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Bets: Gaara Story

Chapter 1: Placing the Bet

"Fucking baka, no way will you fucking win this bet," Hidan challenged, throwing the prediction towards his partner Kakuzu.

"Hidan, just shut up," the brunette replied, rolling his eyes at his partner's competitive attitude. The Jashinist just growled and cursed, stomping away towards the Game Room.

"What was that all about?" I asked. The only remaining man looked over at me and smirked.

"C'mon, Hidan'll explain. We've actually been thinking of adding you in," he responded, walking out the white, faded door of the Akatsuki Kitchen. We entered the game within a few minutes, finding the rest of Akatsuki, save Leader-sama and Konan-sama, just hanging about.

"Oi! Fucker; why are you here?" the albino of the group snapped at me, raising his eyebrows.

"I wanna know about this bet you guys seem to be so interested in."

All the members looked at me. Some chuckled and nodded, others just went on with their previous activities, completely indifferent. I walked slowly over to the couch that sat in front of the rather large TV and plopped myself down in between Deidara and Zetsu. The blonde just grinned and ruffled my hair, receiving a half-hearted glare from me. He and I had been friends ever since he and Sasori were assigned to recruit me into the Akatsuki a few years back.

Zetsu was sitting to my right, having a silent conversation with himself. He and I had gotten along, though we were just comrades or acquaintances, not friends. He looked up at me, mumbled a faint 'hello' before returning to his bickering. The other members were either playing random games like Billiards, making bets to see who would win, whilst others just talked amongst each other….or themselves.

We aren't the most stable organization out there.

Especially mentally.


"So, fucker, ya wanna know about the bet, huh?" Hidan asked, leaning against the Billiard's table as he was about to make a shot. I got up and made my way over to him, grabbing Deidara's wrist in the process and dragging him along with me towards the table.

"Yeah, I do. So spill it," I ordered sternly, causing most of the members to smirk. Hidan shrugged and made the shot, watching as the cue ball bounced off the sides of the green table, hitting a purple ball, knocking it in the hole. He laughed as Kisame cursed loudly. The shark man held out what looked to be a twenty, which the Jashinist happily accepted.

"We can only fucking tell you, if you agree to be a part of it," he responded, looking at me and smirking in a rather evil and maniacal fashion.

I rolled my eyes and scoffed. I've been with these boys for far too long to be scared by any of their childish games.

"Fine, I'm in, now tell me about this damned bet."

All the boys in the room grinned at me like they were insane (which doesn't sound too far off the mark, in all honesty), making me sigh and cross my arms. Patience was never a virtue I seemed to possess, and these boys seemed to be testing my limits. They all knew I was all for a decent bet, and could gamble pretty damn well, if I do say so myself. What could be so damn secretive about this bet, which made it so interesting?

"Well," the silver haired male grinned. "Since you're officially part of it, there's no fucking backing out."

"Yeah, yeah, I know," I sighed, something which I had started doing a lot ever since I joined Akatsuki, and glared.

"I just hope you realize you've agreed to having to seduce and fuck a random guy," he smirked.

I shot a menacing glare towards the foul-mouthed priest.

The ass. He planned this.

He will die.

Slowly and painful, with many things being stuck into him.

Where there shouldn't be things.

Until them, I'll settle for fucking with the arse's mind.

"Well, what qualifies as 'random'?" I asked, much to their surprise (which only increased my amusement).

Serves them right.

The assholes.

These boys knew that I was a conservative type of person. I never mentioned my sex life, never made sex jokes, or talked about my previous boyfriends. But they also knew I was one competitive bitch. I could gamble with the best of them, just as long as it meant winning. I couldn't accept defeat easily, which is a key factor as to why they recruited me in the first place, save my powers and ninja abilities.

The other reason was because I could easily kick their asses into oblivion.

Which is what I would be doing to Hidan in a minute.

This caught Hidan off guard, but he merely grinned and responded. "Some dude off a fucking street, maybe a friend of a friend's you've never fucking met," he shrugged. "Just as long as you don't know shit about them but their name."

"_, are you seriously willing to go through with this, un? I mean, I know you, and you're not a very sexually oriented type of person. Are you actually considering this, yeah?" the only blonde bombshell of the group asked me, worry clearly imprinted upon his naturally pale features. I pursed my lips as if in thought, then nodded.

