Chapter 11: Clash of the Megas

Thick black smoke from the burning wreckage of what had once been the Odaiba Convention Center spilled out into the air, wafting up to engulf the two massive digimon squaring off nearby. Imperialdramon sidestepped out of the way of a careening fireball, and immediately threw up another blue energy shield to stop a subsequent attack. His eyes narrowed as Daemon's mocking laugh echoed around him again, but there was little that he could do about it. After fighting for so long, he was all but exhausted, while Daemon didn't even seem to be tiring at all.

Another fireball flashed toward him, forcing Imperialdramon to roll out of the way. He ended in a kneeling position, with his arm mounted cannon aimed to fire, and let loose a concentrated beam of crackling purple energy at Daemon. The laughter stopped momentarily and was replaced by a growl as Daemon awkwardly tumbled away from the attack. The fiendish digimon formed another fiery sphere to launch at his adversary, but during his momentary distraction Imperialdramon had vanished.

Daemon's wrath intensified at the disappearance of his opponent. "You pathetic coward, show yourself, and face your doom!" His challenge was met with silence, as Imperialdramon refused to be taken in by the taunt. He was completely outclassed by Daemon, and he knew it. His only hope was to hold out until reinforcements arrived. In the meantime, he needed to stay alive, and if hiding was the best way to do that, then so be it.

As the flames crackled nearby, Davis and Ken slowly made their way through the rubble, attempting to put as much distance between themselves and Daemon as possible. Imperialdramon had been occupying the demonic digimon's attention for a while, but they knew that they were still in grave danger. Their progress was hampered by Ken's injury, as well as their attempt to remain as inconspicuous as possible. It didn't help that their path was littered with debris, scattered all around them by Daemon's earlier attack. Fortunately, Imperialdramon had given them enough time to nearly clear the area, and an open space, about a block away from the ruined Convention Center, was just a few dozen yards away.

"Hang on Ken," urged Davis, "We're almost in the clear. Just a little further."

Ken nodded, and the two men tried to pick up the pace a little bit, working towards their goal. Suddenly, Davis stumbled and fell on his hands and knees, bringing Ken down with him. The dark haired man gave a cry of pain as his injured leg fell hard upon a jagged piece of concrete. The blow started a fresh wave of bleeding from the leg, and Ken's pant leg began to stain a dark crimson as the blood flowed out. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to be the only effect; Ken had adjusted to the pain from his earlier wound, and had still been able to walk. Now, however, the pain was much more intense, and the moment that he tried to put any weight on the leg, pain shot through him, forcing him to fall back down.

Davis had fared slightly better than his friend, but still had his own injuries from the short fall. The ground was littered with sharp pieces of metal, concrete and glass, which bit viciously into Davis's hands, cutting his palms to ribbons. He winced at the wound, which complimented the cuts on the backs of his hands that he had received earlier. Although the injury hurt, it wasn't debilitating, like Ken's was, and Davis quickly picked himself up and extended a hand to his friend.

Ken grabbed on to Davis's wrist, rather than his blood soaked hand, and Davis pulled to try to bring Ken to his feet. He managed to get one leg up, but the moment that Ken tried to stand on the other, he gasped sharply and collapsed back down. "I think that the bone is fractured," said Ken, waving off Davis's second attempt to pull him to his feet, "I don't think that I'm going anywhere soon."

"You're right," said Daemon's menacing voice, "You won't be going anywhere, ever again." Ken's cry of pain had reminded Daemon of the two men's presence, and he was eager to take advantage of the opportunity. If Imperialdramon was going to hide like a coward, he would use his absence to kill his partners, and seize the Dark Spore for himself. The device, still implanted in Ken, contained the last of Milleniummon's powers. If he could take it for himself, he would be invincible. That prospect was too tempting to resist, and he began to advance towards the wounded Ken and Davis.

"No!" came a shout. The threat to his partners had forced Imperialdramon out of hiding, and he flung himself at Daemon with a roar, tackling the digimon and sending both of them wrestling to the ground. He landed several heavy punches to Daemon's head, putting as much force into the blows as he could. Despite his frantic attack, it was obvious that he was succumbing to fatigue, as the punches came slower, and Daemon was quickly able to roll him off. Imperialdramon slowly pulled himself up to one knee, just in time to be sent stumbling backwards by one of Daemon's fireballs.

