1 Part One

"What am I going to tell my parents?" Willow said curled up in the corner of Giles couch hugging a pillow to her stomach.

"You have to tell them the truth Will. It's not like they won't notice." Xander said quietly from the opposite corner of the couch.

"I could track him down and kill him. While he's a wolf of course." Buffy suggested pacing the length of the room.

"That'll help." Giles said from the kitchen then, "You know we'll all support whatever you do."

"I know but I can't have an…" Willow said tears in her eyes. "That means my parents will find out. I mean I know they aren't the most attentive parents but even they will eventually notice."

"Still think the truth is your best choice Will." Xander said.

"Great so I tell them what? Remember that guy from the band that you didn't think I should be seeing in high school and you were so happy when he left town. Well he came back home to visit his family a couple months ago and I slept with him and now he's gone again and I have no way to contact him or even know where the hell he is and by the way I'm pregnant." Willow said angrily.

"Okay so maybe the truth won't work." Xander replied sheepishly.

"Tell them some of the truth." Spike said from his place at the small desk.

"Some of the truth?" Willow said as all eyes turned to Spike.

"You have to tell them you're knocked up right?" Spike said then at Willow's nod, "Fine tell them, just leave out the wolf boy."

"So she tells them what Spike?" Buffy said, "Immaculate conception?"

"Yeah, not thinking that will work with being Jewish and all." Willow said.

"No, tell them someone else is the father. Someone that's actually around that could give the impression of being part of the child's life." Spike said.

"Such as who? Xander?" Willow said angrily

"You are not telling anyone that you had sex with Xander. He's mine." Anya said speaking for the first time.

"Okay then no Xander. Parents probably wouldn't believe it anyway." Willow said sadly. "Oh I know, Giles. Nothing my parents would like more than hearing I'm pregnant than hearing the father is my high school librarian." Willow said sarcastically.

"I-I don't think that…" Giles stuttered coming out of the kitchen.

"Okay so no Xander or Giles." Buffy said looking at Spike. "Doesn't leave us a lot of options. You could leave town. I'm sure Angel would…"

"I'm not leaving to go be a burden to Angel and Cordiela. They have enough to do. Besides, still have to tell my parents something. I mean if I have to drop out of school and move to L.A. they are going to want explanations." Willow said.

"Who else is there Will. We simply don't have that many people in our lives. There's Riley, I'm sure he would help but we don't know where he is." Buffy said sadly.

"I couldn't do that anyway, I don't think of Riley that…" Willow began.

"Bloody hell, You don't have to love the man, hell you don't even have to like him much. Just convince your parents that he's this baby's father and that he'll take responsibility for it." Spike said moving to the kitchen.

"Still Spike it does have to be someone I know. Someone who's around a lot, has no place else to be and has no girlfriend." Willow said sadly.

"She's right." Buffy said, "Which means that…" Buffy's voice trailed off as she looked at Spike who had come back into the room and sat on the floor next to Willow.

"No. I don't even want to think of that. You shouldn't be either." Xander said noticing the direction of Buffy's gaze and guessing where her mind was going.

"Xander he could be the only choice. You have Anya, Angel and Riley aren't here, and Giles is… well too old." Buffy said, "Spike on the other hand is here, single, and doesn't really have anything else to do."

"But he's Spike. Evil vampire remember." Xander said.

"He won't hurt her. He's had a million chances too, and he hasn't even tried in years." Buffy said, "And this was his idea."

"Anyone care what I think?" Willow said glancing from Spike to her friends.

Buffy and Xander stopped their argument and looked at the girl sitting on the couch.

"I think Buffy's right. Spike's the only choice short of telling my parents the truth." Willow said. "Spike's around a lot anyway so making him look involved shouldn't be too hard. I mean it's not like we have to get married or anything."

"Do I get a say in any of this?" Spike asked.

"No." Buffy, Xander and Giles all said at once.

"Yes he does. If he doesn't want to do this, he won't cooperate. We can't do it if he doesn't want to." Willow said. "Will you help me Spike?" Willow said turning to look at the blonde vampire sitting on the floor next to her.

