The girl lay on her stomach, watching…waiting… She waits with the patience of a practiced hunter.

The cliff she lays on is covered in soft green grass and dense trees. It towers over several important-looking buildings. A few of which, have multi-colored flags adorning the sidewalks. It's an ideal location for one of her profession.

She scratched at the rippling scar on her left hand, and was reminded of her mission.

Silently, she rolls onto her back, her strawberry-blonde hair falling across her face. Annoyed, she brushes the mass of curls away from her blue-green eyes, and reaches for a long black case. Punching in a code, the case pops open at her touch and she peers at its contents.

The scope of a Savage 110 BA stares back at her. Expertly, her delicate hands piece together the sniper rifle. Once done, she shoves the now-empty case to the side and rolls back onto her stomach. The length of the rifle is nearly as long as her slight frame, but she handles it easily. Looking towards the buildings, she notices a commotion. Using the rifles' scope, she peers at the activity. Several armed men in suits stand guard at the door of the building she watches. No doubt to protect someone important, but just who that person is, was the all-important question.

She shifts, becoming bored, and tugs at her clothes. The tight-fitting material doesn't give, and she sighs in frustration. "This new body-suit is really starting to bug me." She growls to herself, and pulls at the black fabric in annoyance. Sighing once again, she returns her attention to the scene below her.

A sleek black Humvee pulls up, escorted by two other black cars. "Finally. Some action." She mutters. Readjusting her grip on the gun, she waits. Nearly twenty minutes later, no one has moved from the cars. The girl growls to herself and her finger twitches on the trigger. Suddenly, the passenger door of the Humvee opens, and a man in a military uniform steps out. "Bingo…" she breathes. The man's brown hair rustles in the wind as he stands beside the idling car.