"There you are," hissed the red-cloaked digimon, "I was worried that I wouldn't get my chance to finish you off." Another fireball soared towards Imperialdramon, who hastily erected an energy barrier, which staved off the blast. Daemon took a step forward and let loose another attack. Imperialdramon's shield again stopped the attack, but the force of the impact slid him backwards several yards. Continuing to advance, Daemon lobbed blast after blast, each time weakening Imperialdramon's defenses while closing the gap between them. Finally, when the two were no more than twenty yards apart, it happened. A powerful sphere of flame struck collided with the shield, and it shattered, allowing the attack to continue on and strike Imperialdramon squarely on the chest, sending him reeling backwards.

Daemon finished closing the distance, until he stood over Imperialdramon. "A valiant effort," he mocked, "but so useless. Now, I will destroy you once and for all." Raising his arm, he prepared to strike the final blow with his deadly claws. Davis and Ken turned away, unable to watch the sight. Daemon's arm plunged down, and Imperialdramon closed his eyes, bracing himself for the end.

A shape flashed through the air, slamming into Daemon with a loud thudding sound, sendintg the robed digimon toppling backwards. Omnimon whirled around before Daemon could react and slashed out with his Grey Sword, cutting a deep gash in Daemon's arm. Daemon gasped in shock and pain, as his dark crimson blood began to stain the lighter red cloth of his robes.

"Davis! Ken!" cried Tai as he and Matt tore through the cluttered ground to reach their younger friends.

"We're over here!" responded Davis, "Ken's injured his leg! He can't walk!"

Matt and Tai followed Davis's voice and quickly found Ken and him huddled on the ground. Ken was still lying in pain on the ground, each movement of his damaged leg sending new waves of pain jolting through him. Tai grimaced at the injury. If Davis was right, and Ken couldn't walk, it would complicate any efforts to escape the danger zone that they found themselves in. Why is Joe never around when we need a doctor, he thought irritably, he'd probably be able to set a functional splint so that Ken could at least move on his own. Without that, it's going to take a lot longer for us to get away. "Matt," said Tai, "Grab Ken's legs. Carefully. We don't want to hurt him even more. Davis, you support Ken's body. I'll hold up his head and shoulders." The other men nodded and got to work, gingerly grasping Ken and lifting him up so that he could be moved.

"No!" roared Daemon, quickly aware that his prize was being stolen. He started toward the quartet, then pulled back just in time to avoid a deadly slash from Omnimon's sword, which instead cut cleanly through his robe. Positioning himself to have more stable footing, Daemon summoned another ball of fire in his hand, determined to eliminate his new adversary as quickly as possible. "Evil Inferno!" he roared as he hurled the incendiary projectile at Omnimon.

The attack was entirely expected by Omnimon, who responded quickly to the threat. His right arm extended the cannon hidden within, and he sent a blast of golden energy to intercept the fireball. "Supreme Cannon!" yelled Omnimon. The attacks collided in a dazzling flare of light, sending a tremendous burst of heat rushing out.

"Impressive," observed Daemon, as the light from the impact began to fade. His eyes caught a flash of movement, and he was barely able to get a clawed hand up to stop a brutal sword chop from Omnimon, who had hoped to end the fight quickly using the blinding light from their attacks to get the drop on his foe. "Most impressive," whispered Daemon. That comment seemed to urge Omnimon on, as he applied more and more pressure, attempting to continue his downwards chop. The two digimon pushed and shoved on each other, each trying to gain an edge, but it was clear that their struggle wasn't going to give a decisive winner.

With a frustrated grunt, Daemon wheeled to the side, disengaging from the confrontation in favor of trying a new tact. Immediately, he was smashed in the face by a backhanded blow of Omnimon's cannon. The unexpected strike sent Daemon stumbling backwards, and he fell on his butt amid a pile of debris. Omnimon approached where Imperialdramon was lying and offered him an arm. The exhausted Imperialdramon grasped it and pulled himself unsteadily to his feet.

"Can you still fight?" questioned Omnimon, concerned by the battered appearance of his comrade.

"I think that we've still got some fight left," Imperialdramon responded, weakly, but confidently. Omnimon's arrival had given him just breather that he needed, and he was already prepared to go another few rounds. Digimon did heal quite fast after all.

"You're going to pay for that," hissed Daemon as he got back to his feet, "Even the two of you together are no match for me." A cloud of deep violet energy collected around Daemon, until he thrust both of his hands out towards Omnimon and Imperialdramon. "Demonic Tempest!" he shouted as he sent the shockwave of energy arcing towards the two digimon.

