moving. "So why don't you like snow?"

The two were in the Astronomy Tower, after curfew, getting an early start on a project that was assigned the day before. She was the reason that he as even in this class. She'd said that she wanted someone that she knew to take the class, so she wasn't alone. He remembered exactly how it occurred. They were sitting by the pool, well actually she was in the pool and he was sitting on the edge. She'd swum over to him and crossed her arms on the brick side of the pool and asked him. She was wearing a pink and brown bikini. So when she asked him, he wasn't exactly paying attention to the question at hand. However, when she asked him again later, fully clothed, he'd said yes, because he was absolutely in love with her. So he'd said yes, and that's why he was here with her.

"It's frozen rain, I hate rain too," James commented.

Devyn finally pulled her amber eye away from the telescope and opened her other one. She dropped her black feathered quill on the table and placed her hands on her hips. The blond cocked on hip to the sighed and her right eyebrow was lifted. "How can you say that?" she shouted. "You've never played in the snow?" she asked. James shook his head and glared at the falling white snow. Devyn grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the tower leaving her parchment and quill with ink behind.

"Where are we going, Devyn?" he asked struggling to keep up.

She was silent as she pulled him through the quiet halls. A ghost would appear every now and then but knew she was a Prefect and thought nothing of it. James struggled to get away from her, but her grip was tight from years of playing as a Chaser. Finally, she brought him to the doors in front of the school and pulled him out of the doors.

"THIS," she exclaimed and pointed to the vast whiteness, "is snow. YOU," she pointed to him, "will enjoy it!"

James watched her for a moment and snorted. "I will not," he said. He then started towards the castle. "I'll see you inside, when you are sane." He waved over his shoulder. Devyn groaned and tackled him into the snow. James tumbled face first into the cold slush and grunted. "Merlin, Devyn," he shouted after he was able to push her body off his back. "You are insane." In the bright moonlight, she could see his smile. She could hear his laugh. He reached down and balled some snow in his hand. "INSANE!" he shouted and launched the snow into her face. He jumped up and backed away from her as she made her own. "You'll never get me alive!"

Then he was off, running about in the snow, flailing his arms around. Devyn chased after him, her snowball in hand. Her fingers were freezing and her face was cold, but she was going to get him. James' lungs were frozen and he had to slow down from his sprint to a jog. That's when she caught up with him and hit him with the white ball of snow, right in the back of the head. He turned to her and raised her hands in surrender.

"You got me," he said. He took a quick look at her face and held his arms out to her. Devyn rushed into the warmth of his arms and sighed, her cold breath hit his neck. With his wand, he pointed to a patch of grass just barely visible and muttered, "Incendio." The fire lit rapidly and James pointed his and at it again to control it. "Better?" he asked into her blond hair. She shivered in response to his question and he sighed as he pulled her closer to the crackling fire. "Better now," he asked.

His heart raced under his chest again as she pressed her body closer to his. It had been like that since she came over to his house for the summer. Granted it had been like that since the beginning of their fifth year. However, the feeling had intensified when she'd appeared in his fire place that day, then seeing her every day. Everything was foggy whenever she was around. Every time he was with her it took everything in him to not blurt out his feelings for her. It took everything to not kiss her. His exposed forearms were on fire in the ten degree weather. Whenever she was around, his skin was always on fire.

"You're warm," she mumbled into his neck. She looked up at him and continued, "Really really warm."

"You're cold," he replied to her. Her usual pink lips were turning blue. "Really, really cold," he joked.

She laughed and he was still trying not to kiss her. Not to blurt everything out to her. But, he couldn't. Not when she was freezing her arse off to get him to like the snow. Not when she was just there, practically begging from him to kiss her. Everything was foggy. He closed his hazel eyes and then he leaned down and kissed her. The fire crackled beside them when he did, and then suddenly the sound was gone and it was just them. For a moment her blue lips were stiff with shock, but James took that as rejection. Heartbroken, James started to pull away, but then her lips moved against his. James' heartbeat sped up, if that was even possible, as he kissed her back. He was relieved that he hadn't been rejected. That would have only made him hate the snow more.

