"Are you sure you'll be alright?"

The statement made her want to roll her eyes, though she refrained from doing so. Her lightly tanned face was blank as she stared at the other impassively, telling him exactly what she thought of his unneeded worrying. He sighed, running a hand through his blonde hair and slightly parting the hair in its natural opposite direction. She raised a eyebrow at him, wondering when exactly he had decided to take on such 'undignified' mannerisms. Probably when he found out Voldemort didn't take kindly to betrayal and was after his life, she mused silently, as she stared at the blonde in front of her with a blank expression.

"Are you sure you have everything? Shrunken library, wardrobe, and that refralligator contraption?"

He asked, his voice calm though the worry shining in his unusual silver eyes made her look at him in mild exasperation. Not that she wasn't use to his odd habit of worrying for her, but she had no need for such things at the moment.


She corrected blankly, ignoring his indigent huffing and rant of all things muggle. She herself was not all that partial over the thought of going to live with non-magical humans, but her reasons were a bit different on the 'why'. She knew her companion had some weird sort of hate towards the muggle kind, though she had quickly beaten it into him that not all were necessarily bad, just easily susceptible to manipulation; just as all humans or any other creature with feelings were. He had grudgingly agreed with her reasoning, though he had yet to get over all of his dislike of their kind. He was raised as such, after-all.


She interrupted when it became obvious he had more to say on the subject (she was skilled in the art of ignoring his rants, luckily), breaking him from his ranting. He gave her an embarrassed glance before coughing slightly and regaining his bearings.

"Right. Well, as I said, are you sure about this? Maybe I rushed too much into this, perhaps there are other ways."

He asked, eyes silently gauging her expressions and looking a bit resigned at her light glare.

"There are no other options."

She said simply, ignoring his mutterings, and grabbed the bottle from his hands quickly. Before he tried to convince her otherwise, she downed the murky purple potion, showing no signs of disgust as it ran down her throat. However she did grunt ever-so slightly as breaking sounds echoed in the silence of the room harshly, her body changing to that of a smaller version of her previously seventeen-year old self.

She heard Draco sigh, but it was tinged with relief rather than annoyance. Perhaps he thought his own potion wouldn't have worked, she mused idly.

Stepping out of her now large clothes, she ignored the embarrassed sound her blonde companion let out. With a wave of her hand they had shrunk to her size and she shot the blonde a look that he simply sighed softly at.

He handed her a small onyx box, silver etched into an intricate snake design on the front. She took it without a word, placing it into an equally black messenger bag as she slung it over her shoulder effortlessly.

She turned without a word and began walking to the door when she was stopped by a hand not her own. She turned a bit, glancing up at Draco from the corner of her eye as he gazed at her.

"Be careful."

He stated softly, kneeling down and brushing a kiss to her forehead right above her brow. He caressed her scar, looking at her face for a moment before sighing again.

"I'm sorry, Harelda."

It was soft, almost too soft to be heard. But her war-trained ears heard it enough, and she glared at him with surprising anger, though it seemed the blonde was unaffected- only getting a bit sadder.

"Stop apologizing; I'm not the one in imminent danger- you are. You wear the color green not Gryffindor red."

She mocked a bit, watching as his features twisted into an unsavory expression. She smirked as she shrugged off his hand, looking at him from the corner of her acid green eyes as she touched the door with her hand.

"I will try."

She stated simply, answering his question of her safety. When he gave a short laugh, ignoring the sadness within the sound, she opened the door and walked out of the house, making her way outside. She eyed the car in front of the muggle house Draco had gotten and nodded to the driver. Ignoring the nasty grunt directed toward her, she simply settled herself in the backseat, dismissing the man.

Looking out of the window she absently noted that the sun was just barely rising into the sky, the area tinged with various shades of pinks and reds. She hummed a bit, eyeing the people and buildings around her instead.

She glanced down when she heard a soft purring, eyeing her bag with a look of indifference as it seemed to wiggle around a bit. Suddenly a black fur ball popped out of the bag, the creature sneezing a bit as it blinked, looking up at its owner with bright yellow eyes. It meowed a bit and she simply lifted it unto her shoulder, petting it lightly with the pads of her fingers as she continued to stare out into the window.

Today, she was Harelda Potter; tomorrow she would be Igarashi Hitomi, emancipated orphan child with superior intelligence and twelve years of age.

She sighed slightly, eyes glazed a bit in thought as she stared at her surroundings. She hummed.

"Everything is about to change, Midnight." She informed the cat, watching from the corner of her eyes as the animal simply stretched gracefully, her sleek onyx body going to rest around her shoulder and upper arm comfortably. Yellow eyes met jade and a glint appeared in both as they turned to look outside the window.

"I think things are about to get interesting." She said simply, never faltering in her caresses.

A simple meow was her answer.


A/N: Hitomi means the pupil of the eye. In Japan it is typically given to those who have beautiful eyes, hence the reason why Harelda got it.

Oh, and Harelda is one of the female versions of Harry, though this one means strong in war, or commander in war. I thought it was fitting for her.

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