Imperialdramon and Omnimon acted swiftly to protect themselves from the blast. Imperialdramon threw up one of his energy shields, while Omnimon turned to the side and raised his left arm, the Brave Shield mounted there expanding to full size. Daemon's powerful attack cascaded over them, but behind their defenses, the two digimon weathered the attack until it passed, leaving them unharmed.

As the attack winded down, Omnimon and Imperialdramon prepared to go back on the offense, with the former angling his sword and the latter aiming his laser to fire at the demonic digimon. Glancing at each other, the two digimon agreed to an unspoken plan of attack. Daemon looked thoroughly perturbed that his attack had failed. Omnimon didn't give him time to dwell on it though, darting in for the attack. Daemon stepped to the side to avoid the first blow, then throwing up his arm to block a follow up slash, bracing himself to avoid injury on the arm. A whooshing sound alerted him to a new threat, and he clumsily fell backwards to avoid a blast from Imperialdramon's Positron Laser. A subsequent barrage of blasts had Daemon rolling around on the ground in a most undignified manner in a desperate attempt to avoid the attacks.

Daemon finally rose and sent a blast of fire at Imperialdramon, but then immediately had to duck to avoid having his head taken off by another arcing slash by Omnimon. With a growl, he lashed out with his leg, kicking Omnimon away from him. A hard blow struck him on the head as Imperialdramon had rushed over and brought his cannon crashing down on Daemon. Daemon struck out with his arm, but Imperialdramon deflected the blow and countered with a spinning high kick. Sneering, Daemon caught the kicking leg and swung Imperialdramon around, then released him, sending the draconic mega digimon flying. Omnimon's voice alerted him to his renewed presence. "Supreme Cannon!" he yelled. The powerful blast of energy flashed towards Daemon, who raised his left hand to block the attack.

Rising from the ground, Imperialdramon saw Omnimon's attack, and sought to take advantage of Daemon's distraction with an attack of his own. Raising his weapon, he thundered "Positron Laser!" The beam of energy shot towards Daemon, who saw the danger at the last minute, and frantically positioned his right hand to protect himself. He stood there for several tense moments, desperately fending off the twin attacks to keep himself from destruction. Then, with an enraged roar, he pushed outwards, breaking the two blasts. Omnimon and Imperialdramon stared in shock, stunned by Daemon's ability to survive attacks from the both of them at once.

Daemon chuckled mirthlessly. "You two are powerful," he said, "but no Digimon is a match for me. My power is nearly unsurpassable! The both of you will meet your ends, and nothing you do can stop it!" Omnimon and Imperialdramon recovered from their surprise and bolted forward, determined to prove Daemon wrong.

Behind his cowl, Daemon smiled. He stomped his foot, and stretched out his hand. "Nightmare's Illusion!" he cackled. The surrounding light vanished, smothered by a thick blanket of blackness, so dark that had he put his hand in front of his face, Tai wouldn't have been able to see it. The effect was worse on the digimon, who slowed down in confusion, not knowing where Daemon was now.

A cackle echoed from the dark, and Omnimon swore that he saw a flash of movement coming towards him. Raising his sword, he jabbed forward, and was rewarded by a soft cutting noise, informing him that his strike had hit home. Seconds later, a blast struck him squarely in the chest, and he went crashing to the ground. Daemon's harsh breathing seemed to be everywhere, and Omnimon was cautious as he rose from the ground. Hearing another blast, he stepped to the side and launched a powerful blast of his own with his arm cannon.

Imperialdramon wasn't faring any better. Daemon seemed to be everywhere at once. His left arm was bleeding from a long shallow cut that he had suffered, and a flash of heat only a few meters from his head indicated a near miss from one of the Digimon's fireballs. Sending another blast out of his arm mounted laser, he expected to hear a sound from the impact, but instead heard a whooshing noise as a counterattack flashed towards him. Placing an energy field in front of him, he deflected the attack, then forced the blast back to its origin point. Imperialdramon grinned; perhaps the tide of this battle was turning after all.

In the pitch-blackness of Daemon's aura, Matt, Tai and Davis still struggled to move Ken out of harms way, and to find a place where they would be safe from Daemon for the time being. Unfortunately, not being able to see tended to complicate that task a bit. After nearly tripping to the ground a few times, Tai had decided to slow down to a crawl, taking care with each small step to avoid stumbling to the ground. "Let's turn to the right a little bit," said Tai, "We've been going in this direction for a while, and if we're where I think, we're getting close to where the convention center used to be, and that's a place we really don't want to be messing around with."

