Lilly's paws skidded fastly across the wet melting snow as Spring showed signs of coming. Garth caught up with her. "Lilly! Slow down before you slip!" Lilly's heart was fluttering and she couldn't even feel her feet from excitement and the numb cold. Kate was having her pups!

Garth managed to slow her down as they headed to Kate and Humphrey's den. Kate was curled up in a shallow dip in the corner with grass in it, bracken lining the dip. Humphrey must have fetched it just for her comfort.

Humphrey skidded in and slid past Garth with moss soaked with water for Kate to drink from. He dropped it and his blue gaze was wide as he looked down and saw two beautiful pups.

Humphrey gently slid over as his friend, and sister in law brushed past him. Her eyes sparkled and Garth sat down on Humphrey's other side. They were quite a site.

Eve happened to be sitting next to Winston behind Kate. Winston never looked this proud since Kate and Lilly were born. Eve looked up from the pups, and she actually spoke with gentleness. She actually could be pretty.. nurturing.

"One boy, and one girl." She said cheerfully.

The girl was light gray with darker flecks and a white underbelly, all the way to her tail tip and face. Her legs were white aswell, and the boy looked like a handsome, minature Kate.

Lilly nuzzled her sister's ear and whispered. "They're beautiful."

Humphrey finally moved as if he were a statue, and licked his pups. They squeaked in protest, and Lilly saw Kate smile.

"Do you have any names in mind?" Lilly blinked softly and gazed down at her niece and nephew. She glanced at Garth who quietly walked forward, he admired them as if they were his own aswell.

"Not much longer until it's your turn." Lilly whispered where only Garth could hear. His ears pricked and he licked his mate's cheek. He couldn't wait. He'd protect his own family with his life.

Kate looked at Humphrey. "Want to name one of them?" Her eyes glowed with nothing but love and affection for Humphrey, and the new pups... her voice soft from exhaustion.

Humphrey looked at the female with a glow of affection.

"How about.." Humphrey glanced at Lilly. His tail wagged slowly as he thought of a nice name that the pup could always keep to herself, she'd be close to her aunt. Humphrey was glad he had a great friend like Lilly to be apart of their lives. "Lillian?" He glanced back at Kate.

Her eyes were warm with approval. "That's perfect..."

Garth smiled, warmth filling inside him at the name decided for the she-wolf.

The male was suckling and stopped and let out a large yawn with his jaws. "He looks so much like his mother." Garth mumbled. Lilly nodded in agreement. "He's beautiful."

Kate smiled. "Then you two would like to name him?" Kate didn't have any ideas, and she was pleased with any name her sister and his mate would come up with.

Lilly's face lit up even more. "Oh, yes!"

Garth chuckled. "What do you think Lilly?"

Lilly's eyes blinked slowly for a minute. "Mason..?"

Kate's eyes sparked with interest. "That's wonderful, Lilly."

Winston flicked his ears thoughtfully. "Mason and Lillian.. wonderful."

Kate groomed her sleeping pups very gently. Humphrey lied right around the dip, letting Kate rest her head on his scruff when she lied it back down.

Lilly realized Humphrey had never given Kate the moss and she picked it up and put it near Kate's muzzle. She lapped at it with her tounge thankfully.

Lilly blinked slowly. Garth stretched. "Come on Lilly, lets come back when everyone's had some rest."

Lilly nodded. She licked Kate's ear and nuzzled Humphrey very softly in goodbyes. She was an aunt. Kate was a mom.. and she too would be an aunt soon.

About two weeks later..

Lilly's belly was tightly swollen and in a month or less she'd be giving birth, but she had persuaded Garth to let her go see Kate's pups again. Today should be their first day walking. She carefully wobbled across the wet sparkling grass. She sniffed the air, and Spring was finally here.

When she arrived in the den she saw Kate curled around the pups, they were gnawing at eachother playfully.

Kate wagged her tail. "Lilly!" She sighed. "Humphrey's out with the alphas trying to get something to eat, hopefully he doesn't have to do much for it."

Garth smiled at the pups. "You know Kate I could go hunt for you if you ever need it."

Kate shook her head. "No, I know you don't want to leave Lilly for one second." Garth nodded, she was right.

Lilly looked down at the pups. Their eyes were open, and Lilly felt her tail start wagging at Lillian's eyes. They were a mix of blue but they clearly shown her tone of lavender. Kate followed her gaze. "Yes, it seems as Humphrey's chosen the right name for her." She gently cuffed her paw over Mason's ear who was chewing on her tail. "Mason, don't tell me my fur tastes good." She teased.

She bent her neck over and picked the pup up from his scruff. He had Humphrey's blue eyes. Now that Lilly could see him better, he was the same color as Kate with a white underbelly and tail tip, with one white paw on his front left. His chest was also fluffy, broad, and white.

Humphrey padded in with a big caribou leg. His face lit up seeing his friends. "Oh, good, somebody to share this with!" The caribou leg was very large, hunting must have went well.

"Daddy!" Lillian clumsily stumbled up to Humphrey followed by Mason, they both pulled him down by the ears.

"Ow! Ow!" He rolled onto his back laughing as the pups jumped up on him. He rolled back onto his stomach. "Have you met Aunt Lilly and Uncle Garth?" He said, trying to get the pups off of him.

Lillian looked up. "Lilly? That sounds familiar!" Humphrey laughed. "You were named after her."

Lillian smiled sweetly. "Well that's good, because you're very pretty, just like mom Auntie."

Lilly felt her heart grow five sizes. She never thought she'd be called "Auntie" and this pup was a sweetheart.

Mason was creeping up behind her and Lillian jumped behind and pounced, pinning him down. "Think you could fool me!" She teased.

Mason scrambled out from under her and in a few brisk licks fixed his ruffled fur. He looked up at Garth. "Are you an alpha? Like mom?" His eyes lit up. Garth thought this pup was almost completely quiet.

Garth nodded. "Yes, I am."

Lillian giggled. "Mason has his heart set out on being an alpha!"

"What about you?" Lilly stretched and greatfully took a bite after Humphrey carried Kate and him a big hunk of the meat.

Lillian looked thoughtful. "I'm not sure. Probably an omega, but mom says I'm sharp as an alpha!"

Garth smiled and cuffed her with a paw gently. "You'll figure out what you are soon enough."

Lillian smiled. "I sure hope so!"

Kate smiled. She saw a big future for her pups. She glanced at Lilly and expected the same from her sister.