A Promise Broken

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When Ron came back it was nothing like a "welcome home" greeting, completely opposite in fact; then again his relationship with Hermione was anything but conventional.

"Harry? I was wond-," Hermione was saying as she came out of the tent, stopping mid sentence when she realized who was accompanying her best friend. Hermione's eyes went from a honey hazel brown to a look of pure death, her eyes closing into slits rimmed with loathing. Both boys flinched.

"What are you doing here," came Hermione's scathing question, directed at Ron with such malice he didn't know how to respond. It took him a while to calm down his nerves and come up with a justifiable answer, in Ron's terms anyway.

"I'm back, 'Mione," was Ron's reply, accompanied by his signature lop-sided grin he wore when he was nervous about a situation. At one point Hermione had found it endearing; now she wasn't so sure.

"Apparently Ronald, I'm neither blind nor stupid; either way you can just turn right back around," was her dismissive answer.

"But-" his reply fading away as Hermione cast a silencio and trudged back towards the tent, slipping inside.

Ron looked at Harry and Harry gave him a small smile as he canceled the spell. He shook his head and shrugged, not dismissively but at a loss of what to do, "She must really be mad at you, mate."

"I need to talk to her," Ron suggested earnestly.

"Maybe you should give her some time Ron, you leaving…it crushed her," Harry finalized; words seemed incapable to describe Hermione. Then he added, "I've never seen her so defeated before."

Ron hung his head low, realizing what a huge mistake it was to leave them, to leave Hermione. He was never going to leave her again, ever. Ron and Harry stayed outside the tent for the rest of the day, wanting to give Hermione as much space and time as possible. It was however getting late and the two boys went inside. Hermione was in a corner, not relenting in avoiding Ron. Ron glanced longingly at Hermione and finally gave up, walking towards his former bed.

At a little to midnight Harry fell asleep and Ron could hear a small sniffle from where Hermione was occupying in the tent. Ron summoned up all his Gryffindor courage and made his way towards his best friend, wanting to provide some sort of comfort.


She didn't answer right away and he thought he didn't hear her. He was going to call out her name again when she look up at him, eyes big and rimmed with tears, the occasional tear spilling out of her pleading orbs. Ron didn't know what to say, seeing Hermione like this; he could feel his heart ache. Guilt washing over him like cold waves.

The moans of anguish kept coming and Ron finally spoke up, "I'm sorry, 'Mione. I-"

"YOU'RE SORRY?" Hermione's face melted from a look of defeat to a look full of accusation the rapid transaction taking Ron by surprise, "Accidentally losing my book, that's sorry. Forgetting a meeting, that's sorry. Being late for quidditch practice, that's sorry. Walking out on your two best friends during the hardest thing we ever had to face, betraying the trust we put in you, you promising me that you would never leave me? No Ronald, I don't think sorry cuts it this time."

"Hermione, please," Ron begged coming closer to her. She kicked and she punched, wanting to hurt Ron for breaking her. The last three weeks were horrible to say the least. She wanted to stop caring, to stop wondering if he was okay. It killed her, the worrying and the anguish. Then anger when she realized how relieved she was he was back. No, she wasn't supposed to be happy, he abandoned her. He promised.

Hermione became tired and all you could hear were two words, "You promised" and "I'm sorry", repeated over and over again as the fight in both of them dwindled, exhaustion taking over and resentment washing away. When the fight in Hermione faded away she looked up at Ron, eyes once again taking in the pleading look and of a puppy that just got kicked, "Ron, you have no idea how hard it was without you. Why did you leave?"

Ron glanced away, cheeks coating with embarrassment as he realized how stupid his jealousy towards Harry was, "Hell 'Mione, I was jealous. You and Harry always spending time together; keeping me out. I couldn't take it," He looked at her, begging her to understand; knowing the explanation wasn't valid enough.

She softened a little, opening her mouth to give a reply, "Haven't you realized by now it has always been you?"

Ron's hold on Hermione slackened, shocked. No, he hadn't realized it had always been him. There was Krum in fourth year and Hermione always scolded him at every turn.

"No, I-" his reply was cut off as Hermione kissed him, fisted her hands into his t-shirt almost clinging on for dear life. The kiss was needy, sloppy even. But boy, was it perfect. He ran his tongue against her lips and she backed off, tears in her eyes flowing like miniature waterfalls down her beautiful face.

"I-I love y-you," Hermione sobbed, looking at Ron with need in her eyes, she needed him to love her back.

That was all Ron needed, he had her back and more than before. He was never going to mess up again.

"I love you too, 'Mione, blimey, I love you so much."

With that last reply he kissed her again, this time it was soft and gentle, trying to erase all the hurt between them. Ron ran his hands down Hermione's side, lightly brushing his fingers on her thin, beige shirt. Hermione shivered, pushing herself into his touch and pressing their lips tighter together. He licked her bottom lip, asking for entrance and Hermione granted him access at once.

She braced her hands on his shoulder and together he lay them down slowly, Hermione taking the bottom of the two positions. Ron held his weight on his knees and right elbow, not wanting to crush Hermione and continued his ministrations.

