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This story has prostitution and lots of sex and violence and blah blah nonsense, it's rated M for a reason!

There is gay sex, and even a little straight sex in this story, as we look at Mello's side who hunts whores, and Matt who IS a whore! So if hetero stuff pisses you off, know it's not the main idea, and only lasts for a couple of vague paragraphs. It's nothing too graphic.

Umumumm… so yeah! Enjoy! ^-^

Mello's POV

"Shut UP, NEAR!" I screamed scooping up a little toy train car and heaving it at him. But in my anger, it missed the dickhole's giant head and crashed into a computer monitor.

"Mello," Near smirked, "Calm down. I'm just asking you a favor. But I guess even you can't follow simple directions."

He thinks he's so fucking high and mighty. He's calling me an idiot! I growled and lunged at him. The two of us rolled around on the floor for a bit, wrestling and yelling at each other.

I had the tiny faggot locked in a chokehold when Rester and Lidner came running in, "MELLO!"

Lidner yanked out her gun and Rester pulled me off of Near , heaving me on my back. I felt the wind rush out of my lungs and I lied there, immobile. I felt like a turtle while I rested on the floor, struggling to catch my breath.

"Mello," Lidner snapped, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Near called me an idiot," I snarled from my spot on the cold blue tile. It was true. Not directly, but yeah, Near called me an idiot. I could see it in his stupid eyes. He still thought of me as number two. And I was going to change that… by strangling him.

"I just wanted him to go patrol the prostitution circuit," Near whined, swapping his persona to cute and innocent just for Rester and Lidner. But I knew the truth. He was an arrogant little asshole.

"And Mello," Lidner said as I helped myself up, her voice patronizing, the dumb broad, "You can't do that for Near?"

"They aren't little kids, Halle," Rester grumbled, "We just wanted to know what was going on."

"Yeah but when they get together they act like children."

"That's Near," I spat through my teeth, "I'm the adult."

Near snorted, "You are not."

"I am."




"I'm leaving," I stalked out of the room.

I punched the elevator door and stepped inside, leaning on the wall as I waited for the elevator to take me down. I didn't necessarily want to go down to the prostitution circuit, especially on orders from Near. Plus, someone of my superior status shouldn't have to go do that job; it was for the regular cops. I thought I was above hunting hookers. Maybe Near thinks that I'm just as low as the prostitutes are and that I would be perfect for the job. That bastard!

The elevator stopped and the doors swooshed open, I was about to step out when I realized I wasn't to the first floor yet. A woman with a very hideous looking baby strapped to her back stepped into the small claustrophobic elevator.

"Good evening!" She chirped.

I grunted in response and pulled out a chocolate bar, sinking my teeth in for the first bite, tasting the sweet candy. Ahh chocolate, life's pleasure.

"Ohh chocolate!" The lady cackled, her chins jiggled merrily, "Look, Tyrone! He has chocolate!" She tried to swivel around and look at the infant on her back, as if awaiting an answer. The kid of course said nothing.

Wait… she named her Caucasian baby Tyrone?

Naming your white child Tyrone is the most reprehensible thing you could do as a mother.

"How are you this evening, sir?" She wondered aloud.

I smirked and ignored her. Then the first floor came and the doors opened once more, I brushed past the woman and her kid and walked into the building's gigantic lobby.

I looked for my little black BMW z8. In any other case I would use my cycle, but you can't pick up a whore on a motorcycle. I mean, you could, but it's irritating.

I shoved the key into the ignition and drove off towards the south side of the prostitution district downtown.

Matt's POV

I took a long, long drag on my much needed cigarette as I listened to Leanne babble about her boring ass day.

Leanne was a tall, gaunt looking woman. She was only ten years my senior, 30, even though she appeared to be much, much older. She was here long before I was, and was the one to eagerly show me the ropes on our corner. Teaching me everything I knew from getting big tips, to the proper pole-dancing technique. She was like the mother I never had.

"So anyways, " The loquacious woman droned, "Casey is being an asshole again." Her bony fingers reached up to brush the bruise that was under her eye.

