hey guys! me and my friend Becca decided to write a story together! Enjoyy !

Sammi's POV

My dearest friend Becca and I were walking through the mall when I saw the sign that made my day.

"OH MY HOLY COW TACOS! BECCA! BORDERS IS HAVING A SALE!" I scream pointing at the sign.

"HOLY BRETT FARVE ON THE BEACH!(1) LETS GOOOO!" Becca yelled grabbing my arm and running into borders.

"To the manga!" I screamed.

We was getting a lot of wierd looks, but meh.

"OHSHC is on sale too!" I yelled picking up volume whatever and turning to page blah blah.

A bright white light comes from the page.

"Sammi what in the name of fish burritos did you do?" Becca asked.

"I dunno!" I yelled.

Becca's POV

"Sammi what in the name of fish burritos did you do?" I screamed.

"I dunno!" She yelled.

Suddenly we thrown against the ground.

"Owwwwww I think I broke my butt." I moaned.

"You sounded like a cat when you said that." Sammi moaned.

"Shut up and lets find out where we are." I deadpanned.

"Wellllllll, who in their right minds would paint a place pink? Out of colors..." I heard Sammi say.

"U-uh, S-sammi?" I asked stuttering.

"Yesssss?" She said in a sing-song voice.

"Does 'Music Room 3' ring a bell?"

Me: Heyy guys~! Hoped you liked it X3 We wont continue till we get at least one review!


(1) inside joke... XD