"Hey, I agreed that if I know about it, I'd do it. I intend to keep that promise. You should know I'm a loyal person," I replied, poking his arm lightly.

God damn you to the deepest pits of Hell, Hidan.

"Loyal and competitive," Kakuzu mumbled under his breath. I shot a glare at the stitched up man before rolling my eyes.

"Oh shut up you greedy money whore," I sighed, flicking his mask as he walked by me, smirking.

Kakuzu and I had a strange relationship, similar to the one of Sasori and Deidara's. We were friends in a way. Though we often bickered and called each other names which can't be repeated in any public place (we learned that the hard way), we knew we'd always have each other's back, just like Sasori and Deidara. Deidara outwardly expressed his respect for Sasori, calling him 'Danna' and all that, whilst still making a joke and mocking the red head, like the way I referred to Kakuzu as 'Kakuzu-sama' and occasionally 'Senpai' or 'Sensei', since he likes to teach me how to pick-pocket men and how to manipulate them to get their money. In return, Sasori refers to Deidara as 'brat' and often is short and snappy with him, but still manages to comfort the blonde if he isn't feeling well, or defends him when he gets injured in battle. The same goes for Kakuzu and me. He often makes jibes at me (always plural), intending to humiliate or anger me, but yet he always stiches me up when I get hurt, talks to me and comforts me when I'm not in a very cheerful mood, and treats my injuries to the best of his capabilities. It's a love-hate relationship, which we found as a comical relief when the days got gloomy in the Akatsuki hideout.

The man chuckled and sauntered over to Hidan, snatching the money from his hands and quickly shoving it into the pockets of his cloak.

"Dude what the fuck?" the other yelled, staring at his now empty hands.

"Hidan, you should know better by now than to keep your money out in the open," I grin.

"Shut up, bitch!" he snapped.

I rolled my eyes and lazily gave him the finger, walking over to take the empty seat next to Sasori, who was diligently working on a little puppet, tweaking it here and there to improve its abilities.

He looked up at me, offered a slight nod as a hello, and then began to work once more.

Maybe I should explain my relationships with each member, save Kakuzu who already has been explained. To me, each member is different, so you must approach them differently in order to gain their attention or trust.

Let's begin with Hidan.

Hidan is a loud-mouthed, arrogant man who believes that he is better than us all. He curses in every sentence and has very low tolerance with anyone or anything that went against what he had to say. Yet, he was an immortal, so that gives him the upper hand when in an argument; therefore he cannot die (though that doesn't stop us from trying). So he always wins. If you approach him with an attitude and very high confidence, you're seen as a friend whom he enjoys a good laugh with. The relationship he and I share isn't the best, but I like it. It's similar to the way of Deidara and Tobi's relationship. Hidan and I have a certain level of respect for one another (though it's very low, miniscule almost), and we show it often by doing small favors for each other or just sitting and sharing a laugh, no insults or jibes flying everywhere. Yet, we also have a low tolerance for each other. We easily get into arguments, and it takes a few hours, if not days, in order to settle it down once again. But all in all, I liked it. He was stress reliever when needed.

Deidara on the other hand is completely different. He is also arrogant, but knows when to keep quiet. He believes his art is the best out of everyone here, especially when compared to Sasori's puppets. Yes, Deidara is arrogant, but he is also sweet and looks out for the other member's best interest. If one wished to be a friend, simply show that you are no threat to him, or any of his friends. If one wants to score extra points, say you admire his art and that you believe true art is fleeting and transient (he's a sucker for the artistic type). Our relationship works like Itachi's and Kisame's. We outwardly show respect for one another and we are considered good friends, the best actually. Kisame and Itachi get along well, showing interest in what the other has to say, and does favors for them without being asked more than once. We have been like that since I first arrived, but I couldn't say the same for Sasori.