When the need for oxygen presented itself they broke apart. "I've been waiting for you to do that for two years," Devyn stated.

"Two years," James said.

"Yeah," she responded playfully.

"You know what?" James asked her. She hummed in response. "I like the snow now," he finished. "It'll remind me of our first kiss."

"You're a sap," Devyn groaned. "But it'll remind you of the first and second."

"Yeah?" the eldest Potter asked.

"Yeah," she responded, before rising up on her toes and then met his lips halfway.


Her blond hair was down and messy. Her amber eyes were bloodshot. Her knees were pulled to her chest and her chin was resting on her knees and she exhaled softly. Before her sat a cup of steaming tea; it had been there for hours and she'd kept reheating it over and over again. Her amber eyes were watching the steam rise out of the cup and swirl about, before disappearing in the cold winter air. She'd neglected all of her duties as a Prefect, and at this point she didn't give a damn. Her life was spiraling out of control; the school could be in chaos for one night. She sighed, destroying the spiral of steam before her and another was produced from the cup.

"MILLER!" he shouted at her from the pathway. "What the hell are you doing out here? It's bloody freezing out here." He shed his jacket and draped it over her shoulders. "Miller, you're going to freeze," he told her. "You're wearing short sleeves and pajama pants and it's like negative five degrees outside."

When she didn't speak, he knew that something was wrong. She would have said something by now, or at least turned her amber eyes towards him. However, her amber eyes stayed on the frozen lake in front of her. In her fist, there was a piece of parchment. He noted that her palm was bleeding a little from where her nails were digging into her flesh. He sighed and sat down in the snow next to him. He was clad in a sweater and jeans and he was still freezing, so he knew, he knew that Devyn was freezing.

"Dev," he said quietly. "What happened?" She said nothing, but her amber eyes did fall to the crumpled parchment in her hand. "Is it a letter?" he asked. She blinked once, a sign between the two that meant yes. She'd picked it up from her mother, who would in the medical field. "Can I see it?" He watched her eyes and for a long moment they remained open, then finally she blinked once. James reached across her and gently pulled the letter from her fist. When her hand started to close again, James stopped it and forced her hand to open flat. "Stop," he told her gently. "I assume that I can read this, yes?" She blinked once.

James opened the letter. There were a few spaces were her blood had bleed through, but it didn't smear any of the words. "Lumos," he muttered. The tip of his wand illuminated and he pointed it at the letter,


As you know your father and I are getting a divorce. You are mature enough to make a decision that the court system would like to make for you. Your father disagrees, but I feel that you are of age to make this decision. I am moving in with my new fiancée in a few weeks, it's a big place, Devyn, and he's got two kids, one will be starting Hogwarts next year and the other is a fourth year, perhaps you know him, a Mr. Kevin Smith. You'll have your own room of course, I couldn't even dream of making you stay in a room with an eleven year old. While your father is staying in our old house, which isn't half as big as my new place. So I have decided to ask you to choose what parent you would like to stay with. I'll need to know by the end of the week, so that I can give the response to the attorney and then to the judge. I hope that you make the right decision.


James' hands shook. How could a parent say that to a child? How could anyone say that to a child? Devyn was only sixteen. How could she be asked to make that decision? That's her life. Her life was now in her hands. Her mother just pitted her against her father, without saying 'move in with me and my lover'. Devyn had mentioned that her father was having an affair once last year. She said that she'd seen her mother in Diagon Alley with another man, right before the start of fourth year. Her father found out that she was cheated and filed for divorce two weeks after she'd returned from her sixth year. She'd hid it from her father for almost two years. When James asked how he handled that knowledge, she'd told him that her father couldn't look at her, but he understood why she'd hidden it.

"He hasn't written me yet," she said. Her voice was hoarse from what must have been hours of not speaking.

"Your father?" he asked.

"Yes, he hasn't written me. He doesn't want me to stay with him." She reheated her tea with her wand for the umpteenth time that night. The blond picked up her mug of tea and held it in her hands, savoring the heat in the frozen night.

"Dev, I'm sure he does. He's just upset."

