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Bets: Gaara Story

Chapter Three: Forever and Always

"I was called?" I mumbled, sauntering into the Game Room where all the others were talking amongst themselves. They looked up at me then grinned.

"What took you so damn long?" Hidan asked, crossing his arms. "Had too much fun?"

Rolling my eyes, I walked past him, sitting on the island which was next to the door. "I probably got more than you did," I smirked.

Hidan growled and the other members just laughed. Truth is, I probably did. I had met a man I had never expected I would, and though we didn't have sex…I still felt I had won something…

"Shut the fuck up!" he growled and I chuckled.

"Relax Hidan, no need to be so defensive," I smiled.

The Jashinist just growled and stomped off, mumbling about doing a sacrifice. Joy… Once he left the room, all eyes were on me, and I sighed.

I hope you die Hidan. Slowly and painfully, you bastard.

"Yes?" I asked them.

"Did you really get lucky?" Kisame asked, smirking.

"Depends what you qualify as 'lucky'."

"Having sex," Kakuzu said.

"Then no," I grinned, running a hand through my hair. They all gave me questioning looks.

"Then why did you say you probably got more than Hidan?" Sasori asked, looking like he didn't even care.

Yeah, he probably didn't.


Sighing, I rolled my eyes. "How many of you actually believe he had sex, as opposed to probably beating some random chick then raping her?" I asked. No one said anything, and I nodded. "Exactly, in my opinion, that's not lucky, that's fucked up."

"So if you didn't get lucky, what did you do that entire time?" Kisame asked, leaning next to me.

I smirked and put a finger on my lips, signaling that I wasn't going to tell them. They narrowed their eyes and I winked and chuckled. Soon they dispersed, going in all different directions. As Deidara was walking away, I grabbed his hand and dragged him into his room, plopping him down on his bed.

"I gotta tell you what happened!" I whispered to him, wide-eyed.

"What did you do, un?" he asked. As I was going to answer, the door opened and Sasori slipped in. I narrowed my eyes.

"You're not planning on leaving anytime soon, are you?" I asked.

"No," he said simply.

I sighed.

Fuck everyone in Akatsuki.

"Keep a secret?"



"What happened _, un?" Deidara interjected, regaining my attention.

"Okay, so, I was walking around Konoha, when I came across this group of teenagers. There was quite a few. Naruto, the jinjuriki that we've been looking for, the nine-tails, Sakura, a medic-nin, Sasuke, Itachi's younger brother, Neji and Kiba, two random guys, Hinata, some chick, Ino, oh my Jashin Deidara, if you were a chick, you would look exactly like her. I mean she had long blonde hair, bangs over her right eye, blue eyes, all that. It was creepy! Then there was Gaara. He's also a jinjuriki, the one-tails. So I was standing in a dark spot, watching them to see if I wanted to even bother talking to them, when Gaara looked over at me and just sat there staring at me! It was kinda weird, but I thought nothing of it. He looked pissed off, but it seems that's how he looked naturally… So he saw me and called me over. I met everyone then he walked off. I followed him and we ended up talking for hours! So-" Sasori cut me off.

"Wait, Gaara, the one-tails? But we extracted his demon. How is he alive?" he asked. We looked at each other, wide-eyed. That's why he was so familiar! I helped capture him! I had to spy on him whilst in Sunagakure!

Goddammit my life sucks!

I will make you burn in Hell Hidan!

"I…I'm not sure…" I responded, sitting in between the two boys on Deidara's bed.

"Please, continue with your story, un."

I nodded. "Okay, so, I was sitting on this roof, looking for him, then the dude like encases me in sand! He left my head and shoulders exposed, so then he walked up behind me and asked what I was doing and why I was there, all that good stuff. So when I told him I meant him no harm and stuff, he let me go. I stayed and we ended up talking. He told me that he knew I was in the Akatsuki and that he knew the names I used were fake and made up. So I told him my real name-"

"YOU WHAT?" they yelled in unison. I slapped my hand over their mouths and looked at the door then back at them.

"Dammit be quieter!" I hissed.

"_, you know you're not allowed to share anything personal about yourself or the Akatsuki!" Sasori growled.

No shit, think I would be here telling you this if I didn't know that?

"I know! But it gets…worse," I whimpered. They looked at each other, then me. I decided to continue.

