Here's our newest story, All I Ever Wanted, ska, Steve Tanner is an ASS! As you may have noticed, MAJOR torching on him in this, but he totally deserved it. The whole time I was watching those episodes with Lauren's mom I wanted to strangle the man. Especially when he called Sasha Hitler. NOBODY compares Sasha to Hitler! NO. ONE. Then I felt so bad for her mom in that episode when they were going to Nationals. She comes and he's all GET OUT! and she's like I'm not letting you scare me away again then he's all I HAVE A RESTRAINING ORDER ON YOU! and then she sits in her car watching Lauren cry then she dies so yeah I was so pissed. Anyways, so in this April's Lauren's mom, Steve's a bigger ass, and you'll see what else haha.
DISCLAIMER: WE DO NOT OWN! Otherwise, somebody would have strangled Steve Tanner and Ellen Beals by now.


Lauren's POV

I'm woken up by yet another nightmare. When I roll over, my clock reads 1:45AM… ugh. Maybe if dad would have let her come I wouldn't be having these stupid dreams. I'm wide awake now and I don't think I can fall back asleep by myself, this one was really scary.

I get up and walk into dad's room… "Daddy…" I mumble, barely above a whisper.

Thankfully he's a light sleeper and he wakes up, "Lauren?"

I nod and bite back tears, "Can't sleep…"

"Well neither can I if you keep coming in here at night telling me that…" he says. Not what I was wanting…

Stupid me, I knew he would react like that… I don't know why I even tried. Crap, now I'm starting to cry. "But daddy…"

"No Lauren, just go back to bed…" he says.

Geez, all I wanted was a hug. "Fine…"

I storm out of the room and yank my duffle from under my bed. I throw some stuff in it and grab my keys and gym bag and quietly sneak out the door. This is when I realize I didn't even bother to put on my sweats.. oh well, it's almost 2AM and about everybody is in their pajamas anyways.

I get in the car and try to think of somewhere to go… the other girls are out of the question and I really don't want to be with a guy right now. I kinda want mommy… but I can't have her. Summer, she's probably the only one that would let me in at 2AM…

I don't even bother calling her I just speed the whole way there, trying to blink back tears. I'm so tired but I can't seem to make myself fall asleep.

I finally get there and my clock reads 2:03. Ugh… I yank my duffle out of the car and try to decide how to get into her house. I'm not gonna just let myself in with the spare key… so I decide to call her..

Summer's POV

My phone starts ringing and when I get up to answer it, the name on the caller ID scares me. Lauren.

"Hello?" I calmly answer.

"Summer… can I come in?" she asks. There's no way she's here this early in the morning. So I get out of bed to look out the window, and sure enough she's standing by the door.

"Of course… I'm about to open the door…" I reply.

"Kay…" she says and hangs up the phone.

Once I get the door open I can see the tears and the dark circles under her eyes. "Lauren… what happened?"

"Can't sleep…" she yawns.

I help her inside and she sits down on the couch, hugging a pillow.

I sit by her, "Why can't you sleep?"

She's quiet and blinks back tears. This causes me to wonder if Steve's done something. I gently rub her back, "Sweetie…"

She's really crying now, "Bad dream…."

I squeeze her shoulder, "Is your dad not home?"

She shakes her head no, "He is…"

"Okay… can you tell me what made you decide to come here? I'm not mad, I just wanna make sure everything's okay.." I tell her.

"he… ignored… me…" she sobs.

I gently rub her back, "Try to tell me what happened…"

"I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep… so I went to tell him… and he just kinda got mad at me and told me to go back to sleep…" she cries.

I hug her, "Shhh… it'll be okay. I'll let you stay here for the rest of the night. I'll talk to your dad tomorrow…"

She leans into me crying and I gently rub her back. She's probably so exhausted I'm surprised she made it over here safely.

"He doesn't believe me when I tell him I get bad dreams… and it's hard to fall back asleep alone sometimes…" she whimpers.

I keep rubbing her back, "why don't we get you settled in the guest bedroom, and I'll stay until you fall asleep…"

"Mmk…" she mumbles.

"Just take some deep breaths and relax, it's okay…" I reassure her. Steve's gonna be so angry in the morning when he wakes up and she's not there. I'll text him once I get her to sleep.

Her tears slowly start to subside and she's nearly asleep… "I'm tired…" she whimpers.

"I know… I really think you'll fall asleep once you lay down…" I tell her. She can barely keep her eyes open.

"Fine… all I wanted was a hug…." She quietly says.

I keep rubbing her back… jeez, couldn't the man just wake up for ten minutes to make sure she was okay. That was a completely selfish move on his part. He's gonna hear it from me tomorrow.

"I'm sorry he had to be like that sweetie. Right now I want you to just relax and try to get some more sleep okay…"

She just leans into me, and tries to take some deep breaths. "I'm sorry I came and woke you up.."

I gently squeeze her shoulder, "No, Lauren, it's okay… you can come here anytime you need to."

She just nods and leans her head on my shoulder. I know she's about to fall asleep again.

"Come on, let's get you situated in bed.. you'll sleep better…" I say to her.

"Fine" she yawns.

I help her up and once she lays down in bed she's sound asleep in a few minutes. I grab one of the old teddy bears that's sitting in the corner and sit it by her. She hugs it close to her and I knew that's what she needed was something to hold. I don't think she really feels safe with Steve, but I'm not going to make this into a huge ordeal, I'm just gonna talk to him and see what his issue is.

I send him a text letting him know that Lauren is sleeping at my place and that I'd bring her to the gym in the morning, well in a few hours. I watch her for a few more minutes just to make sure she's okay and when she doesn't wake up I turn the light off and go back to sleep.