In the snowy meadow of Jasper Park, it was Winter time and everything was covered in glittering snow as the sun started to rise, cascading a dark orange light over the beautiful scenery. A giggling omega hid in the snow cold but blended in perfectly, white fur that the alpha that would give his life for her would find even more beautiful then the snow. The only thing was her one eye, which she tried to hide with her paw but carefully peaked to see if any of the other wolves could find her. This wolf was Lilly, possibly the calmest omega in the pack, she was still a silly and playful one who saw something in the alpha.. And as she sat there quietly, the big red and cream foot stepped on her tail. She broke. "...ow.." The alpha chuckled and his green eyes softened as he carefully moved his paw. "Lilly.." He nuzzled around in the snow until he reached the omega's soft, fluffy belly which held their soon to be pups. He nuzzled it and quietly nosed her up. Kate, the cream and white alpha padded over. "You found her.. You see, this is why I don't like doing this in the Winter." She raised her eyebrow at her sister whom just giggled. Humphrey had lost track in what they were doing, his blue eyes staring at the frozen lake. His gray and white fur slightly ruffled in the soft winds. He scratched at it and placed his foot on it. It stung with a bit of coldness but he snatched it back as it fell through. He still made the mistake of putting his tongue in it, and his tongue got stuck on the ice. He started pulling and yelping, his tounge numb. Kate pricked her ears and rolled her golden brown eyes. "Humphrey got thirsty again.." Lilly giggled. Garth blinked. "Hey, how'd you hide your eyes?" He smirked and moved her fur out of her eyes. "Lets go help Humphrey." He smirked, of course him and Humphrey were as different as can be, but they've gotten close in the past few months anyhow. Their paws walked over to the omega wolf and Kate laughed at the sight. "Humphrey.. er.. love.. that's why you don't drink out of the frozen parts." Humphrey rolled his eyes and said through a numb tongue and stinging, open mouth full of cold air. "Wike wu wouldn't make a twistake.." Kate chuckled and Lilly was giggling away. Kate nosed at his tongue until it was loose. "Eve might want a look at your tongue!" Lilly teased through giggles. Humphrey looked at Lilly like she was crazy. "Wut? Sh-shee scwares me!" He groaned. Kate smiled and wagged her tail. "I'd like to see her.. we haven't told her that both of her daughters are going to be mothers." She glanced at Lilly who just smiled breaking out of giggles. Too bad nobody was in a good mood when they got there.. Eve and Winston looked sad and when Eve saw Garth she nearly fainted. Lilly looked at her mother's glance and fur on her back raised. What in the world was going on? Kate blinked. "Uh.. hi.. mom.. dad.. um.. guess what?" Eve couldn't really speak being actually sensitive at heart. Winston took for her. "Yes Kate..?" His voice was full of sadness but he really did want to know what his daughter had to say.. "You're not going to be grandparents of only one litter." To this Lilly looked down and slightly blushed, Eve running over to her and nuzzling her white fur saying many things such as, "Oh, Lilly!" "That's so wonderful.." "They're going to be beautiful just like their mother." Lilly wasn't used to much attention, and she just started giggling as Garth licked her ears and nosed her face up and moved the fur out of her eyes yet again. Lilly stopped. "But why do you two look sad?" She said quietly, raising her paw to put on Garth's since she was even more sensitive to her mother. Eve sat down, her heart obviously pounding at how the former alpha's son would take the news. Winston decided to just get over with it saying it, but he said it quietly actually liking Tony. "Hutch told us.. that Tony passed this morning.." Garth's heart sunk and he lost balance on his feet as he sat down thinking hard. Kate and Humphrey looked at him concerned. Lilly automatically started to get misty eyes, she took a liking to the one who finally approved of her and Garth actually being together.. She nuzzled her head into his fur to cry. Eve walked over and sat down beside of Kate and Humphrey. Kate stuttered. "O-oh.. Um.. n-not being r-rude but Humphrey got his tongue s-stuck on the i-ice again." Eve walked off and came back with some warm meat and quietly nosed it to Kate and Humphrey. "Garth.. Lilly.. do you want any?" She managed to speak since she figured out about Lilly's pups, and her fierceness slowly regained. Garth shook his head no still thinking. Lilly wiped her tears with her paw and quietly mumbled. "Um.. we'll take it back.." She looked down and her fur fell back in her eyes, which no doubt Garth didn't stop thinking but moved the fur. "Don't be sad Lilly.." He murmured very quietly and emotionless as he walked out of the den and sat down. Lilly looked at the others and padded out softly to comfort him.. "Garth?" He raised his head and cleared his through. "Uh.. yes?" The omega's white paws quietly made her way to Garth and sat down beside him. "I'm really sorry but.. we'll all miss him." She licked his neck and nuzzled her head into it for a brief moment. Kate sat down and watched quietly.. "She sure does have a way of comforting people." She mumbled, sighed, and lied down. Humphrey looked from Lilly to her and nipped her ears. "Yeah.. but you've got me." He grinned. "Sadly." She teased. Humphrey lied down beside her and Eve and Winston sat beside them quietly grieving inside. Garth sighed. "I don't know why I'm sad.. he never cared for me much." He lied down on the dabbled in snow rocky substance, head on paws, and Lilly lied down beside of him and rested her paw on his. "No, Garth.. He did.. No matter how much he showed it." She looked at him with her kind eyes until she got him to cave in and look at her. "When I was a pup he'd always make me fend for myself." He mumbled. Lilly sighed. "Because Garth, he wanted you to be strong like him.. and he did a fantastic job.." Garth thought. "But Lilly I'd never treat our pups like he treated me." He mumbled. "Garth, you were his only pup. He wanted you to be a great alpha, but he loved you so much.. even if you were an omega he would. You know how you could tell?" Garth shook his head. "Because I wouldn't be here right now.. with your pups..." Garth looked up and licked her ear. "You're right.. thanks for.. clearing that up for me.." Lilly quietly got up and used her paw to carefully brush the snow off her belly. "Guess what I am!" She got on her back carefully and moved her legs. Garth laughed, his heart rising for the silly omega. He wagged his tail fastly watching her with the softest, but entertained eyes. "Okay, I get it, you're a turtle." Lilly blinked and sat up. "Well, I only do turtles.. so.. I can only make you feel so much better Garth." He blinked and licked her shoulder to her nose. "But you made me feel a whole lot better.. thank you.." The wolves in the den smiled and chuckled. They all felt a bit better just to see how happy Lilly made the alpha..