"Why? I was trying to protect my family!" The blond swung her hand out and her cup of tea flew from her hand and slammed against a rock, shattering into pieces. A fragment of the glass managed to slit the back of her hand and a fresh line of blood oozed from the cut. "That's all I wanted." She buried her face in her hands. "I wanted to keep my family. I did." Her voice broke and James' heart broke. "He works all the time, he always has. My mother, Merlin, can I even call her that? She's just never around, too caught up in the life of a socialite, I guess. That only leaves me. I'm always alone. That house, you've see it. It's a mansion and it's so cold without people there. It's so empty. I can hear my footsteps echoing in the every room off the house when I wear shoes. It's so big and empty." Devyn exhaled shakily. He could hear the tears in her voice, but they weren't falling from her eyes, not yet. "I can't live with her," she started again. "I don't know her. I don't know her fiancée and I don't know those children. I don't want to know those people, they aren't my family. But then if I don't, I'll be alone in the old place as usual. I'm tired of being alone and I-"

James pulled her into a tight embrace. Not wanting her to continue, he just hugged her. He'd never seen her cry. To him, she was the third bravest woman he knew, after his mother and his Aunt Hermione in that order. He'd always thought that nothing could hurt her. She'd broken her arm in Quidditch games and didn't shed a tear. She'd been called names and didn't shed a tear. He'd never seen Devyn cry and he never wanted to, unless they were tears of joy, then they were okay. But these tears; he couldn't quite figure out what these tears were. Clearly, she was sad, but she was angry as well, and she was confused.

He held her like that for a while, until she spoke. "I don't know what to do."

"You can stay with me," James suggested. "My parents love you to death. They would love to have you."

"I already over stayed my welcome this summer, I can't stay another year."

James sighed and knew that it was pointless to argue with that. "Well, then what are you thinking?"

Devyn was quiet for a moment. "I'm gonna stay with my dad. He dislikes me less."

"You should have to settle for who 'dislikes you less', Dev. There are people that love you."

"Yeah, well, I have to give her an answer, one that's her or my father; not my boyfriend's house. Sorry, James," she stated. "I could if I would, but I can't." She scoffed. "I can see the bloody letter now. 'Marilyn, I will be living with my father, because he dislikes me less. Devyn.'" The blond inhales slowly and sneezed on an exhale, and then she shivered.

James stood and pulled the blond up with him. "You're going to get the flu and die, so please come inside." He was begging her. Devyn nodded and pulled his jacket tighter around her. James draped his arm around her shoulders and ushered her into the castle. Once inside, the castle she slipped her arms in the sleeves and hugged herself. "Dev, she was wrong to ask that of you. I'm surprised that the court approved of that." Dev shrugged and pulled a piece of parchment from the pocket of his jacket and sighed.

"Miss. Miller and Mr. Potter," a voice called to them. "What are you doing?"

"Headmaster, I just found Mr. Potter out of bed, I'm giving him a detention," she replied scribbling something on the paper.

"Mr. Potter, I am very disappointed. You know better," the Headmaster chastised.

"I know, I'll do better," he replied as he took the parchment form Devyn's hand.

"Escort him to his dorm," the Headmaster said. "You look cold, Miss. Miller, are you sick?"

"No, sir, just out of breath is all. I had to chase him down here," Devyn shrugged. "Good night, Headmaster."

James and Devyn walked up the stairs and around the Headmaster. Devyn had a firm grip on her 'rule-breakers' hand until they passed the Headmaster, and then her fingers intertwined with his. James smiled and followed his Prefect up the stairs. Once they were out of the line of vision of the Headmaster, James pulled her aside and trapped her against a wall; his hands on either side of her head.

"So my detention slip," James started.

"Yeah, I had to write something," Devyn replied, her face flushed.

"I love you, and I owe you" James read. "Well, does that get me out of a detention?"

The Prefect shook her head and laughed, "No, but I do," she told him, her amber eyes meeting the floor.

"You do?"

"Love you, stupid," Devyn said as she swatted his arm.

"I just wanted to heat you say it," James said.

"I, Devyn Lynn Miller, love you, James Sirius Potter," the blond admitted in the silence of the corridor.

