Forward: Like many fans, I was disappointed by the end of Adventure 02. This story is my attempt to remedy it by filling in some of the major plot holes. This will also help join Adventure to Tamers, as they will both end up taking place in the same world.

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon(although I wish that I did)

Digimon Adventure 3


December 26, 2002

Daemon looked around him at the bleak, desolate place that those children had sent him. The world was dark, with a false gray light providing the only illumination. Nearby, the sound of waves echoed in the silent world. Though he was not easily driven to emotion, he wanted to scream with rage. He had been close; so close to getting his hands on the powerful Dark Spore. Curse those children for sending me to this forsaken place. Ultimate power could—should be mine!

Though he had boasted that he would be back to claim his prize, he truly had no idea how to leave this dimension to take his revenge. He attempted to open a digital gate, but it was futile. He was well and truly trapped. As he gazed at the shadowy surf though, a powerful voice suddenly resonated in his head. "Serve us."

The voice put it as though he had no choice in the matter, but although he had been beaten, his pride was still strong; he had no intentions of serving anyone but himself. "And pray, why would I ever do that?" he challenged.

"You are trapped here, mighty one. You will never escape on your own. However, If you serve me and my brethren, we will help you leave. Serve us, and you will have your revenge." The voice spoke with impossible authority, and Daemon was forced to believe its words. However, he was accustomed to commanding, not serving, and thus far he had only heard an empty voice.

"Who are you to promise me this?" he roared. In reply, the surf began to churn, and a short ways out something began to rise from the water. As it arose, Daemon suddenly felt very small and insignificant. He could instinctively tell that this being far surpassed him in power. It took all of his concentration to avoid quavering in fear of this entity.

The being did not introduce itself, but did speak. "Serve us and revenge will be yours."

Beneath his robes, Daemon smiled wickedly.

December 31, 2009

Azulongmon hovered above a field in the Digital World. It was twilight on the last day of the year, and he had a very important matter to discuss. The issue lay heavily upon him; he had spent the last seven years considering every possible alternative, but was finally forced to face a hard reality. Now, all that was left was to convince his fellows of that truth.

A bright, fiery object seemed to plummet from the sky. A casual observer would have dismissed it as a meteorite, but Azulongmon knew better. Its flames diminished as it neared the ground, revealing an enormous bird-like digimon. "Greetings Zhuqiaomon," stated the dragon sovereign.

"Azulongmon," was Zhuqiaomon's only reply.

The two digimon Sovereigns waited in silence for a short time, awaiting the arrival of their final two compatriots. Their patience was finally rewarded by the shaking of the ground, and the two-headed tortoise sovereign, Ebonwumon appeared. He was quickly joined by a white flash of movement as Baihumon, the tiger sovereign, joined them.

With all of his fellows accounted for, Azulongmon was prepared to begin his explanation for the meeting, but was beaten to the punch by Baihumon. "Why have you called us here Azulongmon?"

Zhuqiaomon also joined in the interrogation, "Yes, why have you summoned us all to meet? The last time we all took council was following our release from imprisonment at the hands of the Dark Masters. Why must we convene now?"

Azulongmon now had the chance to reply, "My reasons for meeting are not trivial. It is about a conclusion that I have come to, an important conclusion that I have spent the last seven years arriving at."

"And just what is this 'important conclusion,'" sneered Zhuqiaomon.

"If you will be patient, I will tell you, but it will be in good time," replied Azulongmon

"We have no time for this! If you have something of substance, then spill it!" roared an irritated Baihumon.

For the first time in the meeting, Ebonwumon spoke up, "Calm down friend. If Azulongmon feels that this matter is so important, we should give him the time he needs to properly explain it." Baihumon sat back in submission, but still wore an obvious look of impatience. After a moment, Ebonwumon looked up at Azulongmon, "Please do continue," he stated.

Azulongmon silently thanked his friend before picking up where he had left off. "Before I inform you of my conclusion, I must try to show you how I arrived at it. As you all remember, we were defeated and locked away by the Dark Masters, as Zhuqiaomon so subtly reminded. Our world was then thrown into chaos, as we were not there to balance out the darkness. However, when it appeared that evil had won, a group of humans, the digidestined, came to our world and journeyed to free it of its tyrants.