"So then he said he…liked my name. So we talked more and I asked him why he wasn't in Suna where he was Kazekage. He told me it was because it seemed like we went into hiding, and then we would pop up and attack them and kill him. I said that wasn't true, and it was simply because we couldn't risk being found by passing shinobi and such. He then asked what I was doing in Konoha if we were supposed to be keeping low… I told him about the bet and how we weren't doing any harm to anyone. He found it hard to believe a serious group such as us would play such childish games. I then began asking about him. Before he answered any of my questions, he asked if I was still doing the bet. I said no and that I didn't care about it. He then gave me ninety bucks and said he's rather have me take money from him than have sex with a random guy-"

"He gave you money, un?" Deidara interrupted. I looked at him then reached into my pocket, pulling out the wad Gaara had given me. The three of us stared at it, and then they looked at me once again.

"O…okay… Continue," Sasori nodded.

"Okay…after that happened, for some reason, I asked if he thought we were evil. I have no idea WHY I asked that…but I did. He said yes. I asked why. He said because we killed innocent people and that we were murders who wanted to be selfish and stuff like that. I told him that wasn't entirely true. I explained how we worked to defend each other and that we did what Leader-Sama ordered us and we had no choice in the matter. After I explained all that, you guys called me back. I got up to leave, but Gaara grabbed my wrist and asked if he would see me again…"

"What did you say, un?" Deidara asked hesitantly.

I stood up and looked at both of the boys, their eyes locked on me.

"I said yes. Guys…I'm running away. I don't know what it is about him…I really don't but I need to see him again. I need to be with him. It's not a want…but a need. I have to escape Akatsuki, and I need you guys to help me," I responded, putting authority in my voice.

The duo just stared at me, eyes wide and both frowning. Deidara looked down, then back up at me. It broke my heart. His eyes looked so sad and worried. He had a sad frown on and his had a slight pout. I bit my lip and looked down.

Damn it all to Hell. Deidara, why are you so fucking adorable?

It's all Hidan's fault.

"Please?" I asked in a small, desperate voice. I heard the sound of moving, then arms being wrapped around me. I looked up and saw blonde hair. Immediately I hugged back, letting a few tears of sadness leave my eyes. The blonde pulled back and wiped my tears away, smiling gently.

"If you believe it's the right thing to do…I'll help you, un," he whispered. His voice was so sad but he knew this is something I needed. He had been seventeen once, he knew I had to go live my life. He's been in the Akatsuki since he was thirteen, and he wanted me to have the life that he never had.

"Thanks Rara. Thank you so much," I hugged him again, clinging to his cloak. He hugged me back and kissed my head.

"Sasori?" I asked, releasing Deidara and slowly walking over to him. Kneeling in front of him and placing my chin on his knee, I looked at his face. He was looking at me, directly into my eyes. I could see the sadness in his face, but I could see determination too.

"I will help you," he eventually sighed. I smiled and glomped him in a hug. The red head wasn't expecting it, as he hesitantly hugged me back.

"Thank you so much, Sassy… You have no idea how much this means to me," I whispered and let him go. The red head smiled softly at me and patted my head.

"If this is what you truly want…"

"It is, I have no doubt in my mind."

"How will we sneak her out? Leader-sama is outside with the others, un," Deidara asked, looking around.

"There is a small window in my bedroom. I will sneak out through there. Once I leave, I need you guys to stall as much as possible. There is no doubt he will come looking for me. If he does, stall. I need as much time to escape as possible. Alright?" I asked. They nodded sadly and I let out a shaky sigh.

"Come in my room in five minutes. I'll have my stuff packed. I'll probably just be taking a few pictures, maybe a shirt or two, that stuff. Okay?"

They nodded once again and I bit my lip. 'You can do this. Be strong. For Gaara…do it for Gaara' I thought to myself. That seemed to give me courage as I slipped out the boy's door and ran silently into my room. Once inside, I pulled off my ring, setting it gently down on my bedside table. It pained me to leave my family, everything that I had grown attached too. I had been here since I turned fourteen. I spent three years here, earning the respect of all the members and gaining a high rank in Akatsuki. But I had to do this. I wanted to be with Gaara, he made me…happy. Truly happy… Sighing, I collected a few pictures of me with each member. Kakuzu, Hidan, Itachi, Sasori, Deidara, Tobi, Zetsu, Konan, Kisame, even one with Leader-sama. I clipped them all together and set them on my bed. There was one that I also wanted to take. It was taken a year after I had joined Akatsuki, and it was a full photo, with the entire group. I smiled and gently stroked the sides.