James leaned down and kissed her. It different from their first kiss, much different. Their first kiss was kind of messy and rushed. James' heart had been beating so loudly that he was sure she'd heard it. However, after a few months of being together, she hadn't said anything about it, so he was sure that she hadn't. However, that was the only thing that didn't change between them when they kissed. His heart always raced when her lips touched his, when she kissed his check, or when she held his hand. This kiss was slow and passionate. A kiss that was so different from the kisses they'd shared previously. James' heart was racing again. She loved him.

When he pulled away from her, he smirked at her. "So you admit that you don't hate me?"

She laughed and shook her head, "No, I still hate you. Please don't get it twisted. I still hate you."

"Well, I love you too," he told her. "If that makes it any better."

Devyn shook her head again and ducked under his arm. "Come on, before I really have to give you a detention."

James saluted his girlfriend and replied, "Yes, ma'am."


The sun was out. The sun was out and the curtains were open. The sun was out and the curtains were open and it was noon. She groaned and buried her face in the pillow beneath her. She kept her amber eyes closed as she tried to go back to sleep. She groaned and rolled over on to her back, knowing that she wasn't going to get any sleep. The sun was out and it was noon. Her amber eyes fluttered open and she looked up at the white ceiling of the bedroom. The blond then rolled over and placed her feet on the soft carpet beneath her feet. She sighed and ran her fingers through her light hair, closing her eyes. With her eyes still closed, she stood, stretched, and started out of the bedroom; only to have her big toe greeted by a box.

"JAMES!" her voice called from the back of the bedroom. When she got no response, she groaned and shouted again, "JAMES!"

James stuck his head into the bedroom and smiled at her. "Well, good afternoon, little miss sunshine," He greeted.

"The box," she groaned. She bent down and rubbed her toe. She stood upright and brushed her long blond hair from her eyes. She was greeted by the large hazel eyes of her lover. "The box," she said again, pointing at it. She then turned and walked to the bathroom were she brushed her teeth. When she returned, James was still there smiling at her.

"Yes, it is a box," he responded, playfully. "Good job, love." He placed a kiss on her cheek. "Where do you want it, Dev?"

"Don't know, don't care. Just get it out of my sight," she said. James shrugged and pushed the box into the corner. "I can still see it," she sang.

"Not if you turn around," James sang back as he turned her towards the door and her eyes away from the boxes. "Out of sight out of mind?"

"James, just unpack the box," the blond sighed. She fell back on the bed and exhaled loudly.

"What, love?" he asked as he sat next her. The blond rolled over on to her stomach and buried her face in the comforter. James stroked the exposed flesh in the small of her back and smiled, "What?"

"I'm tired and our bedroom is covered in boxes," she mumbled into the sheet.

It took James a moment to decipher what his blond lover had said, and when he did he sighed. James reached over and picked his wand up off the bed side table and flicked it in the direction of the box. The brown cardboard box unfolded and opened. The contents, mostly clothes and a few pictures flew from the box and into their respective places. James did the same for the other boxes that were in the bedroom and watched as their clothes mixed. It was so odd how easily her stuff mixed with his. It wasn't strange to see her wand lying next to his on the bedside table. It wasn't odd to see her toothbrush next to his, or to see her socks in his sock drawer. The transition was easy.

"The boxes are gone," he told her once the last box had disappeared. He'd banished them to the living room, just until he could take them out of the house. "Dev," he tried again, touching the skin behind her ear, skin he'd found out was very sensitive. She squirmed and turned her amber eyes to his hazel ones. Her right eyebrow was lifted, her non-verbal question. "The boxes are gone," he repeated. A small smile played on her lips and then she buried her face in the comforter again. "What else?"

"I'm just tired," she said again.

"You slept until twelve-thirty," he said, a smile in his voice.

"And?" she asked quietly.

"Well," James started quietly. He then stood suddenly and pulled the blond with him. Devyn's balance was off and he waited until she was balanced before he pulled her out of the room. James pulled her down the corridor, while she complained about moving and the speed that they were moving. James just laughed and slowed down, so that she had one less thing to complain about.

"James, where are we going?" she whined. "Where, where, where?"