Spike looked at the group staring at him. Helping them was not usually top of his list of things to do, but he liked Willow. Had for a long time. She had a lot of passion and was much stronger than her friends gave her credit for. This would force him closer to the slayer which he wasn't happy about but Willow needed his help, she had helped him before, when he wanted the magic spell, she was going to perform it, when he tried to kill her in her dorm room she tried to comfort him. She had kept him from killing himself. He owed this to her.

"Yeah, I'll do it." Spike finally answered.

"Great. Now all I have to do is tell my parents." Willow said brightening slightly.

"Spike you do anything to make this worse for her and I'll…" Buffy said moving close to the vampire.

"Stake me. I know. Heard it before Slayer." Spike said "I've got to get out of here. You know where to find me Red." He said closing the door behind him.

2 Part Two

Willow pushed open the heavy door and entered Spike's crypt. She looked around the large room not seeing him. Finally she spotted the ladder leading below the crypt. She quickly climbed down, the sun was still out so he had to be here, she thought as she moved.

"Spike." She said as she reached the bottom.

Spike jumped off the bed, startled, no one ever came down here during the day. At least not unless it was an emergency.

"Red. Bloody hell. What are you doing here?" He asked when he spotted the small form by the ladder.

"I have a really big problem." She said still clinging to the ladder.

Spike rose from the bed and lit some candles to light the dark room.

"Thought we already found a solution to that problem." Spike said as he moved around the room. "I'm not going to bite. Come in already."

Willow hesitated a second before moving the rest of the way in and sitting nervously on a chair in the corner while Spike finished lighting the room.

"Yeah. Well it didn't exactly go as planned." Willow said sadly.

"Nothing can be that bad. I mean you're here. You don't look like they hurt you." Spike said looking her over.

"They would never do that. Not like you mean anyway." Willow said quietly.

"So what's the problem." Spike said, "Must be big for you to come to my crypt. Buffy charges in here all the time. Occasionally Harris but you never come here."

"I told my parents at dinner tonight. They are so pissed Spike. I've never seen them this angry." Willow said tears forming in her eyes.

"You knew they would be. You couldn't have believed just because we made up a boyfriend that they wouldn't get angry." Spike said confused.

"No of course not." Willow said, "I'm not stupid. I told them I was pregnant and that you, William, was the father and…" Willow's voice trailed off at the scowl on Spike's face. "What I couldn't tell them my boyfriend's name is Spike."

"Guess not." Spike said conceding to the name.

"They yelled about how irresponsible I am. How I could ruin my life this way. I can't go to school if I have a baby. How was I going to raise this child without an education. My boyfriend better be willing to help raise this child because they aren't. Oh then I had to tell them you weren't Jewish."

"That's a problem?" Spike said, having never been particularly interested in religion even when he was human.

"Oh yeah. Because of course a Jewish boy wouldn't have let this happen you know. They're so angry Spike. They said they'll pay for school if I find a way to keep going but they don't want me to move home. I can't live in the dorms with a baby. I mean I could stay until it's born but then…"

"Can't you live off campus?" Spike asked.

"Sure if I had money for an apartment." Willow said. "No job, no money. My parents said they'd pay for school and that's it. They won't help me. I mean they're insurance will pay for the pregnancy since I'll be in school until the end of the semester. Baby's not due till June so I can finish the year out. As far as my parents are concerned I need to make this guy, well you, marry me and support me now." She finished tears springing from her eyes.

"Won't marry you Luv, can't really, being dead and all." Spike said sighing when Willow's weeping increased, "Could live together though."

"Very funny Spike. Because a crypt is a healthy environment." Willow said looking at the smirking vampire.

"Not here. In an apartment."

"That costs money, that we've already established I don't have." She said sadly.

"I have money. Find an apartment." Spike said.

"What's the catch?" She asked suspiciously.

"No catch." He said, "Well maybe one, the living together thing. I'm not paying for an apartment and living here."

"Oh. Okay." Willow said hesitantly. "Are you serious Spike?"

"Yeah. Find an apartment. I can't really help you because of well sunlight and all. Once you find a vampire friendly apartment we'll make arrangements for me to get there preferably after dark, if not I'll use tunnels." He said.

