He acts like he doesn't want me, but why go and ask a question like that unless you are disappointed about not getting hit on? Don't worry, kiddo. I won't let you down.

"N-no way, Nick…" Ellis was backed against the dresser as Nick slouched towards him. "Don't come any closer!"

It's too late for that.

"Take your shirt off."

"Wait a sec—" But Nick was already on him, hands crashing into Ellis's chest, grasping at the edge of his shirt. Soon, Ellis was tangled up in his t-shirt, pressed against the dresser. There was a mirror behind the chest of drawers, and Nick could see a peek of pink fabric over the top of Ellis's jeans. "C'mon Nick, get off!"

"No." He yanked the t-shirt over Ellis's head, revealing Ellis's smooth chest and perky pink nipples. Nick squeezed Ellis's small but firm pecs and flicked his nipple with his thumb, eliciting a squeak from the younger man. This time around, Nick wasn't concerned with whether or not his actions made him gay. So I'm gay for one guy—it's not the end of the world. The end of the world already happened, and even that wasn't so bad, right?

Nick leaned over Ellis, the scent of Ellis's sweet, salty skin washing over him, drawing him in. Rough, stubbled chin nuzzled into Ellis's neck, followed by the sharp grating of teeth and the soothing salve of lips. Hungry, Nick's lips trailed down Ellis's neck to his chest, the tip of his tongue darting out to lap at Ellis's nipples. The slightest of moans fueled Nick's passions. Pinching, kissing and biting Ellis's nipples on the way down, Nick knelt in front of Ellis and started to pull down his pants.

Ellis grabbed his hands to stop him. "Don't…we can't…"

Time for the guilt trip card. "I saved your life today, buddy. Time to show your appreciation." With that, he tugged down Ellis's overalls and yanked them out from under his feet.

"Holy shit."

Ellis didn't fuck around with truth or dare. He was wearing soft pink panties with lace around the edges and side strings that were tied in cute little bows on Ellis's slim hips. The electric sight of Ellis's half-hard cock bulging through the panties was enough to make Nick's heart stop.

"Don't look," Ellis said as he tried to cover himself, but Nick was having none of that. He swatted Ellis's hands away roughly and stroked Ellis's growing rod through the soft fabric of the panties.

"I give the orders here now, not you." He kissed the tip of Ellis's growing dick as it peeked out of the top of the panties and then stood up and spun him around to face the mirror. "Look how stiff your little clit has gotten." He wrapped his arms around Ellis and sank his teeth into his neck. Ellis howled and Nick put up a hand to quiet him. "Shhh, don't wake the grown-ups, they'll hear you and come running. We don't want them interrupting us, now do we?"

"N-no," Ellis whispered. "Don't let them see me like this…"

Nick laughed, roughly held the side of Ellis's face and made him look at their reflection in the mirror. Standing behind a mostly naked Ellis in his suit made Nick feel powerful. "You don't want Coach and Rochelle to see your sexy little body, farm boy? Don't want them to see your tight little ass in these girly pink panties?" He groped Ellis's bubble butt for emphasis, panties barely covering the curves.

"Maybe I want them to see you. To see us," he said, the sight of Ellis's quivering lips becoming too much for him. And Nick kissed him. On the mouth and everything, like a real fag. And Ellis didn't move away or bite Nick's tongue as he slipped it in. Nick was devouring Ellis, biting his bottom lip, enjoying the smell and feel of Ellis's breath mingling with his own.

He finally pulled away, both of them panting like dogs, Nick's erection grinding into Ellis's backside.

Ellis put his slim fingers up to his lips, as if he didn't understand the imprint Nick had left there. "Why…?" The question corroded the air around them. It wasn't something Nick wanted to go into right then and there.

"Because I want you." Nick held Ellis's beautiful blue eyes in the mirror.

"B-but, I'm a dude," Ellis whispered. He broke eye contact and stared at his bare feet.