I was sitting in Deidara's lap, my feet resting on Kakuzu and my head resting on the blonde's shoulder. He had his arms around my waist and Kakuzu was tickling me, a smile on his face as I giggled. Deidara was smiling as he held my squirming self. Sasori was sitting next to Deidara, his back was leaning against mine and his head was leaning back onto my shoulder. He was smirking and had his arm resting on my head. Konan was standing in front of Leader-sama, his head resting on hers and his arms laced around her waist. They both had soft smiles and Konan had a small blush on her cheeks. Behind us were Itachi, Hidan, Kisame, Zetsu, and Tobi. Itachi was eating a piece of Dango that I had made and had a little strip of syrup on the edge of his mouth. He was smiling a little and had a hand placed on his stomach, the other shoving Dango in his mouth. Kisame was laughing and had his arm rested on Itachi's shoulder. The other was placed on the back of his head. Tobi was standing to the right of Kisame, and he was clapping. No one could see his face, but I like to think he was laughing too. Zetsu was leaning on the wall next to Tobi, a smirk on his lips. He had his arms crossed but I could see he was happy. His eyes were gleaming and he was smiling. On the other side of Itachi was Hidan. He was standing behind me, laughing as he gave me little bunny ears with his fingers. There was a faint blush on his cheeks due to how much he was laughing. For once everyone was happy. It was my birthday that day… I'd never forget it. I loved everyone there, and I'd miss them with all my heart…

I didn't realize I was crying until I saw water droplets hit the photo and slide off. Startled by the noise, I quickly wiped the tears away, just in time for the two boys to slip in my room.

"Hey, you alright?" Sasori asked. I smiled weakly and nodded. "What's that?" he asked, gesturing to the photo in my hands.

I smiled and held it out to him. The red head took it and he and Deidara looked down at it, smiles clear on both of their faces. Deidara looked at me and a few tears slipped down his cheek. I chuckled lightly and hugged Deidara as hard as I could. He hugged me back, letting me nuzzle his neck lightly.

"We'll miss you _, un," he whispered. I pulled away and smiled.

"I'll miss all of you. So much…"

I gathered my things and slid them into a small back that I then strapped around my waist. Looking at them I nodded, and slid the window open, allowing the light from the moon to slip inside.

"Ready?" Sasori asked.

"No," I chuckled. I looked at them once again. "Can you pass on a message?"

"Yes," Sasori nodded.

"Tell…tell everyone that I loved them with all my heart. Tell Kakuzu that I'll mail him the money I get from everything he's taught me, tell Hidan that even though he was a huge pain in the ass, I loved his company and he was the funniest person I've ever met. Tell Zetsu that I'm sorry he and I never got along, and that I'd do anything to make it better. Tell Konan she was the greatest girlfriend I've ever had, and that I'm glad she wasn't the only girl anymore. Tell Leader-sama not to come after me. I swear that I'll keep my allegiance to the Akatsuki and that I won't say any information that has to do with them. Tell Itachi he was the best brother I ever had, and that deep down, he's a very good person, no matter what anyone says. Tell Kisame that I'd do anything to be able to repair his sword with him again, and that I wish he and I could have been better friends. Tell Tobi that he was the sweetest guy ever and that one day he'll find someone who will love him and all his hair brained glory…" I whispered, sniffling.

"Is that all?" the red head asked.

I hugged both of them tightly whilst I whispered, "Tell Sasori and Deidara that I loved them most of all. Tell them that Deidara was the sweetest, cutest, funniest guy that I'd ever had the pleasure of meeting, and his art was beautiful. That I love him with all my heart and I'd never forget all the times we spent together. Tell him that I loved seeing his art make beautiful colors when they exploded and I hope that he will be safe. Tell him that I loved his little 'yeah' and 'un' at the end of his sentences, and they were cute. Tell Sasori that I loved to see him work on his puppets and that even though we weren't as close as I wished we could've been, I knew I could trust him with anything. Tell him that I loved how red his hair was and that no matter what happened in the past, he has a family now, and that his family will always love him, no matter what. Tell him to make sure he and Deidara keep fighting about art, because it's funny to all the other members to see Deidara's cute pout and Sasori's sexy smirk. Tell both of them that I will always love them more than they will ever know…"

By the time I pulled away, I was crying again, Tears slid down my cheeks and fell silently to the floor. I looked at Deidara and he was silently crying too. He smiled a huge grin at me and pulled me in and gave me a kiss on my forehead.