"Thank You Spike." Willow said "Why are you helping me?"

"Nothing better to do." He said. "Better get going on that apartment hunt Pet."

3 Part Three

"You're moving in with who?" Buffy said incredulity shining in her eyes.

"Do you have a better idea? Do any of you?" Willow yelled back.

"No but Wills. Spike is a killer." Xander said.

"I know that. I also know with the chip he can't hurt me. I also know I can't stay in the dorms. Where am I supposed to go Xander?" Willow said sitting on the couch.

"When are you moving into this apartment?" Giles asked.

"Tomorrow. Spike's moving his stuff in there tonight. I was hoping you'd all help me tomorrow." Willow said expectantly to her friends.

"Sure. You know we will." They all replied.


Spike finished moving the last of his belongings into the large apartment Willow had found. She had found one quicker than he expected. It had been perfect, most of the rooms had relatively small windows that could be easily covered. One bedroom had a very large picture window. Willow had said her and the baby would share that room. Spike could take the other one.

They had spent the last week finding furniture for the apartment. He knew she had been surprised to find out his taste ran beyond junkyard trash. They had eventually agreed on leather furniture in a dark green for the living room along with several small modern tables. He had insisted on a big screen television. They had each purchased they're furniture for the bedrooms separately.

A very large part of Spike's mind was telling him this was a bad idea. He should have let the witch figure out a solution to her own problems and not gotten involved. But she had been so upset over having to tell her parents and looked so happy Buffy had suggested he could pose as the father that he had agreed before he knew what had happened. Then when she'd shown up at his crypt crying about not having any place to live he suggested the apartment without thinking. He knew this would all turn out badly, he liked her, always had. He had been able to hide that before but living with her wasn't going to make that easy. He finished arranging his furniture and covering all the windows and decided it was probably best to go to bed, Willow and all the others would be moving her stuff in sometime tomorrow and sleep wasn't going to be possible then.

Part Four

Spike pulled the pillow over his head as he rolled onto his back, trying to drown out the noise coming from the other room.

"Guys, we really need to keep the noise down 'kay. Spike is probably trying to sleep." Willow said again as Xander dropped more boxes to the floor in front of the couch.

"That's his problem." Buffy said coming out of Willow's room where she had just left some boxes.

As yet another object banged against the wall of Spike's room, he jumped off the bed and yanked open the door. As he neared the living room he swore loudly and ran back to the bedroom.

Coming out of her own room to see what the yelling was about Willow saw the sunlight streaming out of the living room.

"Who opened the Curtains?" She asked angrily.

Spike stood leaning against the closed door of his bedroom listening.

"It's too dark in here." Xander said removing books from the boxes he had just brought in.

"Turn on lamps. We discussed this already. It's Spike's apartment too, that means no direct sunlight anywhere but my room." Willow said yanking the curtains closed again.

"So we can't have light because of dead boy J.R.?" Xander said.

"It's his home too. Hell it's his home and he's letting me stay here. I have no money remember. And since he's the only one that's come up with a solution to my homelessness, I think the least we can do is close the damn curtains." She said turning to face her friends. "And try to keep the noise down so he can sleep. He had to bring all his stuff here himself, it wasn't like any of you were offering to help him."

Spike smiled slightly, he didn't really need the witch to defend him against the moron but he was pleased that she would. Maybe living here wouldn't be so bad after all. As he walked out of the bedroom he heard.

"So let's stop with all the noise 'kay guys."

"It's okay Red. I'm up." He said strolling into the kitchen.

"Yeah but not by choice." She said glaring at her friends. "I don't want my living here to be a problem for you."

"You're not the problem." He said grabbing a bag of blood and pouring it into a mug.

"If you want to go back to bed…" She began.

"Don't worry about it. Need any help?" He said knowing the sooner she was unpacked the faster the others would be gone.

"Here you go bleach boy." Buffy said throwing him a box, "Unpack since you can't help carry stuff in."

Spike set the box on the table and began pulling items out. Willow walked over and began grabbing items from the box and placing them around the apartment. Spike followed her lead and found appropriate places for the items.