"Alright," replied Matt, although Tai couldn't see him, "Davis, you come my way, and we'll move out in my direction. Be careful though, there's some rebar sticking up in front of me."

Davis took a few tentative steps forward, then froze as he felt his shoe tap something. If he'd been less cautious, the exposed rebar could have left a nasty gash on his leg. "Alright," he said, "thanks for that. Let's keep going slowly, so we can get out of here." The quartet continued moving along, but after just one more step, the enshrouding darkness vanished instantly.

"What happened?" asked Tai, "The darkness went away."

"Look at that," said Matt, pointing behind Tai. Turning, Tai looked back the way that they had come, and was shocked at what he saw. He had expected a dome of shadow, considering how completely black it had been inside, but instead it looked like only a light mist was shrouding the area. They could actually see inside without much difficulty. What he saw, however, was horrific. Imperialdramon forced a blast back towards Omnimon, sending him skidding back on one knee. He responded by rocketing towards Imperialdramon, sword first, and the DNA mega was barely able to avoid the charge, stepping to the side and grabbing at Omnimon. Imperialdramon threw Omnimon backwards, but not before receiving a shallow slash on his abdomen.

"What are they doing?" asked Tai incredulously. He couldn't believe that their friends were fighting each other instead of Daemon. It wasn't like they were being controlled, at least as far as he could tell.

"Guys!" yelled Davis, "You're fighting each other! You've got to stop!"

"It's no use," said Daemon, who was flying above the dome, exuding an aura of confident smugness, "They can't hear you. They're trapped in my illusion, thinking that they're fighting me. It's so much fun to toy with my prey."

Davis ignored him, knowing that Daemon was just trying to keep them distracted and afraid. Bringing his D3 close to his mouth, he spoke into it, praying that Imperialdramon could hear him. "Imperialdramon, you've got to stop fighting. It's a trick from Daemon to get you both to fight each other."

Of course, thought Tai, Omnimon may not be able to hear us from out here, but maybe the connection that we have through our digivices can let him know! Bringing his own digivice up, he mimicked Davis. "Omnimon, if you can hear me, stop fighting. Daemon's tricking you into fighting Imperialdramon so that you'll destroy each other for him!"

Inside the blanket of darkness, Omnimon was beginning to tire. He'd already sustained several blows, and having to dodge many more blasts had left him nearly out of breath. As he paused for a moment, listening intently for the next attack, he heard something else instead. Omnimon… stop fighting. Daemon's tricking you.

Tai? Omnimon wondered. How could Tai be speaking to him, and how did he know that he was being tricked? What if the message was actually the trick from Daemon, trying to get him to let down his guard?

Please listen to me, said Tai's voice again. That did it. Bracing himself, Omnimon stood up, but made no move to attack. He just hoped that he was making the right decision.

Nearby, Imperialdramon was going through the same process as he struggled to decide whether to listen to what sounded like his partner's voice.

Come on Imperialdramon, came Davis's voice, it's one of Daemon's tricks! He's got you fighting your friends!

That made Imperialdramon stop in his tracks. Davis was the only one that he knew of that spoke in that exact way. If this was a trick of Daemon's then it was a darned good imitation. Breathing out slowly, Imperialdramon lowered his defensive shield and waited for what would happen next.

"Why don't you fools give up?" asked Daemon, "It's useless. Your partners can't hear you, and eventually they'll destroy each other. Quite an amusing show for me."

Below him, Ken struggled to rise. "You're a right evil creep Daemon," he spat before collapsing back down in pain.

"You flatter me Ken," Daemon responded, laughing, "Too bad that it won't help you live any longer. As soon as I deal with your friends, I'll take the Dark Spore from you. It will be a rather painful experience. I'm afraid that you won't survive the process."

"There's no way that we're going to let you hurt Ken!" shouted Davis defiantly, "We're not finished yet, and we still plan to beat you."

"I'm sure that you do," Daemon sneered mockingly, "but unfortunately for you, you can't do anything to me. With your partners occupied, you're all weak and powerless to do anything as I destroy you." He prepared to launch a final attack, but paused in surprise as Tai gave a cocky grin.

"I think that they might have something to say about that," Tai retorted.

Daemon whirled around to see that his shroud of darkness had vanished, leaving a furious Omnimon and Imperialdramon facing him. "Fine," snarled Daemon, "I rather hoped that I'd get to kill you both myself. Even together, the two of you are no match for me."