"So that's where you got that from. He's an asshole," I said, referring to her harsh, strict pimp. I reached up and pulled her hand away, poking the bruise with a leather clad finger.

My outfit for the streets today was a leather and spandex police suit. My pants were leather, as well as my gloves, and my shirt stretched tightly across my chest in spandex material. It was an early start for the night, but I was a little surprised no one had picked me up already.

Leanne winced, but straightened up as a beat up car came to a stop next to our corner, the tinted window rolled down revealing a nervous, chubby older woman.

She smirked, "Looks like this one is yours!"

I walked over and smiled my best business smile, "Hey, cutie," I winked, "How are you doing tonight?"

"I-I… what do you charge?" She avoided looking me in the eye.

I trailed a finger down her dusty car, "I don't do oral, but a good sexy time with me for an hour is $150, every hour you add fifty bucks. To do me is extra." Way fucking extra. I wasn't letting anyone near my ass without good pay. So far no one had.

Of course she was a woman, but in a business like this, you get some crazy customers.

"N-No I don't want to do you. G-get in?"

"Money, honey" I demanded sweetly. Asking for pay before you fucked was something Leanne had taught me. I used to think it wasn't a big deal, but she kept repeating herself. So I figured she'd had some sort of past experience involving a fuck and run without pay.

She paused, then handed me two hundred dollars.

I flashed her a warm smile, hoping to ease her anxiousness, "Thank you," I pulled open the passenger door and climbed in, not bothering with the safety belts.

"I-I uhm.. hah. Oh God… I have a hotel room about twenty minutes from here," She drummed the wheel nervously, not budging the car.

I stared out at Leanne who was primping her curly bright unnaturally red hair, "That's fine, babe." I could just simply fuck her in the backseat, but if she wanted to waste her time on driving, it's her money. Saves me energy, anyways.

I looked over as the woman shuddered silently, digging her teeth into her cracked white lips. She'd actually be attractive if she weren't so chubby and shaky looking. I wonder if she's some sort of addict.

For about ten minutes the car ride was completely silent. Every so often, the lady would glance in my direction, perhaps to make sure I was still there.

"You're… you're very handsome," She said after a few glances.

I chuckled, "Thanks."

"A-Are you… gentle?"

Jesus Christ. This woman really has never done this before. Didn't she at least see any fucking movies with street whores in them? Movies don't teach people much about the real world, they exaggerate a lot. But you would expect a customer, whether first time or not, to know that the whore does whatever you want to do.

I wanted very badly to explain all that to her, but went with, "I'll do whatever your little heart desires."

Her plump jittery hand snaked over in the darkness of the car and grabbed my hand. I enveloped her hand in mine and gave a reassuring squeeze.

Augh. First timers. I hated when they got like this; all nervous and jittery. It was just a fucking nuisance.

Ten minutes later, we arrived at a giant grandiose hotel. It was a tall well lit building with luscious flowers blooming everywhere. I went inside with her for my first fuck of the night.

Mello's POV

I pulled into the south side of the district, and spotted my first prey of the night, an older looking redheaded woman.

I let the car come to a complete stop at the corner and she noticed me immediately.

I rolled the window down and she stepped off the curb to greet me, "Hi, sweet- oh myy… You're a handsome fella, aren't you?"

I smirked, "Good evening, ma'am. How much do you charge for oral?"

"Twenty for a blow job," She said without any traces hesitation.

That's a pretty good deal, "Get in," I barked.

"Money," Her chirpy mood was gone in a flash, and her haggard face was gravely serious.

"Fine," I forked over a twenty.

She slid into the car silently, and shut the door behind her. When she got in, the car was filled with her scent, thick cigarette smoke. She turned to stare at me with small beady brown eyes, "Not right here."

I snorted, "Of course," I smoothly did a three-point turn and drove to the back of the building at the next corner, "So what's your name, lady?"

She smiled, pink painted lips pulling back to reveal yellowing teeth, back in happy business, "Well, handsome! I'm Leanne!"

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