He was one of the hardest to please. The redhead was very clever, and wise beyond his appearance. He looked like any normal teenager, but his eyes showed experience which he should have never had to deal with. He keeps to himself, throwing threats and insults when one tries to get to close for comfort. When we first met, he was confined in Hiroku, sitting silently whilst Deidara and I began to converse. Though he seems like he doesn't care, I could tell he looked out for the blonde's well-being, actually everyone's well-being. Whilst the blonde and I talked, I saw Sasori watching me, his eye flickering between me and his comrade. He made sure that I wouldn't lay a finger on said boy and that I kept in my own personal space, a good five feet from the blue eyed male. I had attempted to strike a conversation with him, only to get nothing but snide comments in return. I found from those comments, that he didn't easily trust, and only let certain people enter his confined personal space. Deidara explained it took him years to finally earn his Danna's trust. Our relationship works unlike no other in the Akatsuki. We are friends, yes, but it's much more complicated than that. The moment when I earned his trust was when Deidara and Sasori were out on a mission. I had heard explosions come from the distance and I understood they were under attack, trying to keep the hideout from being found. I had run out and tried to assist, only to be pushed aside by Sasori. Sighing, I noticed a few men hiding in the trees, aiming kunai's at the blonde who had run out of clay when he had to catch the two-tails. The moment they fired I knew I had to do something, since said boy already had his hands full with five ninja pounding on him. Without thinking, I used my own body as a shield, taking the full impact of the kunai being lodged into my stomach, leg, and one slicing past my cheek, giving me a deep gash. The fight ended soon after, all men killed save the Akatsuki members. The moment Sasori saw I had risked my life for the well-being of his partner, he showed a more grateful side to him, allowing me to be accepted by the puppet master.

Itachi was similar but much easier to please. I didn't make the best first impression; truth is I probably made the worst. The first, and what I thought to be the last, time he ever spoke to me, I blurted out the stupidest line I could've ever said. Upon hearing his name was Itachi, I somehow managed to conjure up 'but you don't look like a weasel…' When I said those words, I slapped a hand over my mouth, saying apology after apology as his glare intensified. Hidan had burst out laughing and proceeded to exclaim we would be great friends (the asshole never was helpful in these types of situations). It took months of me begging and gravelling for forgiveness when he gave in, mostly because I had made his favorite dish…Dango. He shoved it down his throat, nodding in acceptance, patted my head like a brother would do to a younger sibling, and then walked away. I was surprised to see all it took was a plate of cooked dough drowned in syrup to get a mass murderer to forgive you, but I wasn't about to argue. Our relation is complex, yet simple. We could be considered friends, yet we act like complete strangers. When we see each other we give a faint nod, making eye contact for a split second (something that seems pretty stupid on my part), and then going on about our day, yet when night falls and I get frightened, or I get hurt at some point in the day, Itachi comforts me. If I wake from a nightmare in a cold sweat, he activates his Sharingan, showing me pictures of different illusions he conjured up, knowing it would cheer me up. Never did he hurt me or try to scare me away. Instead, he created illusions of peaceful serenity, allowing me to slip into dreams once again, leaning on the blackette for support. He usually carries me to my bed, but he doesn't leave immediately. Occasionally I feel something soft touch my forehead, which I knew was a kiss. He had told me in a way that he enjoyed my company, and referred to me as a little sister, who reminded him of his beloved little brother. We got along well, but only showed it when alone, never in front of the others.

Tobi, I must say, was the easiest one to befriend. He is hyper, but smart (when he wants to be, that is). He doesn't particularly keep to himself and enjoys the company of the others around him. He loves making friends and being happy, but he easily irritates those in his proximity.

Deidara especially.

He refers to the blonde as 'Senpai', and openly respects him, but Deidara either ignores him, or makes threats in a comical fashion, never truly hurting the masked boy.

Well…not most of the time.

Honestly, he never seemed to annoy me. Tire me? Yes, definitely, but never annoy or irritate me. We had a simple friendship, never arguing or bickering, simply laughing and joking. He's a sweet boy, and very easy to entertain.

Kisame was very similar. He is a fairly relaxed person, unless confronted in battle. He and I have a simple friendship. We don't have long conversations, but we love to make small bets against each other. We don't share secrets, hang out all the time, do things for each other…no. We simply joke around now and then, team up with each other against Hidan if he's in one of his fits, do simple things to get a laugh. The reason we truly met was because he had left his sword leaning on a wall near his room for some repairs. I had been walking past, and had taken interest in it. I stopped and began to look at it, curiosity getting the best of me, as it usually did. He saw me begin to walk up to it, stroking the outer layer of the shark skin, feeling it's smoothness under my fingertips. He walked up to me, and asked me if I wanted to help him fix it. Of course I said yes, and our friendship blossomed from there.