"You're going to pay for that trick Daemon," said Omnimon, "How dare you try to make us fight each other."

Daemon replied with a sneer, "You were both so easy to trick to. If not for your partners, I would have had the joy of watching you two kill each other without having to dirty my hands at all."

That pushed them over the edge. Omnimon and Imperialdramon sprinted forward and collided with Daemon in a mighty crash. Their momentum was quickly stopped though, as Daemon sent Imperialdramon stumbling back with a vicious kick, leaving only Omnimon to fight him. After taking a blow from the Garuru Cannon, Daemon took great care to avoid leaving any openings that could be exploited. Omnimon on the other hand, after seeing Daemon's power firsthand, remained extremely aggressive, seeking to finish his opponent quickly. However, Daemon's caution left few opportunities, and when the first slip in Daemon's defenses showed itself, Omnimon struck immediately. After Omnimon faked a blow towards Daemon's legs, The demonic digimon's guard slipped and Omnimon struck hard with his left arm. Daemon was barely able to hands up in time to grab Omnimon's arm, stopping the blow short. He caught the fierce glint in Omnimon's eyes and quickly jerked his head to the side to avoid being impaled as Omnimon extended his Grey Sword.

Now the initiative passed to Daemon. With a growl, he gave a heave and threw Omnimon over his head, bringing his foe crashing to the ground. "Now you die," he hissed, raising his foot to crush Omnimon.

"No!" yelled Imperialdramon as he slammed into Daemon. With one foot raised, Daemon was off balance and nearly fell to the ground, barely forcing his feet to stabilize and keep him upright. Desperately, Imperialdramon punched at Daemon, and although many of the blows hit their mark it wasn't enough to seriously injure him. Daemon lashed out and struck Imperialdramon in the head with a lightning quick attack, then leapt backwards, disengaging from the fight. He struggled not to show it, but the fight had finally begun to take its toll on him, leaving him nearly out of breath and his reactions slower than they otherwise would have been.

Imperialdramon offered his hand to Omnimon, who gratefully took it and stood back up. The two of them faced down Daemon defiantly, and though exhausted were determined to win this battle. Daemon glared at them, indescribably annoyed that his adversaries refused to stay down. "So, you still insist on making this difficult," he said, "Well, maybe this will teach you your lesson." Flames appeared in his hands, and he stretched them out towards Omnimon and Imperialdramon. "Evil Inferno!" he roared, sending the blistering wave of fire screaming towards the two digimon.

Imperialdramon and Omnimon acted as one, each of them aiming his weapon towards Daemon and letting loose two simultaneous powerful attacks.

"Positron Laser!"

"Supreme Cannon!"

For not the first time their attacks collided with Daemon's blast, but this time the twin beams of energy tore straight through the wave of fire and reached their mark, a clearly shocked and defenseless Daemon. A cry of agony escaped his lips as the two attacks washed over him. The light from the impact blazed so brightly that it obscured Daemon from sight, and Imperialdramon and Omnimon watched expectantly for the light to fade. As it finally did, it revealed a horrific sight.

Daemon stumbled forward clumsily, his robe on fire from the powerful attack. His whole body was racked with pain, and his entire focus was bent on his hatred for those who had dared to hurt him in such a way. For their part, Imperialdramon and Omnimon were shocked to see that Daemon had survived their combined attack, and were unnerved, and his continued advance while engulfed in flames was a truly terrifying sight.

"This has gone on long enough," Daemon said softly as he walked towards the two, "It's time that you see me for who I really am." Omnimon and Imperialdramon braced themselves, preparing for a counterattack, but Daemon simply reached up and grasped the smoldering cowl around his face. Then with a tug, he tore the cowl off, revealing the ugliness within.

Beneath his obscuring garb was a horrible fiendish gray skinned headwith vicious oversized fangs. The cruel nails on Daemon's hands grew out into full-blown claws, which he flexed menacingly. Imperialdramon and Omnimon recoiled in horror at the sight. Daemon simply chuckled. "Yes, now you see me for what I truly am. This is the price I paid for my power, but I consider it a small price to pay. Feel fortunate digidestined fools; few have seen me as I appear before you now." Taking a step forward, he concluded menacingly, "And it will be the last thing you see before you die." Flashing forward, Daemon slashed out with both arms, his claws raking both Omnimon and Imperialdramon at the same time. With a kick, Daemon sent Imperialdramon rolling away, leaving Omnimon alone to fight him.