Willow was saying good-bye to her friends, who were once again trying to talk her out of what they were sure was a bad arrangement, as Spike took the last of the boxes out to the dumpster behind the apartment building.

"I'm fine guys. I'll talk to you all tomorrow." Willow reassured them again.

"Sure you don't want to go to the Bronze?" Buffy asked again.

"Positive. I just really need to rest. With the morning sickness and stuff I've been getting tired fast lately, and today we really did a lot. Now Bye." She said hugging her friends one last time as Spike walked up behind them.

"Yeah, Bye. Don't come by too often now." He said pushing past them and into the apartment.

"Spike…" Buffy said moving toward the vampire.

"Bye Buffy." Willow said pushing her friend back toward the hall, "See you tomorrow." She finished closing the door on her friends. Sighing she leaned back on the door and closed her eyes.

"You okay Pet? Didn't over do it today did you?" Spike asked watching her closely.

"Just tired. I'm really sorry about this afternoon. I know they can be inconsiderate." She said moving into the kitchen and grabbing a box of crackers.

"No problem. Don't let it bother you." He said, "I can deal with Buffy and Xander."

"I know but you're doing something really nice for me and they are being so…" Willow said angrily as she sat on the couch.

"I'm used to that Red. They're always that way." He said sitting in the chair across from her. "So what do you want to do our first night here?"

4 Part Five

Spike glanced at the clock again. He had heard her get up two hours ago. In that very short time she had been in the bathroom at least five times. He wanted to get up and do something for her. It had been like this every morning for the last week that she'd been living here. He had asked her about it, she had told him it was normal, and that it had started a couple weeks ago. Listening to the sounds coming from the bathroom again, he wondered how women could possibly need to worry about gaining too much weight while pregnant if this was normal.

When he heard her wash her face and leave the bathroom he decided it was time to get up and try talking to her again. Pushing the blankets off he rose from the bed and grabbed his jeans, pulling them on quickly he headed for the door. When he started past her room he saw her lying on the bed.

"Willow?" He said quietly as he approached the door, careful to avoid the light coming in from the window.

"Morning Spike." She said from the bed. "Up kind of early aren't you?"

"Uh, yeah." He said, "Heard you up."

"Sorry didn't mean to wake you." She said getting up and pulling the curtains closed, and returning to lay on the bed.

"You didn't, not really." Spike said stepping into the room. "Are you sure you're okay, Red. Isn't there something they can give you for this. Or maybe if you change what you eat."

"I'm fine Spike, the doctor says it should stop soon. And no there is nothing they can give me, not without a chance of hurting the baby." She answered closing her eyes as she spoke.

Spike looked at the girl lying on the bed. She looked even smaller than usual, so pale, and fragile. He wanted to hold her, to protect her from anymore of the pain she seemed to be in. Sitting down next to her on the bed he put his hand on her cheek, pushing hair off her face. She had dark circles under her eyes. This was taking a lot out of her, he didn't think she could take much more.

"What about magic Pet?" He asked searching for anything that might be able to help her.

"Buffy and Xander asked about that too." Willow replied, "Giles doesn't think it's a good idea. Magic drains energy from your body. He isn't sure how that would affect the baby, and magic isn't supposed to be used to change medical problems. Remember we discussed all this when Buffy's mom was sick."

"If you're sure. Anything I can get you, since I'm up and all." Spike asked.

"Crackers. And some water would be great." She responded. Then as he headed for the door, "And Spike, thanks for everything."

"Not a problem." He said and headed to the kitchen for the requested items.


"She's sleeping." Spike said into the phone for the tenth time.

"I want to talk to her." Xander said angrily.

"No. Unless one of you is deathly ill I'm not waking her up."

"What the hell does it matter to you." Xander said.

Spike was getting irritated. The girl needed to rest. Why couldn't her friends get that. He was tired of dealing with them. He was tired of being nice.

"It matters because I don't feel like waking up a sleeping girl. Just because you have no concern for others doesn't mean I don't. 'Sides don't really feel like getting up right now. Passions is starting."


"Call back later." He said hanging up on the boy.

"Who was that Spike?" Willow said walking into the kitchen.

"Harris." Spike replied, "He wants to talk to you. Told him you were sleeping."

