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Chapter 1

January 1st, 2011

The minister looked at them with a smile on his face and said, "You may now kiss the bride." At that, Cory Monteith took Lea Michele into his arms. He dipped her and gave her a passionate kiss while their 13 cast mates and best friends watched and cheered in response.

Cory took Lea's hand and they walked out of the makeshift chapel.

Lea snuggled next to him and asked, "Do you think we did the right thing?"

Cory looked worried as he said, "We have been married for two minutes and you are already worried about our marital status. This worries me a little bit."

Lea laughed. "Babe, that isn't what I meant. I meant is it right that we did this without our parents and are going to hide things until the end of the next season? I don't want to hide my life. I want to be able to go out in broad daylight holding my husband's hand and wearing my wedding ring. You know we aren't going to be able to wear our rings anywhere. I want to share a bed with you."

"Baby, it is going to be okay. We are going to be able to be out in the open before we know it. The cast knows and you know they will help us keep it on the down low. They know how much we want to hide it until the third season is over. We don't want our relationship to mess with the show. We are going to make this work. You know you will always be the Rachel to my Finn. The moment I met you I knew you were something special. I am so glad you agreed to secretly date me. You are the most amazing woman I have ever met. I couldn't be happier to be married to anyone."

"Okay Frankenteen, you had me at 'it's going to be okay.' I love you and I can't imagine my life with anyone else. Even if we are secretly together I know it is exactly what I want. You are perfect and I wouldn't trade you for anything. Eventually I am going to be able to walk out in the open with you on my arm and not have to worry about the press."

"Honey, we are going to make this work. I'll find a way to sneak into your apartment. When we go on tour I am sure Mark, Chord and the others will cover for us so I can get to your room or you can get to mine. It is all going to work out for us."

"I believe in us because you do. I knew the moment we first sang together that you were the one for me. I can't believe it has been almost a year and a half since I met you. I still don't know how we dated without anyone catching on. Dianna and everyone else was even blindsided until they caught us making out in the bathroom of the plane."

Cory laughed. "Yeah. To think we dated six months without being caught. I know we only dated eight months before we made this step, but I wouldn't change a thing."

Lea looked down at the rings on her finger. "It is going to kill me to have to take these rings off. I just want to wear them all the time and let the world know that you, Cory Monteith, are mine. I can't stop reading those lame Monchele fanfic stories and think of our future. You know we are going to have beautiful half Canadian and half New Yorkian babies."

Cory smiled as he hugged her to his broad chest. "You are so precious, my little Lea. You know I will always be your Canadian. I will never be anyone else's. Well, that is until we have more little Monteiths running around. I hate that you aren't going to take my name."

"When we go public I am going to change my name. I want nothing more than to be Mrs. Lea Michele Sarfati Monteith. When we have kids I want to have the same last name as all of you."

"That sounds perfect. I can't stop thinking about our photo shoots that we had together. They were some of the most fun. We got to act like the couple we really were without anyone catching onto us."

Dianna and Chris came running over to them. Chris gave Lea a hug and said, "I can't believe the diva and Frankenteen are married. I really can't believe that we didn't catch onto them dating until we caught them making out in the plane bathroom."

Dianna told them, "Congratulations guys! We are all so happy for you. You are the perfect couple. We know you want to keep it on the down low and we are all going to support you. If you ever need help with a little rendezvous you know that all of us will be there to help you sneak around."

Cory pulled Lea to his side. Lea said, "Thank you so much. This is going to be the hardest thing I will ever have to do. It is going to be so hard to have to remember to take off my rings and show no affection to my husband while we are together. That normally doesn't happen until years after marriage. I guess we are ahead of the game."

Cory kissed his bride and told them, "Listen to my girl, she has jokes."

The rest of the cast came out and gave them each a hug.

Mark said, "I hate to break up this love fest, but we better get out of here before someone catches the two of you. You better take off that huge rock and those wedding bands. You know how much the press loves to get as far into our business. Just remember that the 14 of us are family and we are all here for the two of you. This isn't going to be easy for any of us to keep to ourselves, but it is something that all of us will share. We just have to keep it from Ryan to make sure the two of you don't get fired. That would suck for the show and the rest of us."

Lea gave Cory one last passionate kiss before she sadly took the rings off her finger and put them in her pocket.

Cory took his ring off and put it on a chain and hung it around his neck. He knew it wouldn't be easy for Lea to hide her rings under a shirt like he could, but he always knew she was his no matter if the rings were visible or not.

The cast walked out and the press were snapping pictures like crazy. Lea walked beside Chris and Chord laughing trying her hardest to hide that anything had happened between her and Cory.

Cory was walking beside Mark and Mike chatting about the most recent Canucks game while trying to keep his eyes off his beautiful wife that was only a few feet in front of him.

After they all filed into the limousine, Lea moved to Cory's lap. He kissed her cheek and said, "Mrs. Monteith, this is going to be so much harder than I thought."

Lea kissed him quickly and said, "You have no idea."