Freddie and Florence walked down the street going back to her apartment in London. Things had just gotten back to kinda normal. She was back with Freddie and they were living together. It was about a month after she had been separated from Anatoly. Florence missed him deeply, but he had to go back to his wife and kids in Russia. She hated knowing that he chose Svetlana over her. Not that he had much of a choice. She knew her relationship with Anatoly wouldn't survive. It was a loving yearlong relationship though. She knew she loved him but he didn't love her back. It felt like she was a world away. So she settled for Freddie, and Anatoly went back home to his wife and kids. Florence was daydreaming as they walked hand in hand back to their apartment.

"Flo?" Freddie asked "You ok?" she hesitated.

"Yeah I'm fine." She faked a smile up at him and put her head on his shoulder.