The Demon in the Basement

by Lancer47

Disclaimer: I'm playing on Buffy the Vampire Slayer turf.

Rating: PG

The Chapter

"Hey Giles!" said Buffy, "did you see this report from Mary Ann and Adele from Australia?"

Giles pinched the bridge of his nose with finger and thumb for a moment. He looked up from his desk and said, "Ah, no, I don't recall that one. I'm really quite busy..."

"They found a large demon in the basement of a house. It was kind of funny, really, they were just walking along a street and heard a scream, a scream that was silenced quickly but followed by two others. So they followed their ears and ended up in the basement of a large and very old house. They sneaked around and found the basement opened up into an old cave system, where they found three young women chained to a wall, and four young men chanting over a large hole in the floor of the cave."

"This is starting to sound familiar."

"Giles, I thought you hadn't read this."

"I have not read this report. But it's a familiar scenario."

"Yeah, the evil frat house in Sunnydale. You caught that right away; it took me a little longer. But yes, the boys were getting ready to make their yearly sacrifice to Machida in exchange for continued wealth and power. How come the one in Australia has the same name as the one that was in Sunnydale?"

"I suspect that 'Machida' is the species name, or perhaps a family name. A lot of those ancient demonic creatures don't give their real names to any outsiders – it's too easy for a warlock to gain power over one with their real names."

"Oh, well, anyway, in the melee, our slayers killed the demon and freed the girls, but not before the demon managed to kill the boys with a wild swipe of it's tail."

"So what fraternity was it?"

"Not a frat house, a private house. Our Slayers don't know who owns it since it was completely empty upstairs, or who the bloody minded boys were, but the mailbox said 'Murdoch'."

Giles dropped his glasses in surprise. "What?"

"Yes, 'Murdoch'."

"Do you suppose it was that Murdoch?"

"The recent news certainly supports that idea."

Giles sat back with a huge smile. "Well, I always wondered how a bounder like that rose to such power."

"And now you know."

Giles laughed loud and long.

The End