He ran his hands inside her shirt, at first cautiously, until he felt Hermione breaking away and looked at him. Ron was marveled, Hermione looked absolutely fuckable, hair in disarray, curls running every which way, lips red and swollen, moistened by both of their saliva, body slightly trembling from the built up in sexual tension and her eyes- eyes darkened to almost black orbs from unfathomable want. It made Ron's prick harden even further, the tightening in his pants causing him to moan from the pain his pleasure brought him.

The next set of movements were hurried and rushed, both racing to see who could take their clothes off the fastest. Ron couldn't help but admire how ravishing Hermione looked, usually so pristine and collected a disheveled mess at his hands; it was empowering and it made the pleasure in his groin pool even more.

Ron wrapped his freckled arms around Hermione's bare, slender hips and brought their lips together once more, both moaning from want. Hermione brought her hands to tangle in his hair and pulled lightly, surprisingly enough, causing Ron to moan out. He brought his left hand from its earlier purchase and began to trace his calloused fingers up Hermione's torso, tantalizingly slow. Hermione relished in the feeling of the subtle shocks it brought her body, yet flustered that it just wasn't enough. She arched into his touch and the friction was delicious, each stroke causing Hermione's skin to burn in fiery ecstasy and when those nimble fingers met her already hardened nipple, Hermione grounded her teeth, not wanting to wake up their other best friend who was sleeping nearby and in full vision.

Hermione broke away from their kiss, "Ron, what if Harry sees us?"

Ron ignored her question and began dragging his tongue down her exposed neck, making Hermione shiver at the contact. She tilted her head to the side, trying to expose more skin to Ron's questing mouth. He nipped, he sucked, and he licked. It was perfect and Hermione couldn't help but moan, shock after shock building up in her already wet and aching core. The delicious torture making both of them pant.

"Quiet love. .hear," Ron teased in between bites and licks. Hermione controlled her will then, just enough to get them somewhere secluded. She pushed Ron's head away from her shoulder, albeit regretfully mourning the loss, and grabbed his wrist; dragging him with her to her closed off "room".

As soon as they made it inside she laid down on the desk, beckoning Ron over. The sight of a naked Hermione was almost enough to make Ron cum on the spot. He made his way over to her and hovered over her form, trying to memorize this picture, never wanting to forget this sight, ever.

He brought his right hand near her entrance and began tracing the outside of her pussy, avoiding her entrance and slightly grazing her clit. It drove Hermione mad and moaned loudly, wanting him to enter her. He grinned down at her pouty face and leisurely pressed inside, delighted at the reaction he got from Hermione; back arched and lips open in a silent "oh".

He pumped his finger at a tantalizingly slow pace and didn't add another finger in until he had Hermione withering on the bed, hips trying to suck in Ron's finger for more friction. Ron was mesmerized at the way Hermione's leaking cunt greedily accepted his fingers, even when he added in a third one.

His attention was snapped back into her face when Hermione looked back at him, eyes completely blown over in pure lust, "Ron.."

"Yes, love," Ron asked, his right hand gliding over to his painfully hard cock, losing all control at Hermione's lust filled features. He groaned as he began to pump his cock, the friction his palms had felt amazing, better than a lonesome wank.

"I want you," was Hermione's request spreading her legs wider to emphasize her point. Ron could be thick and all at times. Ron could cry at the offer, oh how he had waited to finally make love to Hermione Granger. Least to say, he wasted no time at all trying to position himself at her offered entrance.

Ron watched with childish fascination as his cock slipped inside her tight hole, heat enveloping his sensitive prick, "Merlin, you're so tight."

Both teenagers moaned at the feeling and when Ron pumped inside further, Hermione keened when it hit her special spot, sparks emitting at the contact, skimming up her nerves through out the rest of her body. It was bloody delicious. As the tightening in both of their groins grew, the need to pick up speed did as well. Each movement was frenzied, occasionally hitting a steady rhythm, only to be disrupted when one of the two almost tilted off the edge.

Ron slowed down his thrusts, bringing his lips close to Hermione's ear. His hot breaths against her sensitive ear caused more pleasure to run through her body, the pleasure causing Hermione to emit grunts and moans here and there, much to Ron's delight. He couldn't get enough of Hermione's noises, never wanting them to end.

He brought his hand down to Hermione's clit rubbing the sensitive bud as he continued to pump inside and out of her wet cunt. As they both approached ecstasy Ron began to speak,

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Each phrase accompanied by a hard thrust and a gentle squeeze, making Hermione writhe with the painful pleasure. Two thrusts later Hermione was tense, back bended taught and a wild moan escaping her parted lips. Her eyes locked with Ron's and that along with her walls squeezing around him, he burst. White liquid filling Hermione's hole, milking him over and over again. Finally the stream of cum ended and Ron pulled out his flaccid cock, falling into a heap next to Hermione's spent form; both teenagers' chest heaving from the physical activity.

Ron pulled Hermione into his chest, enjoying the heat radiating from both of their bodies; his signature lop-sided grin taking over his features. Hermione tilted her head up looking at Ron; her eyes returning to their honey suckle browns. Maybe she still found his grin endearing; only a little bit though.

She opened her mouth, "Promise to never leave?"

At that moment Ron knew with out a doubt that here he would be, "always."

They met in a gentle, passionate kiss and fell asleep, their first fit less sleep since the horcrux mission began.

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