The applause is still going strong when Kermit comes out onstage. "Thank you, thank you! Wow! We've had a really fantastic show tonight, and it's almost time to leave, BUT before we go, let us have another warm round of applause for our wonderful guest stars, the TERRIFIC TEEN TITANS!"

The audience needs no prompting to comply, as the Titans come on stage.

"Thanks, Kermit," Nightwing says. "We've had a great time, tonight." He looks over his shoulder. "Right, gang?"

The others nod.

"I actually wouldn't mind doing a second show," Arsenal says. "See, when I'm not hanging out with these guys, I play with a rock band. We could use a bit more exposure."

"Wow." Kermit says. "You Teen Titans are just full of surprises."

"What?" Roy said. "Because I play rock?"

"No!" Waldorf shouts from the balcony. "Because you want to do another show!"

Kermit ignores him. "Well, that's wonderful. I think we're pretty solidly booked for the next few months, but I'll see what we can do. Um... what's the name of your band, Arsenal?"

Arsenal grins. "Great Frog."

Kermit's eyes suddenly grow very large. "How about next week?"

The audience applauds.

Scooter comes forward. "But next week we have-"

Kermit brushes him off. "Bump 'em."


Kermit repeats himself. "Bump 'em." He turns to the audience. "And we'll see you all next time on The Muppet Show!

The orchestra starts up as the closing credits roll. When the camera finds Statler and Waldorf, it is clear that somewhere in the last few seconds, Roy has sent a second cone-of-silence arrow their way, as the two are gesticulating wildly but no sound escapes the plastic dome surrounding them.

The closing theme ends.

The house lights come on.

And another show is over.