Kate and Lilly both lied in Kate and Humphrey's den. Warm sunlight flittered through and Kate stretched without waking any of the pups up. "Remember, Lilly, you can't move your leg for a while.."

Lilly glanced away, she knew her sister didn't say so it could heal for a reason. Would she be crippled for life? They had to practically carry her here to Kate's den.

Her eyes were filled with sorrow until she looked down at her pups. She smiled quietly. She and Garth had named them names which she thought was beautiful.

They would open their eyes soon.. Lilly blinked. She wondered how they would look.

Humphrey and Garth walked in with prey in their jaws. They set it down, it would last for the week. Kate licked Humphrey's ear. "Thank you for helping Garth carry it back." Humphrey flicked his ears. Lilly guessed he enjoyed spending time with Garth more than he used to.

Garth nuzzled his mate's ears and looked down at his pups.

Lilly's tail slowly wagged. "Jay.." She said, looking down at the white female. "Vixen.." She giggled, the dark red pup was named after her stunning resemblence to a fox. "Carson." She nodded at the pure cream pup. "Brendon.." She saw the black, white, and gray pup stretch his jaws in a yawn. He looked a bit like Humphrey.. "And Spencer." She smiled warmly at the gray pup, who was the runt of the litter. Garth nodded towards the brown pup. "Don't forget Lucas."

Humphrey laughed as Lillian tugged on his tail. "Ow! Hey! My tail!" Kate and Humphrey exchanged a glance filled with amusement as if they were sharing precious memories. Lilly smiled.

"She has her mother's jaws.." He mumbled half to himself. Kate laughed.

Mason stretched and open his jaws in a large yawn. He sat up tall and flicked his ears as his mom started to groom him. "Hey!" He protested, trying to scramble away.

Kate rolled her eyes. "A handsome alpha always looks his neatest." Mason stopped struggling and let his mother groom him. Lilly giggled.

Lillian lied down inbetween her father's ears. Humphrey looked up and laughed. Lilly smiled. "She and Spencer look so much alike..." Humphrey nodded in agreement. "They do.. so does Mason and Carson."

Spencer had dark gray circles around his eyes and dark gray paws, with a dark gray tail tip. His flecks were a lot more noticeable, but they had the same flecks and gray colors anyhow.

The pups were staring to wake and Lilly noticed Brendon open his eyes.

Eve padded through. "Hello dears.." She carried herbs. "I'm here to check on your leg, hun." She saw Brendon's eyes. "Oh how lovely." The multicolored wolf had light green eyes.

Lilly licked her other pups and they yawned and eventually opened their eyes. Vixen had lovely amber eyes like her aunt and grandma. Jay had ice blue eyes, probably from Winston. And Carson had dark green eyes. Lucas had surprisingly handsome lavender eyes.

While Eve checked Lilly's leg, her look was discouraged, it was even more discouraged as Spencer opened his eyes. Shiny and a very light blue, but something wasn't right..

"He's.. he's blind." Eve stared in shock. Lilly whined. "What?" Garth's neck fur bristled. "Can't you do anything?"

Eve shook her head. "No, he was born blind.. I can't do anything about your leg either, Lilly." Lilly's eyes grew wide. "I'm.. I'm sorry." Eve looked ruined. Garth blinked. "No... no.." Humphrey and Kate sat, speechless.

Eve blinked. "She's fine to walk on her leg now, really, but, she'll have a permanent limp." She licked her daughter's ear briskly. "I'm so sorry..."

Lilly's gaze was emotionless. "It's.. it's fine.." She mumbled, she turned her gaze to Spencer and picked him up by the scruff, and put him inbetween her paws. She licked his head.

"Mother, my eyes are open.. why can't I see like the others?"

"Yes! Mama, why can't he?" Brendon's tail lashed in alarm. He was already close to his littermate.

Carson was lying next to Jay and they both pricked their ears curiously and watched the others.

Lucas was trotting away from his aunt, nose and tail high. "You should be so pr-" He tripped over his paws and fell. Kate chuckled and nosed him up. "Careful." Her eyes were full of amusement. Lilly couldn't help but smile.

Vixen padded over to Spencer and put her paw on his. "Do you guys listen?" She snapped. "Honestly, he can't see because.. well.. he was born like that."

Spencer's fur bristled. "Are you telling me I can never see?"

Lilly was taken aback. Would this one thing make her pup have a bitter attitude for the rest of his life?

Eve was mumbling to herself, but Lilly heard it clearly. "I must tell Winston.. how could a blind pup be any rank.."

Her ears shot up. What about her crippled leg? Was she thinking about that to? Lilly's fur bristled from ears to tail tip. What was going to happen to her family?

Eve left the den and Garth licked Lilly's shoulder to comfort her. "Don't worry.. this is just one tiny obstacle in a large path."

Lilly's eyes closed quietly as she blocked out all the sounds but her mate's tounge rasping against her shoulder fur.

She could only hope Garth was right.