Zetsu was…interesting. We couldn't even be considered friends, but we weren't enemies. We were…neutral towards each other. Honestly, we didn't trust each other at all. He thought I was too hyper, hair brained, and annoying. In return, I referred to him and Hannibal Lector, always getting a glare when I did. He never told me anything, thinking I always make a joke out of it. I made sure I was never alone with him, in fear he'd eat me. In time we settled our differences…to an extent. We still didn't trust each other, but we could stand the other's presence. We didn't talk except mumbling a faint 'hello' when we saw each other.

Konan and I were friends. She had been so excited to finally have another female in the group of nine boys. We had gotten along instantly, and as our friendship blossomed, the Leader became more cautious. He still didn't fully trust me, since I am the newest member, so he put limits on the amount of time me and his beloved could spend together. Our friendship weakened over time due to having boundaries on our friendships. We still did talk, but not as often as we used too. This upset us both, but we knew we couldn't go against Leader-Sama…not if we wanted to live another day.

Speaking of Leader-Sama, he and I have a particularly interesting relationship. It's not the best, but sure as Hell not the worst. To this day, that man didn't trust me.


I don't know.

Do I care?

Not particularly.

If he asked me to do something, I would do it. That's the way it's supposed to be with all of us. I wasn't like Sasori who did it all without being told twice, but I wasn't like Hidan who talked back and often cursed out the Leader (the damn bastard always got away with it too, even though he gets Rinnenganed into the wall on a daily basis). I had to be told multiple times, and occasionally I couldn't help but get a jab in, but all in all, I was behaved. Leader had made me work alone. I work as a spy, going into villages and using a fake name and get information of what we needed, then I would report back, and repeat the first step all over again. It was fairly simple, and I didn't really have to work too hard to do it.

"So _, you're actually going to do the bet?" Kisame smirked, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Huh? Well yeah, I agreed to it, didn't I?" I grinned. The blue skin boy nodded, still smiling.

"Okay, so what are the rules?" I asked Hidan, walking over to him and leaning against the wall next to the Billiard's table that everyone was gathered around.

"You have a week to get fucking laid. You can't know shit about the person except their name and how they fucking look. Got it?" the Jashinist explained, slapping ten dollars on the table.

"Each person has to put ten bucks in the pile, whoever gets laid first, gets all the money," Kisame said, adding another ten on top of Hidan's.

"Perfect," I smirked, placing my money over the others. They all looked at me, expressions mixed with worry, pride, and acceptance. Deidara's face is what caught my attention. He frowned off into the distance, worry and concern clear on his face. Sighing, I approached him.

"What?" I asked.

"Follow me, un," he sighed, grabbing my hand and towing me with him into his bedroom. He pulled me in and sat me down on the bed with him next to me.

"Rara, what's wrong?" I frowned.

"Why are you doing this bet?"

"Why are you?"

"Because Hidan and I came up with it. _ you're seventeen years old, you're too young, un!"

"You're only nineteen! You're not exactly old either! Besides, I agreed that if I know about it, I'd do it. I keep my promises, Deidara."

"I…I just don't wanna see you get hurt. You're like family to me, I do all I can to protect you, un. I don't want to see you hurt, yeah."

I looked into the blonde' eyes and saw nothing but raw concern. I sighed and put my head on his shoulder.

"Rara, I'll be fine. I promise. I'm a big girl," I smiled weakly. He put his arm around my shoulder and sighed.

"She'll be fine, brat," Sasori sighed as he walked in, placing his puppets on his desk. Yeah, Deidara and Sasori shared a room. The Akatsuki, because of Kakuzu, had to share rooms with their partners.

Ha, sucks for them.

Payback's a bitch, ain't it Hidan?

"Yeah Rara, listen to your Danna," I giggled, ruffling his silky golden hair. The blonde just stuck his tongue out at me whilst Sasori rolled his eyes.

"Oi fuckers! Ya comin?" Hidan yelled at us.

"Be right there!" I called out. I grabbed their wrists and towed both boys to the Game Room once again.

This time, all the members, save Leader-sama and Konan-sama, were gathered around the Billiard's Table, a stack of money placed in the middle. I smirked and released the two boys, taking my spot in between them at the table.

"Good, now let's get this bet started," Hidan smirked. We all smiled and nodded, placing our bets one last time, before leaving.