Teaser: Backstage

Most guest stars didn't show up until there were less than sixty minutes to curtain time. It generally took them that long to realize that their contract didn't contain any escape clauses. So, with more than four hours to go, Scooter was happily bopping away to Bob's Favorite Street Songs as he reviewed a prop list.

"Ok, flash-bang grenades... check. Cone of silence arrows, check. Boy, Statler and Waldorf aren't gonna like those! Oh, a salesman in a person in my neighborhood... in my neighborhood... Um, where was I? Right. Rodeo costumes, check..." He looked straight ahead as though he were speaking to a studio audience. "Boy, I wish I knew who tonight's guest stars are going to be. For some reason, they're keeping it secret." He shrugged. "I just hope they know they're supposed to tip the gofer." He went back to his list.

"Um... excuse me?"

"Yes, a salesman is a person in my neighborhood..."

"Excuse me?"

Oblivious, Scooter danced on... until he nearly bumped into a young man wearing what, at first glance, appeared to be a disco suit with a high Elvis collar. The young man reached down and gently plucked the headphones off the young muppet's head. "Excuse me," he said again. "We're here for tonight's show. Where do we sign in?"

Scooter's jaw dropped. "Hey," he exclaimed. "I know you! You're..." Something caught his peripheral vision and he spun to see a red-haired man, holding a bow in one hand. Next, he noted the woman in the black bodysuit with twinkling stars and a lasso at her hip, who stood next to a taller woman with golden skin, green eyes and masses of flame-red hair. Then, there was the green-skinned boy-Scooter had never seen a non-muppet with that coloring-the woman in the hooded blue robe, and... someone who looked like he should have been on the show that night when the cast of Star Wars had (literally!) crashed the show.


"Yeah," Nightwing said, grinning. "We are. I know we're a little early, but I need a little time to inspect the rigging."

"And check for booby traps," Cyborg added.

"And check out the chicks," Roy grinned.

"Hey!" A hoarse voice protested. Roy looked down to see a purple bird in a burgundy tuxedo, running forward, arms akimbo. Clustered behind him were about a dozen white hens, clucking madly. "Don't get any ideas, Mister! They're taken!