Chapter 7

"Where's Sasuke-kun?!" Sakura yelled at the top of her lungs. A finger tapped Naruto on the shoulder. He turned around and saw Sasuke. Excited, he yelled for Sakura.
"SAKURA! He's over.!" Before Naruto could finish his sentence, he was suddenly overcome with a sharp pain in his side. Looking downward, he saw blood coming from his side. Sakura looked over and screamed. ".NARUTO!" She started to run towards Sasuke and Naruto, and then stopped dead in her tracks. "Sharingan!"

The eyes of the Sharingan technique made Sakura's heart stop. The coldness of the stare, the lifelessness in Sasuke's eyes, they were all too much for her. "Sasuke-kun." She whispered softly. He grabbed her by her collar and jerked her upwards quickly. Naruto clutched his side.
".Sasuke! What are you.ow. What are you doing?" Naruto yelled out. "Sakura!!" Sakura's eyes were wide open with fear. "Please don't hurt me!!" Then waiting for a final blow, Sakura shut her eyes tightly. Suddenly, Sasuke dropped Sakura to the ground and she fell on her side. She scrambled over to Naruto, and saw Sasuke stand there. Quietly gazing to his right, all was quiet. Helping him sit up, Naruto looked in the direction Sasuke was looking.
".!" Sakura saw Naruto's face and turned her head towards that direction. "SASUKE-KUN?" Naruto and Sakura looked back and forth. There was another Sasuke present. "Another illusion!" The Sasuke nearest them laughed softly and came over to where the two were sitting. He hit Sakura across the face and sent her skidding across the ground. Naruto fell backwards from the loss of blood from his side, and was almost helpless.

From a distance so far, Sasuke couldn't see what was going on too clearly. A sudden yell from Naruto rung in his ears, "ARGGHH! DAMNIT!!" Quickly moving forward, he saw himself crushing Naruto's side with his foot and smiling. Sakura ran towards him and screamed.
"STOP IT! PLEASE!" Sakura used Bunshin no Jutsu, and tried tirelessly to get the Sasuke off of Naruto. The Sasuke knocked the clones back and continued his treachery. The clones disappeared into smoke, and Sakura lied there with almost no more strength. Naruto continued to wince in pain as his punctured side had a great amount of pressure put onto it. Sasuke from the area farther away threw a shuriken towards his double. Dodging it with ease, the double smiled and set it's sights on him.
"You miss." Sasuke's double started. However, before he could finish, there was another shuriken in his leg.
"I did now, did I?"

The double stood there, with blood soaking through the bandages on his legs. Ripping it out of his leg, he held it and examined it. "Very clever. Kage Shuriken no Jutsu, correct?" "Do you want a prize for guessing correctly?" Sasuke's eyes flared red, and the Sharingan appeared. "No, not particularly." The double said. "I have one right here!" He grabbed Sakura's wrist.
"Sakura!" Sasuke yelled. "She doesn't mean anything to you, does she now?" The double started to twist her wrist sharply. Sakura cried out in pain, and Sasuke yelled.
"Let her go!" Laughing, the double delivered more pain to Sakura by a blow to the back. A small stream of blood dripped from her mouth onto her clothing. Trying to break free, Sakura failed. All her strength had been used.
".I can't give.up, here." Sakura said wiping her mouth with her free hand "I won't let you hurt her anymore!" Sasuke yelled. "If he come any closer, I could just as easily kill her. So I wouldn't try anything stupid!" The double lifted up Sakura. Her eyes were worn, and she had blacked out.
"Who said anything about trying something stupid? I just know a stupid person who acts on instinct." "Oh, really?" The doubled smirked. "What might that have to do with anything?" A sudden tackle from behind made the double lose his grip on Sakura's wrist. Sakura completely fell to the ground, barely hanging onto life itself. "WHY YOU LITTLE!" Naruto stood behind him, and had a big smile on his face, with his blood soaked jacket.
"The Nine-Tails brat isn't easily beaten." Naruto laughed. "Ow!" Naruto clutched his side again, and the double breathed in deeply.
"NARUTO! NO!" Sasuke yelled. Disappearing into smoke, Sasuke came behind the attacker. "Katon Housenka no jutsu!" Sasuke yelled as Naruto jumped out of the way. An attack too quick to react to, the double suddenly had multiple shurikens in his body. His clothes were burning and blood was spurting from all areas of his body. "NO!" The double cried out. One shuriken had made it to his neck, and the skin was burning off of his face. The man from before reappeared in a mess of fire and blood. "This isn't over so easily.that was just a lucky shot." He spat out blood onto the ground. "Sasuke, you thought I would be overtaken so easily?" the man smiled creepily.
"No, I did not." Sasuke smirked.