"From the sound of this side of the conversation I take it he didn't care."

"He'll get over it." Spike replied.

"I know they don't deserve it but you should try and get along with them. I mean they are probably going to come over and stuff." She said walking over to sit next to him on the couch carrying another package of crackers.

"I could but don't really want too." He responded. "You're really the only one of the lot I can stand. Well I can tolerate the Watcher and Dawn."

"I know Buffy and Xander can be difficult." Willow said quietly.

Before Spike could respond the phone rang again. Looking at the offending item Spike tossed it to her. "For you anyway."

"Hello." She said after pressing the talk button.

"No Xander I wasn't sleeping. Spike and I were having wild sex and I didn't want to be bothered." Willow said smiling.

Spike had been watching the television when she answered the phone but his attention turned completely to Willow as her words penetrated his mind. He smiled at her surpressing his laughter.

"Yeah Xander didn't you know being pregnant makes you incredibly horny." Willow couldn't control the giggle that escaped her lips she listened to Xander stuttering about staking blonde vampires. "Sure Xander especially during the whole morning sickness period."

"Of course I'm kidding Xander. I was sick all morning, again, so I was taking a nap. I just woke up." Willow said turning to rest her back on the arm of the couch and spread her legs forward in front of her as she listened to him talk.

"Like Spike would even look at me, the way I look right now." Willow said sighing. "I look dead."

"Dead can be attractive." Spike said turning his attention back to the phone conversation.

"Not in my case it can't." Willow said pointing to her limp hair and pale complexion. "Look Xander I can't do this now okay. I'll be by the magic shop later. I'll talk to you then. Bye."

She tossed the phone back to Spike and he set it on the table. Turning back to face Willow, he studied her face as she looked at the television. She believed he wouldn't find her attractive. Didn't she know she was beautiful no matter how sick she might get, and that from everything he had heard pregnancy would only enhance that beauty.

"Something wrong Spike." She said when she felt his eyes on her for too long.

"No. Just wondering what you see in that boy."

"What boy?" Willow said, "Oh you mean Xander."


"I don't know. I mean I've known him forever. I can't imagine my life without him." Willow said, "And he's only worried about me, that's why he had such an attitude with you."

Spike raised one eyebrow in question.

"Okay he really doesn't like you."

Smiling Spike, watched as she arched her back and raised her hand to rub the back of her neck.

"Turn around." He said.


"Turn around I'll rub your neck." He said pushing her feet down and pulling her toward him.

"I'm fine really."

"Just do it." Spike said as she moved closer to him.

He raised his hands to her shoulders and began gently kneading them. He could feel the tension knotting her muscles. Spike's hands slowed as Willow groaned and leaned back against him.

"God Spike that feels so good." Willow said as he again increased the pressure.

"That's the point Luv." He said quietly.

Part Six

"Bloody hell, what do you want?" Spike said pulling open the door.

"I need to see Willow." Buffy said pushing past him.

"She's not here."

"What do you mean she's not here?" Buffy said turning back toward the vampire, "What'd you do with her."

"What did I?" Spike said, "Of course I must have done something with her. If you must know I've had her chained to my bed since she moved in here. She's a great little sex slave. So if you don't mind I really need to get back to…"

Spike's sentence was cut off as Buffy's fist connected with his nose. "Bloody hell Slayer. What was that for?"

"Spike. Where. Is. She?" Buffy said slowly.

"She had a doctor's appointment." Spike said holding his nose.

"So you let her go alone?" Buffy said.

"Well yeah." Spike answered.

"How could you?"

"Not that hard. She came in my room this morning asked to borrow my car. I gave her the keys." Spike said.

"You didn't go with her?"

"Obviously not. 'Sides how much good would a big pile of dust be to her. It's ten in the morning." Spike answered. "Speaking of which you did interrupt my sleep, so if you don't mind…"

"Spike what if the doctor has bad news?" Buffy asked.

"What bad news. She's young, healthy and pregnant. Its not like cancer." He replied, "'Sides if I had any reason to think something was wrong with her or the baby I would have found a way to go or called one of you idiots."

"How can you know?"

