Okay, so it's my first story I've written on here. Hope it isn't too bad.:)

Warning: Just implies a little boy x boy, but nothing bad.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hitman Reborn...or else*smirks evilly* well, let's just say Tsuna wouldn't like the new storyline.:D

Tuna Sandwich

"Tsu-kun, here are your sandwiches"

The teen looked up and smiled. "Thanks mom." She placed the sandwiches in front of the three boys, a smile gracing her lips.

"Lambo! That's I-Pin's toy! Give it back!" Tsuna's mom nodded to the boys and made her way out into the living room to see what the fuss was about.

Yamamoto laughed heartily over the cries coming from the other room, while the silver-haired one sat with a frown present. Tsuna just sighed and turned to look at his sandwich He hadn't eaten anything today because, as usual, his breakfast was being finished just as he came down the stairs. The brunette eyed his sandwich like it was fresh prey he just caught. Yamamoto stopped laughing and turned his attention to his boss. The young Vongola was now licking his lips ever so slowly thinking about the taste of his sandwich his lips now glistening with spit.

The storm guardian took in a quick breath as he watched the scene unfold. Tsuna picked up the tuna sandwich and slowly moved it into his mouth. He closed his eyes, savoring the flavor, and moaned slightly at the taste. A crumb from the bread fell onto the hungry teen. He opened his eyes, lifted his hand up to his mouth, and raised the crumb into his mouth using his tongue.

The two older guardians squirmed slightly in their seats. With out any more distractions he took another bite of that delicious food. The tenth pulled the sandwich away to show a trail of saliva attaching Tsuna to his food. The string slowly stretched out until it broke, severing the connection.

The swordsman and bomber just watched their boss until he finished off the sandwich slowly licking his fingers clean. The room turned quiet as Tsuna pulled his fingers out of his mouth with a pop! Big eyes looked up to see Yamamoto and Gokudera looking down with flushed faces.

"You guys haven't touched your food yet. Do you not like tuna?" The tenth questioned, concern lining his face.

"No, we love tuna VERY much." They replied in unison.

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