Goddammit, do we have to do this right now? Why should I have to explain myself to this naïve idiot country boy? The body wants what it wants, and it's not like I have a lot of choices around here.

"Look in the mirror, girlie. All I see is a horny little slut. Now do you wanna get off or not?" Nick grabbed Ellis's cock and massaged it to full strength, causing it to emerge halfway from the lacy panties. Ellis cooed nervously in response.

"Y-yeah, but…"

"No 'buts,' El. Look at how wet your cute little panties have gotten." There was a large wet spot on the front of Ellis's panties where his cock had been leaking pre-cum like crazy. Weed and wine will have that effect on a guy. "Don't worry, sweetheart—I'll make sure you come nice and hard for me."

"I'm not a… slut…" Ellis choked out while Nick was stroking his swollen member.

"Oh yeah?" Nick loved a challenge. "We'll see about that," he chuckled. "Now play with those perky little tits for me, baby." Nick grabbed Ellis's small hands and pulled them up to his chest and then brought his own hands down to Ellis's ass. Hesitantly, Ellis began groping and rubbing his chest as Nick's fingers dug into his cheeks, roughly kneading them.

After a few moments, Ellis began pinching his own nipples and moaning. "Nick…"

"See—look at that erotic face." Nick forced Ellis to look at himself in the mirror, face flush with desire, eyes half-lidded. "You are a hot, horny little bitch."

Ellis shook his head fervently. "N-no, I'm not…I don't want…this…"

"And you're also a liar, Ellis." Nick pulled Ellis's hands behind his back and pushed his chest into the dresser. "You know what happens to lying little sluts?" He leaned over Ellis's softly resisting body to speak the next words directly in his ear. "They have to be punished."

"But I didn't do nothing—" Ellis objected weakly as he tried to wriggle free.

"Quit your whining and count," Nick ordered. Still holding Ellis down, he brought his hand up high and savored the moment—Ellis's quivering thighs, the lace barely covering his cheeks—it was a beautiful sight. Then he swung his hand down harshly onto Ellis's ass, the slap popping loudly across the room. Ellis winced beneath him at the sudden sting.

"I said count'em," Nick reminded Ellis as he slapped his ass harder the second time.

"O-one…" Another slap.

"Two—" Ellis said with a sharp intake of breath. The blows began coming harder and faster.

"T-three, fou…r, five…"

Nick found himself relishing the red imprint of his hand on Ellis's ass as he spanked the younger man repeatedly, listening hungrily to Ellis count each and every strike. It wasn't until after number 37 that Ellis finally broke down and started begging—Nick was impressed.

"Th-irty-eight…please Nick, thirty-nine! Oh God, Nick, no more!"

Slap. "Do you want my cock, you filthy whore?"


"Yes," SLAP. "Or no."

"Nick, Nick, I want your cock!"

Nick's hand stopped in mid-air, but Ellis flinched away from the oncoming blow anyway, his dick straining desperately against the pink panties.

"See how easy that was? You're a horny little slut. Feels good to be honest with yourself, doesn't it?" Time to get down to business. Nick released his grip on Ellis and took a step back. "Put both hands on the dresser and spread your legs, girlie." Ellis obeyed quickly, watching Nick intensely through the mirror and breathing hard.

"Yessir," Ellis whispered, the surrender apparent in his trembling voice. Nick was practically beaming with pride and approval.

"Good girl. Let's get you out of these soaking wet panties." Nick swore he could hear a drumroll in the distance as he slowly untied the ribbons on each side and watched the lacy fabric fall to the ground between Ellis's feet. With an appreciative groan, Nick ran one finger between Ellis's cheeks, lingering mischievously on his little pucker. Kneeling down, Nick dug his fingers into the soft pillows of Ellis's ass and pulled them apart, baring Ellis's boy-cunt.