"I know I hear two heartbeats every time she's around. Both sure as hell sound strong." Spike said pushing Buffy toward the door. "Now if you don't mind."

"Spike if anything happens to her…" Buffy said as she let him push her outside the door.

"Yeah, I know." He answered pushing the door closed cutting off the rest of the threat.


"Spike!" Willow yelled as she came through the door. "Spike." She repeated when she didn't get a response.

She waited a moment as she took off her jacket and heard the running water coming from the bathroom. Taking the envelope out of her purse she headed toward the back of the apartment. She walked into his room tossing his keys on the dresser where she had taken the from earlier that morning and sat down on his bed to wait for him.

Spike shut off the water and wrapped a towel around his waist. Quickly running a comb through his hair he headed for his bedroom. He stopped short, when he noticed the small figure lying on his bed. Her back turned to him, he hadn't heard her come in. "Willow." He said quietly.

Willow opened her eyes at the sound of his voice. She must have dozed off. Grabbing the envelope, she rolled over toward the sound of the voice. "Oh, my." She said when she saw him.

"Sorry." Spike said glancing down at his body. "Is my room and all."

"No, no. I mean its fine." She began. "It's not like were children and it is your room and…"

"Red stop babbling." He said moving toward the closet and grabbing a pair of jeans. "Its not a problem. I just didn't hear you come in. I'll just be a second."

Grabbing the jeans and a T-shirt he headed back toward the bathroom. He needed to get his clothes on now. Embarrassing the shy red head was always fun but this time he came a little too close to embarrassing himself at the same time. He quickly pulled on the clothes and returned to the room.

"So you're in my room waiting for me. Did you want something?" He asked trying his best not to sound too eager at the prospect of her wanting him for anything.

"Uh, well yeah." She said fingering the envelope, "But now that I think about it you'll probably just think its silly so never mind." She said getting up and heading toward the door.

"Wait a minute." Spike said grabbing her arm as she passed. "What will I think is silly?"

"Never mind Spike it's not important." She said trying to pull away from his grasp.

"If it seemed important enough for you to come in here and wait for me. I think its worth seeing" He said grabbing the envelope from her hands.

Opening it he pulled out several small black and white images. Looking at them he wasn't sure exactly what it was she wanted to show him. The images just appeared to be blobs of something.

"Red, uh, what are these exactly?" he asked hesitantly then noticed the markings on the side with her name on them. "Wait are these the…"

"Yeah. They did an ultrasound today. I know its hard to tell but the nurse said this spot here is the baby's heart." Willow said pointing to a small spot on the picture. "And this here is the brain, and this…" She said getting more excited as she spoke.

"Whoa, slow down Pet." Spike said laughing slightly. "This is fantastic they can take pictures of the baby before its even born?"

"Yeah. They'll do another in a couple more months, and the doctor says by then they might be able to tell me the sex. If I want to know that is." She said smiling.

"You do right? Want to know that is." Spike answered.

"I don't know. I kind of want to be surprised, but I kind of think it would be cool to be able to go out and buy lots of girl stuff or boy stuff too." She said.

"I think it'd be cool to know." Spike said watching her closely.

"Well I really haven't decided yet." Willow said, "I'm kind of tired so I'm gonna lay down for a while." She said heading toward her room.

"'Kay." He said then "Oh, Buffy was here looking for you today."

"I'll see her at the magic shop tonight. You coming with me?" She asked expectantly.

"I wasn't… Actually I probably should. She's probably still pissed that I let you go to the doctor alone."

"What? You know what don't tell me. I am supposed to avoid stress."

"Have a nice nap Willow." He said and walked down the hall to the kitchen.


Spike sat on the couch holding the pictures from the doctor. Things were very different now than they had been last time he had been around someone having a baby. His sister had been pregnant when he had been turned. They didn't know anything then. Women knew a little, but men knew nothing. Since then he hadn't needed to know anything so he never bothered to learn about it. Now he was thinking that learning a little could be a good idea.

5 Part Seven

"I'm telling you Giles, it's not normal. He's acting strange." Buffy said following Giles out of the training room in the back of the shop.

"Do you really believe he would hurt her Buffy?" Giles said for the third time. They had been having this conversation since she showed up to work out.