"The kitchen," he said. He reached over and covered her eyes. She squirmed in his grasp, not liking being blind. "Be still. Now, like I was saying. I made you breakfast," He told her as he uncovered her eyes. The breakfast was nothing special, just eggs, pancakes, bacon, bread, and fruit. However, the fact that James had managed to make them without setting the house on fire was amazing. He placed his chin on the top of her head and laughed. "So you like?" he asked.

Devyn laughed and nodded, "I love. Is it still hot?" she questioned. James nodded. His blond lover squirmed out of his grasp and slipped into a seat at the table. "You know you shouldn't have," Devyn started as she popped a grape into her mouth. James sat in the seat across from her and shrugged as he fiddled with the frayed edge of the table mat. Devyn crossed her arms and huffed, blowing her bed hair from her eyes. "Why did you do this?"

James' left eyebrow rose and he struggled to form a simple sentence, "I… I just – I just… - I wanted to." The boy rubbed the back of his neck and looked away from her curious amber eyes.

"James," Devyn said slowly. "James, what are you planning? I know you; you lifted your left eyebrow that means that you are planning something." James said nothing he just shifted in his seat. "James…"

"Nothing, Dev," James said, slowly. She said his name again as she picked up her glass of orange juice. "Okay, so I wanna ask you something?"

"Okay, I'm listening."

"But I don't know how to say it," James said. He rubbed the back of his neck again. Devyn watched him from beneath her eyelashes as he moved about the kitchen. He started cleaning, and moving this about. "So I've know you for how long? Nine years?" he asked. He turned his eyes to her and she was holding up ten fingers. "Ten years," James laughed. "Thanks a long time. You've been my best friend for like eight years, because I really hated you until second year," Devyn scoffed and James smiled. "Sorry, but it's true. Then in third year, I kind of liked you, but you were still evil. Then I tried to be with you in fourth year…." James' voice trailed off and Devyn looked away. Neither of them had spoken of that since it had happened. "But that's the past," and it didn't seem like they were going to speak of it anytime soon. "You know," he paused. "I've loved you since fifth year." His eyes met hers again and she smiled. "I'm sure you knew everyone else did."

"James, get to the point," Devyn told him.

"Oh, yeah," he rubbed the back of his neck and walked towards her. "Here," he handed her a navy blue box and shoved his hands into his pockets. "Open it," James said as Devyn looked from him to the box. Her slender fingers grabbed the box and she flipped the lid open to reveal a silver band and on the band sat a single square cut diamond. Devyn shut the box quickly and slid it back to him, shaking her head. "You hate it. I knew it; I knew you would hate it."

"I don't. But ask the right way," Devyn said, biting her lip.

James sighed and took the box off the table and knelt down in front of the blond. "Will you, Devyn Lynn Miller, marry me?" he asked quietly, fearing rejection. Devyn smiled and brushed her bed hair from her eyes again. "Yes? No? Come on, Dev, you're killing me." James watched her for a moment and then sighed. He sat down on the tile of the kitchen floor and ran his hand over his face. "So a no?"

Devyn crossed her legs under her body, criss cross, in the chair and smiled. "James Sirius Potter, I would love to marry you."

James' eyes flicked up to met her hazel ones. They were silent for a moment. Then James smiled. He smiled and closed the box. James leapt up and yanked Devyn from her chair, in a not so gentle manner. A breathless Devyn was pulled into a bone crushing hug, at first she struggled against him trying to free herself and regain the ability to breathe. However, after a moment she gave up and allowed James to pick her up and spin her around. He laughed and she laughed; the laughed together. Then he kissed her softly. A kiss that promised her the world, a kiss that promised an evening of rumpled bed sheets, a kiss that promised her everything. Her fingers tangled in the hair at the nape of his neck, and he pulled her body close to him.

He pulled away from her and flipped the lid of the box open and picked the ring from the box. He then held his hand out for hers. Slowly, she untangled her fingers from his hair and placed her left hand in his open palm. James gently slipped the ring on to her fourth finger and then kissed the back of her hand. "Devyn Potter," he said quietly as he pulled her towards him and kissed her forehead. "It sounds nice."

