friends stand when life falls

OR the nextgen fanatics drabble/oneshot collection

So, I know these A/N things aren't allowed, but I'm taking requests before I divulge into anything.

This is for my NextGen Fanatics- the girls (and rarely boys) that are the most awesome people in the whole freaking universe. And because they love to ship themselves with NextGeneration characters, that's what I'm doing.

So, my dearest NextGen fanatics- (and others, though I might take longer to get to you if I don't know you cause I won't know how to write you ;)), here's what you have to do if you want a drabble/ficlet/oneshot with you/a NextGen character:

Name you want to be called by: (example, Madeline)

Person(s) you want to be shipped with: (example, Lysander- if you're a girl, please do a boy, I can't write slash/femmeslash. Triangles are perfectly acceptable, though- like LorcanMadLysander or AimyLouisAmy, you know.)

House you want to be in: (example, Slytherin)

Short characterization: (example, ambitious, funny, will do anything to win, picky, always wants to be right, biased against Gryffindors)

Any requests? (example, I'd like a happy ending)

And that's it. I'll put it up soon enough.

All I ask, though:

1) If you request a drabble, please then review it when I post it.

2) If I already have a drabble up, please do not review with just a request. Right now, it's fine- but then, if you could review along with your request, that'd be great.