"Do you want me to lick your pussy, El? I want you nice and wet for me, baby girl." Ellis just nodded vigorously, and Nick was too impatient to make him beg for it. No idea what he was doing, Nick leaned in and flicked the tip of his tongue around Ellis's hole gently. Within seconds, the boy was bucking his hips back to meet every brush of Nick's tongue. He licked his balls, cradled them in his mouth, and even wriggled the tip of his tongue inside of Ellis's man-pussy. And fuckin' A, he enjoyed it.

Soon, Ellis was riding Nick's face like a rodeo bull, thrusting backwards onto his tongue and moaning like crazy. Nick couldn't keep it in his pants much longer—he needed to bury his cock balls-deep into Ellis's asshole ASAP. Luckily, Nick believed in his sexual prowess enough to grab the jar of lube from last time just in case there was a next time, and he quickly retrieved it from his bag and hastily slathered it onto Ellis's hole.

Ellis squealed at the cold, invasive touch as Nick slid a lubed up finger deep into his asshole and swirled it around in search of his prostate. Another squeal let him know he had found it, and he firmly pumped a second finger into Ellis's now wet hole.

"Your hungry little cunt wants more, I can feel it. It's sucking my fingers in so greedily…" Nick added a third finger, scissoring them around Ellis's insides. A guttural groan was all he got in response. "Still so tight…I think we need all five fingers to loosen up your tight little pussy, don't you?" Ellis squeezed his eyes shut as Nick bunched up his fingers and pushed his hand in up to the knuckles. Reminding Ellis to breathe, Nick eased his hand in past the knuckles, pausing to spread out his fingers inside.

In more ways than one, Ellis just couldn't take it anymore. "I want it…I want your cock," he grimaced.

Nick forced his hand farther inside, wanting the satisfaction of farm boy begging beneath him. "Why? Why do you want my cock?"

Biting his lip in pain and pleasure, Ellis blurted out, "Because I'm your dirty little slut!"

That was good enough for Nick. He practically ripped his pants off in his hurry to get inside the quivering boy. First things first, though. He grabbed up the panties and told Ellis to open wide as he stuffed the wet, lacy material into Ellis's mouth.

"Wouldn't want your dirty little mouth making too much noise and waking the neighbors," Nick scoffed as he lined the head of his dick up with Ellis's asshole. He reminded himself to be gentle just as he shoved the head of his throbbing cock into Ellis's ass. So much for that.

"Fuckin' A, El—" Nick groaned as Ellis keened like a cat in heat through the fabric of the panties, "my cock is just sliding right in!" He pulled back a bit and pushed his rod in a little further. "You've been playing with yourself, haven't you?"

Ellis shook his head as if to say 'no,' but the way Nick's fully erect member was easily pushing further and further into the boy said otherwise.

"What a bad girl you've been—shoving your fingers and whatever else you can find into your horny little cumhole every night." Once he was balls-deep in Ellis's bum, Nick gave each ass cheek an approving slap, causing the boy to jump and inadvertently push himself deeper onto the throbbing, still cock.

"Getting impatient, huh? Fingers just won't cut it anymore, I guess. Well don't you worry, sweetheart—I'm gonna give it to you good tonight. And if you play your cards right, maybe every night. Now show me how much you really want it, baby. Fuck yourself on my big, hard cock."

The pleading look in Ellis's eyes was such a turn on for Nick that his manhood must've grown another half size inside of the poor boy. Bracing himself against the dresser, Ellis resigned himself to the degrading act and began slowly wiggling his ass around on Nick's dick.

The room echoed with another powerful smack to Ellis's ass cheeks as Nick abruptly pulled his dick out. "Like you mean it, slut."

So Ellis bit down harder and, swallowing his pride like a champ, plunged his ass backwards onto Nick's rigid shaft.

"Ooh yeah, that's more like it. Now ride that cock like the cheap whore you are."

