"Just think of it as thanks for saving my life today, kiddo."

Whatever other protests Ellis was harboring flew out the window when he felt the other man's mouth around his length. It had been so long…

Well, it's official, Nick thought as his lips closed around his first dick. I'm gay as gay gets. But if I'm queer for this kid, I've got to get my fill tonight, because tomorrow we might both be straight.

Nick had never done this before. He thought maybe he wasn't doing it right, but the moans coming from above him didn't seem to share that sentiment. Thinking back to his last girlfriend, he tried to mimic on El what he liked for himself. Maybe a little gentler, he was a sensitive kid after all. Wasn't long before Ellis's breathing quickened and he seemed about to bust.

"Ooh shit…Nick…don't stop man," the kid said as he grabbed Nick's head and started thrusting his length in and out of the older man's mouth. Gagging a little, Nick yanked his head back and pulled off.

Wiping his mouth in a seductive way, Nick bent back up and looked his prey in the eyes. "No. Not yet."

Ellis's throbbing cock bounced about, abandoned, slick and shining with spit. But Nick had needs too, and he wasn't about to let this end so quickly. He stood up, grabbing Ellis by the shoulders and pulling him towards his crotch so that the boy was on all fours in front of him on the bed. In a voice dripping with honey, he whispered, "I'm hard as a fucking rock, El. Help a guy out." Nick made sure that it wasn't a question.

Ellis's eyes got wide, but his unfulfilled needs pulsed heavier than his fear beneath him. "Nick…I don't know if I…"

Nick unzipped his white pants and pulled out his cock. "Shh, El. It's easy. Just grab onto it like it's your own." There was a minute or so of hesitation, but then, so slowly that Nick thought he was imagining it, Ellis put a trembling hand around his dick. The skin-on-skin contact was electrifying. "Grip it tighter, there you go. Now act like you're jacking off…ooh yeah that's it, keep doing that."

While Ellis tentatively continued, Nick rubbed his shoulders with strong fingers and stroked his light brown hair. "Good, good. Now put your lips to the tip." Ellis almost spooked, but Nick's strong hands kept him steady. Quivering lips soon engulfed the head, and Nick could see Ellis's erection standing at full attention. "That's it, nice and slow. Try and take the whole thing." Nick firmly guided Ellis down to the base, petting his head whenever he gagged a bit on Nick's girth. Ellis tried weakly to pull away, but Nick held him firm, increasing the reassuring caresses but not letting go.

"Fuck , El…that feels so good. Just don't move too much and I'll do all the work, ok?" Nick slowly started to pump in and out of Ellis's open mouth, barely able to keep his cool. "Careful with your teeth, buddy. Keep it soft and wet for me. Yeah, just like that." It wasn't long before his control started to slip and he began moving faster.

Ellis's eyes were closed, and he moaned around Nick's cock as it pounded in and out of his mouth. Jesus, this kid is actually enjoying sucking dick! If I'd known he wanted it so bad, I would've forced myself down his throat months ago!

Just when he couldn't take it any longer, Nick pulled out, still holding Ellis by the shoulders. Ellis's eyes were hazy with lust. Nick reached down and grabbed Ellis by the dick, giving him a few quick pumps and eliciting a loud, long whine from the pup.

Nick's honey had dried up at this point, the words coming out in a rushed rasp: "El, turn around. I'm going to fuck you."

So much for not spooking the colt.

Ellis's eyes shot open and he fumbled to get away from the man looming before him. But his efforts caught his legs up in the overalls and caused him to fall forward on the bed, ass in the air like an open invitation. Nick was way past asking permission.

Lunging forward, the older man pinned Ellis easily to the bed. He could see the painful burn marks on Ellis's otherwise perfect skin, and the reminder of such reckless self-sacrifice ignited him further.

"Shit, Nick! I ain't gay, get offa me!" Ellis wriggled and kicked, but Nick grabbed onto his hips and held on tight.

"Calm down before you hurt yourself, kid." In truth, he liked the feel of Ellis's body bucking up beneath him, scratching and clawing at the headboard. But he didn't want to hurt the kid more than necessary—they had enough to deal with tomorrow without beating the shit out of one another.

"Like hell I am! Come on man, this ain't funny!" Ellis could feel Nick's raging erection pressed up against his thigh like a knife. The longer the boy struggled, the more impatient Nick became.

"Look here, Ellis." Nick grabbed Ellis by his hair and pulled his head back so he could whisper in his ear, the desperate words falling on Ellis's ears like cannonballs. "I'm going to fuck you, one way or the other, and if you want to be able to walk tomorrow, I suggest you shut up and take it like a man. So what'll it be? Cause if you keep squirming like this, I swear I'll duct tape you to this four-poster faster than you can spit." The confusion and terror in Ellis's eyes made a pang of guilt well up in Nick's chest for a moment, but he had to have him, and the sight of Ellis's erection pressed into the mattress told him that he wanted it too.

Ellis had stopped moving, and the room was deathly quiet for once. "That's what I thought." Nick shifted his weight off of Ellis and let go of his hair. He grabbed the boy's slim hips and lifted him up so that his ass was up in the air again. "Now stay put, I don't want to hurt you." Nick picked up the Vaseline and dipped his fingers in again. He'd been friends with enough homos to know the drill: you can't just shove a huge cock up someone's ass and expect them to enjoy it. You gotta stretch 'em out first, get them used to the feeling, find their hotspot. The zombie apocalypse may have turned him into a pseudo-rapist (he liked to think of Ellis as reluctant, not unwilling), but he wanted the kid's first time to be good too. God knows when either of them would get laid again, so he had to make this one count.

The immaculate ass in front of him was shivering a bit as Nick held the cheeks apart with one hand and began gently prodding at Ellis's pink hole with the other. Half-expecting a kick in the head, Nick impatiently slid the first finger in. There was no kick though, just a sharp intake of breath that could've come from either of them. Apparently, Ellis's submissive nature knew no bounds. His eyes were shut tight, and the way he was biting his bottom lip got Nick's temperature rising. But kissing was off limits—way too gay, right?

Nick wriggled his finger around a bit, shocked by how tight Ellis's ass was. God, it was going to feel good around his dick. It was all he could do not to ram it up Ellis's exposed asshole then and there. When he started moving his finger in and out, slow and unsure, he was shocked to hear a soft whimper of pleasure from the boy beneath him.

Leaning in, Nick started to talk dirty in innocent ears, nibbling at the lobe between words. That wasn't kissing, right? "You like that, El? Does it feel good?" He got no answer from the lip-biting boy, but another barely audible sigh added fuel to the fire. "Come on, Ellis. I wanna hear you moan like a whore while I finger-fuck your tight little asshole…No? Let's add another, then." Nick slicked up his fingers again and added a second finger, moving them in and out a little faster this time.

A few whimpers, but still no moans. Determined make Ellis into a more-than-willing partner, Nick pulled out the big guns. Well, not the biggest gun, but Ellis wasn't ready for that yet. Curving his fingers, he searched for Ellis's sweet spot and reached around to give his still hard cock a few strokes of encouragement. Just as he tightened his grip around the young man's member, he felt it—and apparently Ellis did too. A short-breathed howl shot through the room like a bullet and ricocheted off the peeling papered walls. Jackpot. This bet was paying off after all.