Omnimon struck once with his Grey Sword, but Daemon batted it out of the way with his claws before launching a flurry of blows at Omnimon, who desperately tried to fend them off, but was unsuccessful as Daemon broke through his defenses. With his wicked claws, Daemon left a cluster of slashes on Omnimon's armored body, and actually cracked the armor in places. Exploiting his foe's defenselessness, Daemon grabbed Omnimon by the throat with his right arm. Attempting to free himself, Omnimon feebly slashed at the grasping arm with his sword, but Daemon simply tightened his grip and Omnimon was forced to give up his efforts. Smiling evilly, Daemon held Omnimon for several long seconds, relishing the feeling of power and control. Finally, Omnimon went limp and Daemon threw him several dozen yards behind him in disgust, turning his attention towards Imperialdramon. "Now it's your turn," he threatened.

"Leave him alone!" yelled Davis, "We're the ones that you want!"

"How amusing," said Daemon, "Attempting to save your partner by using yourself as a distraction. But you're right. Your friend has the Dark Spore, which belongs to me. And it makes no difference; I will destroy all of you eventually." He changed course and strode over to where Tai, Matt, Davis and Ken were, towering over the four.

"Davis! Ken!" rasped Imperialdramon weakly, struggling over to protect his partners. Unfortunately, in his weakened state he couldn't possibly make it over in time to make a difference.

Hearing Imperialdramon's pitiful cries, Daemon turned to face him. "I can't imagine the pain that you'll feel when I kill your partners," he gloated, "I look forward to hearing your screams of agony, knowing that you couldn't do a thing to save them. Say your last goodbye!" He conjured a flame in his hand and prepared to unleash it on the helpless quartet of digidestined. Davis closed his eyes, waiting for the end.

Suddenly, the flame vanished and Daemon went rigid, shocking Davis and the others. The reason was suddenly made clear as the orange blade of Omnimon's Grey Sword ripped through Daemon's chest. Daemon stared down in shock at the blade protruding from his torso as his red robe stained a darker crimson around the wound.

"Imperialdramon!" yelled Omnimon, "Finish him!" Mustering the last of his strength, Imperialdramon removed his laser cannon from his arm and gripped in both hands. Omnimon roughly tugged his sword back out of Daemon's body and dove over to cover Tai, Matt, Davis and Ken with his body.

Imperialdramon summoned all of his remaining power and unleashed it from his weapon. "Giga Crusher!" he yelled. The concentrated blast of energy struck Daemon directly, exploding in a mushroom cloud of light. Daemon gave an unearthly shriek as the blast consumed him, and he was sent crashing about a hundred yards away into the wreckage of the convention center. As the blast faded, Omnimon slowly raised himself back up, allowing Tai, Matt, Davis and Ken to see the results of the attack for themselves. The three relatively uninjured Digidestined gave a cheer, and even Ken gave a weak smile and raised his hand in triumph.

From over in the wreckage, a weak groan rolled out, putting everyone back on edge. "He's still alive," muttered Imperialdramon, "Come on, you'll be safer in my shield." Davis nodded and a beam of light engulfed them, transporting them up until they were on Imperialdramon's shoulder, surrounded by a protective bubble of pale blue energy. Then, Imperialdramon and Omnimon cautiously walked over to where Daemon had fallen.

As they approached, it was apparent that Daemon would not be getting back up again. His broken form lay contorted on the ground, his limbs weakly twitching in a vain attempt to rise. Realizing that his struggle was useless, he gave up and simply lay on the ground, looking up in the air. "Now I see," he whispered, "I was never meant to defeat the Digidestined. I was just a pawn myself, used to test their strength. My masters used my lust for revenge, and I played right along." Hearing the approach of Omnimon and Imperialdramon, he turned his head and faced them. "You think that you've won, Digidestined? You think that you're strong to have beaten me? You have no idea what's coming. You were barely able to defeat me, and my masters are more powerful than you can possibly imagine. You are all going to die."

"Masters?" asked Tai, "Who are you talking about?"

"You'll meet them soon enough, little Digidestined. And when you do, you'll wish that you'd let me kill you, rather than live to see their victory."

Daemon laughed hysterically, further enraging Tai. "Answer me, damn you!" he demanded, letting his frustration enter his language. Daemon said nothing, but his laughter slowed, and finally ceased. Seconds later, Daemon's body dissolved into data and vanished into the night.