Watching Ellis repeatedly impale his tight little ass on Nick's swollen member, Nick didn't wonder what tomorrow would bring or whether he was in love or even what Coach and Rochelle would think if they found out about the whole thing. All he could think about was the next thrust of his hips as he gripped Ellis's slim waist and drove his cock deep inside Ellis's ass. Ecstasy. Pure, unadulterated ecstasy.

From the way Ellis was riding his cock and moaning through the gag, Nick could tell that Ellis was close to the breaking point. Nearly there himself, Nick was growing impatient.

Shoving Ellis face-down on the dresser, Nick pressed one hand down on the small of the younger man's back and grabbed ahold of Ellis's hip with the other. The sudden change in Nick's demeanor frightened Ellis and he weakly fought to resist.

As Nick slowly pulled his cockhead almost all the way out, he bent over the boy's body and whispered in his ear: "You're mine, Ellis. You're a horny little slut and you're all mine."

With that, Nick roughly entered the boy, forcing himself in deeper than before. "Horny little sluts like it hard, don't they?" Nick's strokes were fast and long, deeply penetrating Ellis's insides. The fire was building in both men, the heat and musk between them becoming a palpable smoke in the air. Reaching forward, Nick grabbed Ellis's cock and gave it a tug. "They like it when men rub their little clits while they shove their big, hard dicks inside them until they cum."

Nick could feel Ellis's ass convulsing around his member, and the cock in his hand threatened to explode any second now. This young buck was definitely chompin at the bit. "Come on, baby. Let it go," Nick grunted, getting dangerously close himself. "Cum all over my cock. Show me what a good little girl you are and cum for me."

And like a good goddamn soldier, Ellis came. His whole body rocked with the force of his orgasm, his dick painting the dresser drawers with the biggest load Nick had ever seen. After a few moments, the moaning stopped and Ellis lay still underneath him, breath heavy and labored as he struggled to recover.

Now it's my turn. He picked up the pace again, startling poor Ellis as he pushed him back down into the dresser. "You're not going anywhere until I cover your insides with cum. I'm gonna breed your ass, boy, so hold still and let me put a baby inside you."

A tearful Ellis locked eyes with Nick in the mirror, but he didn't fight this time. Maybe he was just too intoxicated and tired from his orgasm. Or maybe he liked it. Nick didn't want to waste any time asking stupid questions—he just wanted to empty his balls as deep inside of Ellis as possible. And fast.

"Aw shit, El—it feels so good inside of you…" Losing control, Nick slammed his cock in and out of Ellis's ass, forgetting everything outside of the amazing warmth tightening around his dick.

Then, a surprising thing happened: Ellis started bouncing back forth on his ready-to-cum cock again, cooing words of encouragement while he milked Nick's member for all it was worth. "Give it to me, Nick. Cum deep inside my slutty little cunt!"

Did Ellis just use the c-word in reference to his asshole? Fuuuuuuck that's hot. I'm gonna cum…

Ellis's words sent Nick over the edge as he took the final plunge into Ellis's eager asshole and squirted what felt like a gallon of cum deep into his warm, quivering hole. After a few last pumps to make sure he gave Ellis's abused hole every last drop, Nick pulled his cock out and fell backwards on the bed. He watched Ellis drooped over the dresser, droplets of cum beginning to leak down his legs, and wondered what it all meant. Was this gonna be a thing? Or was it just a drunken mistake? There was a woman's t-shirt on the floor, and Nick scooped it up and used it to wipe off his junk as he mused.

When he was finished, he stood up shakily and tossed the t-shirt on the dresser next to Ellis's still quiet form, but the kid didn't move.

"Hey, El—you alright?" A concerned Nick moved forward to shake the boy, but a loud snoring noise from the slumped figure made him stop. He's asleep! Hah—what a light weight. Nick laughed quietly to himself and gently toweled the sleeping boy off before carrying him to bed. Wondering what the morning would bring, Nick decided to roll the dice and stay the night with Ellis. He curled up around Ellis's small frame, the sweet smell of his hair lulling Nick to sleep, deep and sound.