"So not the point Giles. He's being weird." She repeated again.

"Who's being weird?" Dawn asked looking up from her school work.

"Spike." Buffy answered.

"Oh." Dawn shrugged and went back to her reading, she had realized a long time ago that she was the only one who noticed how Spike looked at Willow.

"He always acts strange Buffy." Anya after showing the last customer out.

"More strange than usual An." Xander said, closing the book he had been reading.

"Yeah. I mean he acted all offended when I asked why he would let her go the doctor alone." Buffy insisted.

"Right and when I called there he was all angry about me bothering her when she's sleeping." Xander said.

"Really you guys is what your saying he did that bad?" Dawn said joining the group. "I mean why couldn't she go to the doctor alone? And why should he wake her up if she's sleeping. She had morning sickness for so long, she probably needs the rest."

"Well, yeah but…" Buffy and Xander stuttered.

"She's right." Giles said. He had done a lot of reading about William the Bloody in the time he had been helping them, and he had learned if nothing else Spike was very protective and loyal to those he cared about. He didn't know how deep his feelings for Willow were but he had seen the vampire watching her for a long time now. "I don't think Spike is a danger to her. You two are just very defensive about the situation."

"Giles I really don't…" Buffy's statement trailed off as the door opened and Willow followed by Spike came through the door.

"Hey guys." Willow said, "So what's the research party about tonight?"

"Hey Wills." Xander said, "Why is he here?"

"Because I asked him to come." Willow responded grabbing Spike's arm and pulling him into the room with her. "If there's some new evil we can use all the help we can get right?"

"We can use the help." Giles said motioning everyone to the table. "Particularly since we don't have much to go on."

"What's up?" Willow asked.

"Buffy stumbled onto some sort of ritual last night. It may be nothing but we don't know. The group looked human…" Giles began to explain.

"So maybe vampires then?" Spike asked.

"Don't think so." Buffy replied. "Well if they were, they aren't much danger. They ran as soon as they saw me."

"If they are vampires I'm once again very embarrassed for my kind." Spike said taking a seat next to Willow.

"So they may be actual humans then right? Shouldn't be that dangerous." Xander asked.

"Actually Xander, humans using magic, if they aren't trained properly, can be more dangerous than demons." Anya said.

"She's right." Willow agreed looking down in embarrassment remembering the problems from her magic being out of control not that long ago.

"Buffy said it looked like some sort of ritual. That means they are here for a reason. We don't know who or what they are. Or how well trained they are in magik. Which means we don't know how great the danger is." Giles explained. "What we're looking for is mention of any prophecy or ritual that would be of importance now."

Everyone grabbed books and began searching for anything that may help them put a stop to a problem that hadn't really begun yet.


After several hours of researching everyone decided to take a break. Spike announced that he needed to go out for a while but would return to pick up Willow, and headed out the door.

"Now that he's gone, are you okay Willow?" Buffy asked.

"Sure, why wouldn't I be?" Willow asked.

"Well, bleach boy gets an attitude every time one of us wants to see or talk to you." Xander suggested.

"Okay lets not start on Spike or I'm leaving guys. He's just trying to help me. Besides I have to show you what I got at the doctor today." Willow said grabbing her purse.

"Willow these are so cool." Dawn said looking at the pictures.

"Cool wasn't quite the word I was thinking." Xander remarked.

"Disgusting is the one I was thinking." Anya said wrinkling her nose.

"Gee thanks Anya." Willows said quietly.

"They're not disgusting Will. They're just different." Buffy said.

"Yeah, Wills its not like you can really see a baby yet. It just looks kind of like these gray blobs." Xander said.

"Right. Gray blobs." Willow said gathering the pictures and placing them back in the envelope.

"They don't look like blobs Willow. I can see the little tiny heart and everything." Dawn said quietly.

"Thanks Dawn." Willow said, "Well lets get back to work. It's not like we found anything yet."


Spike walked out of the bookstore with a large bag. He had no idea there were so many books on the subject, and he had just purchased all of them. He checked his watch he had enough time to take them back to the apartment and make a quick sweep of the cemetery before picking up Willow. After all he did tell the slayer he would patrol.