"I used to write all over my notebooks, so I already knew that," Devyn mocked. "Sounds better when you say it." James flashed her a smile and pulled her into the living room. "James, what are you.." The next thing she knew everything went black; she was pressed very hard from all directions. She couldn't breathe, there were iron bands tightening around her chest. Then her feet hit the ground. "JAMES, DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!" The girl barked.

"You're in trouble, James," a deep male voice said. "It's nice to see you, Devyn."

Before the blond could even respond, she was wrapped in a hug by an older red haired woman. "Oh, Devyn, dearest, how lovely to see you." She knew this voice like she knew her own.

"Mrs. Potter," she gasped, "How are you?"

"Ginny, you are crushing her," the voice said again. It was Harry.

"Thanks, Mr. Potter," Devyn gasped as his wife released her. Devyn straightened her clothes and was soon attacked by another red haired Potter. "Lily," she gasped.

"Hey, Dev," a male voice said.

"Al," Devyn greeted. "A little help here?" she begged.

"Down, Lily," Albus called playfully to his little sister.

The girl released her friend and flopped down on the sofa near Albus. "What brings you to… NO WAY!" Lily's eyes feel on the diamond ring on Devyn's finger. Lily had always been the most observant Potter of the bunch, so it didn't surprise Devyn or James that Lily noticed the ring first. "NO WAY!" she shouted again. The glass in pictures on the mantle shook slightly when she did. Lily charged at Devyn again, but Devyn stepped behind James and used him as a shield to protect her from his younger sister.

"What?" Ginny asked as she sank down on the arm of the chair Harry was sitting in. "What?"

"Devyn and I are engaged," James announced as he held his sister at arm's length.

Ginny clasped her hands together and a smile spread across her face. "Oh, James," Ginny cooed. She stood and held her arms open for her eldest son. James reluctantly stepped from in front of his fiancée, seeing as he was still holding Lily off, and stepped into his mother's arms. James hugged his mother for a moment and then the back of his head was greeted with his mother's hand. The boy flinched away from his mother and rubbed the recently assaulted spot on his head. "Why did you tell us you were coming with news? We could have had lunch."

"Ginny, don't hurt the boy. We'll go out today," Harry announced as he stood from the chair. "Lily, let go of her, you're going to kill her."

Devyn gasped as her future sister-in-law released her. Devyn's face was as red as Ginny's hair as she gasped for air. The blond leaned on the wall and ran her left hand down her face. "Oh, look at the ring!" Lily gasped, now pulling on Devyn's hand. "It's beautiful." Devyn sighed and allowed her body to be dragged to Ginny and Harry.

"It is lovely, Devyn," Harry commented, before giving his son a look that said 'how much is this going to cost me'. James shook his head and smiled a smile that said, 'I got it covered'. "Where are we eating, Dev?"

"Huh, oh, wherever is fine," the blond replied as she stopped trying to get her hand away from Lily.

"It's your pick," Harry pushed.

"Italian," Devyn grunted as he pulled her hand from Lily's and stumbled backwards into James' chest.

"Italian it is," Harry announced. "That new place in Diagon Alley is good, Devyn."

"Like I would go anywhere else?" the blond answered. "But, I'm going to get dressed," she gestured to her sweet pants and tee shirt, "and James and I will meet you there."

Harry chuckled and nodded as he apparated out of the living room, followed by Ginny and Lily (because she was too afraid to apparate alone), then Albus. Then James and Devyn were left standing in the Potter's living room. Devyn leaned back into James and smiled. "You could have warned me," she told him as his arms snaked around her waist.

"What would be the fun in that?"

The blond rolled her eyes and spun around in his arms so that she was facing him. Her amber eyes met his hazel ones and she smiled. "Well, thanks for dragging me here to be attacked by your sister," she said as she stuck her tongue out at him.

He shrugged and kissed her. "You're welcome."

"Stay here," the blond said as she ran up to Lily's room and pulled out a tee shirt and jeans, a piece of the collection of clothes she kept at the Potter's. Having showered the night before, she just jumped into the outfit, brushed her hair, stole a pair of Lily's shoes, and ran back down the stairs into James' arms.

Then she was being tugged through darkness, once again unable to breathe or see. Her eyes and her chest were one fire. She was spinning and dizzy, and when her feet finally touched the ground, she gasped. "JAMES!"