One by one, the corrupt rulers of the Digital World were defeated: Devimon, Etemon and Myotismon. They eventually confronted and destroyed those who had defeated us. Finally, the destroyed Apocalymon and brought a temporary peace to our world. However, we remained imprisoned, powerless to do anything. At last, they gave up the powers of their crests and freed us. Unfortunately, we were almost immediately sealed away again by the Dark Towers, or as the humans call them, 'Control Spires'.

A new group of humans were chosen and, with help from the earlier digidestined, removed the towers, freeing us again. Shortly after, MaloMyotismon rose, and again we were helpless to affect events. Once more it was the children who saved our world."

"All of this is known to us already Azulongmon! Why do you tell us a tale that we know so well?" burst Zhuqiaomon.

"This is all important because knowledge of these events greatly influenced the decision that I have made." He prepared himself for what he knew would happen next, "It is, therefore, my conclusion that we are now unable to protect the Digital World."

The meeting erupted in chaos as the other sovereign reacted to his news. "Outrageous! We are the Sovereign! We are stronger than ever!" shrieked Zhuqiaomon.

"How can you say that we cannot protect the Digital World? We have had peace and harmony for almost seven years! I'm almost about to leave this meeting!" roared an enraged Baihumon. Even Ebonwumon was bowled over by Azulongmon's words, although he simply stood with a shell-shocked look on both of his faces.

Azulongmon allowed them to rant for a moment. He had known that they would react badly to his announcement, but he realized that this was getting out of hand. He swished his tail, and a clap of thunder boomed over them. "Silence!" he roared. The other sovereign quickly quieted themselves. Taking advantage of their surprise, Azzulongmon continued, "I know that you all deny it, but I speak the truth. We are weak, too weak now to successfully serve out our duty. We have been defeated by nearly every foe that we have faced. When I realized how weak I was after being freed of the Dark Towers, I thought that my—our—strength would return in time. However, it has been seven years, and our power has still not returned. I have reflected upon this, and discovered that our power is being fed upon."

His words stunned the others into a continued silence. After a period of silence, Zhuqiaomon finally spoke up, "Suppose that you are correct, and we are weaker than we should be. Why would we need such power with this peace, and also, what could possibly be sapping our strength?"

Azulongmon was actually glad that the fiery sovereign had spoken up. "I can answer both of your questions with a single one of my own. I assume that you are aware of the World of Darkness?"

"What does that wretched place have to do with any of this?" growled Baihumon.

"Everything," replied Azulongmon. "Four mighty entities have arisen there, horrible mockeries of ourselves. I have come to call them the Anti-Sovereign. They have a strange connection to us, being dark reflections of ourselves. Not only do they drain us of our strength, but they also have plans of domination of both our world and the human realm."

Zhuqiaomon's rage increased even more with Azulongmon's statement. "They must never succeed!" he cried.

Azulongmon found his fellow's passion amusing, but it was now time to deliver the cold hard truth, "Actually, they will, and must, succeed."

Zhuqiaomon's eyes widened, "What!" he screamed. He threw himself at Azulongmon, but was thrown off.

"It is the way things must be," he said. "However, there is a way to defeat them."

"How?" rasped a thoroughly exasperated Zhuqiaomon. "If we are too weak to fight, then who will defeat them if not us?"

"The humans must defeat this threat," stated a calm Azulongmon.

Zhuqiaomon gave a mocking laugh, "The humans? If we cannot defeat these beings, what chance do they possibly have?"

"More than you might think," responded Azulongmon.

"I still don't know why the diginomes thought it necessary to recruit the children in the first place. For all we know, the energy required to aid them could have directly caused our weakness."

"Do you really believe that Zhuqiaomon?" asked Azulongmon in a quiet tone. "They have proven capable of meeting all of the other challenges that they have faced before. I have faith in them and so should you."

For once, Zhuqiaomon could find no words to respond. However, Azulongmon still had one more thing to say, "I have also discovered that as long as we exist, the Anti-Sovereign cannot be defeated. We must sacrifice ourselves and wait to be reconfigured so that they might have a chance."

The four digimon paused in silence, all of them reaching the same unspoken decision. Azulongmon dismissed the meeting, and the others left to return to their duties. The fact that he had convinced the others of the rightness of his decision brought him no joy. He had won the battle, but the war had yet to begin. All that was left now was to wait for the right moment to present itself.