"I'll miss you _-chan, un," he whispered before letting me go again. "I'm sure Deidara loves you too."

"As does Sasori," the puppet added before pulling me into a tight embrace. I hugged him back tightly before he pulled away. "You have to get going _."

I nodded and walked towards the window, putting my hand on the sill. Turning to look at them once last time, I mouthed an 'I love you guys' to them. They smiled and mouthed 'I love you too' back to me.

"Oh, _?" Sasori called out.

I looked at him, and he smirked his famous sexy smirk that made my heart melt. "You think it's sexy do you?" he chuckled.

Fuck you. You know that you could make anyone melt with that, don't you?


I love you guys.

"Hey, un!" Deidara pouted his adorable pout that made me smile. "My smirk isn't sexy, un?"

You're a sex God in general.

You and Sasori could rule the world together.


I'll miss you two the most.

I giggled and playfully rolled my eyes. "You're sexy in general, Rara." He seemed content with that answer and smiled.

"Goodbye," I smiled, blowing a kiss at them.

"Bye…" they responded in unison, waving. I sighed and climbed out my window. Looking back one last time, I saw Deidara crying again, and Sasori had a hand on his shoulder. They were both watching me leave. With one last wave, I ran. I didn't look back as I left my family to be with my love.


That's what Gaara was to me. He was my one and only. He claimed my heart from the moment our eyes met. We had only spoken for a few hours before I was willing to give up everything for him.

Arriving in Konohagakure, I jumped on the rooftop where we talked not two hours prior to now. Looking around, I saw no sign of him. Sighing, I looked down, heart-broken. Then I felt something slither up my legs and wrap around me, leaving my shoulders and head exposed.

"Looking for something?" the familiar soothing voice asked. Smiling to myself, I blushed.

"Not anymore," I responded.

I felt the sand fade away only to be replaced by two arms that laced around my waist.

"Gaara?" I whispered.


"I…I love you…."

I felt lips touch my neck, and felt him smile. "I love you too _," he replied softly.

Damn straight you do!

….God I would die for you.

I love you.

"I left the Akatsuki…" I bit my lip.

He froze for a second, and then rested his head on my shoulder. "You did that…for me?"

"Yes, Gaara…I…I want to…be with you," I held my breath as I waited for his answer. He could sense my nervousness and chuckled.

"Good, because I wasn't planning on letting you go anytime soon."


"Yes, I love you _. There is something about you that draws me in. It makes me want to spend every minute of every day with you. I've never felt love…or happiness as a child. I feel that when I was brought back to life…I was given a second chance at love. I finally understand that. I wish to love you and be loved by you _," he whispered as he turned me around to face him.

I was shocked, but was ecstatic. Somehow I managed to break free of his arms and flung my arms and legs around the boy's figure. I hugged him tightly, nuzzling his neck as I did so. I could feel him smile and wrap his arms around me.

I pulled back and looked at Gaara. His eyes weren't as cold as when we first met, and were filed with love. He had a small smile on his lips, making him look beyond adorable. Slowly, we both leaned in. The moment our lips made contact, a jolt ran through me, sending shivers up my spine. I ran my hand into his hair, pulling him closer to me. He tightened his grip on my waist, stroking my sides gently.

Oh my God, just ravish me here and now.


We were forced to pull away for air, and as we panted, I rested my head on his, intertwining our fingers. We smiled at each other before we pulled away.

"As Godaime Kazekage, I order you to return to Sunagakure with me and live in the Kazekage mansion," he smirked.

"Anything else, Kazekage-sama?" I giggled.

"You're permission for me to be your one and only?"

"Forever and always," I whispered, smiling.

He returned me smile. "Forever and always."

Heh, yeah, Hidan can wait for me to beat his ass later.

I have other stuff to tend to.

The End.