Juli: The Uh-Oh Feeling

As I walked back inside my house, I felt weird. I was getting those feelings the first time I ever looked into Bryce's dazzling eyes. The feeling was all too familiar to me. I called it the uh-oh feeling. Except, this time it was different. I wasn't trying to fight this feeling like I usually would have. I thought to myself who am I to try and stop destiny. If it was to happen I'd let life take its toll. For all I know tonight will be the best night of my life! No Juli, no! You are not going to set your expectations so high. I'm a very optimistic girl do not get me wrong. It's just with Bryce I don't know what to expect. One night, I can be laughing so hard with Bryce my stomach is cramping up and tears are coming out of my eyes because of joy! Then, the next night he'd be getting me aggravated and I'm crying my eyes out into my pillow. He just gets me all confused and but with one glimpse at him he makes me fall even harder than I already him. This relationship would be so hard to maintain but I've been through so much with him it'll only make me stronger.

It was 4:30 P.M. and I had an hour to get ready for my "date" with Bryce. I was so anxious for my date that I started feeling queasy. I shook off these butterflies and walked downstairs into the kitchen. I grabbed one of juiciest oranges I saw in the fruit basket and ate it. I looked ever at my motherdesperate for her help. It's like she read my mind or something because she told me, "Julianna, what do you need help with?" I looked down flustered with embarassment. "Alright! I'm going on a date with Bryce and I need your help with choosing an outfit. Please help?" I flashed her a genuine smile. "Julianna has a date with Bryce Loski!" She squealed with excitement. Her excitement made me lighten up. She set down on my bed a red plaid shirt and a pair of denim jeans. She told me it would flatter my complexion.

After I tied my hair into a braid and got cleaned up for my date, I had half an hour to spare. I decided I needed some fresh air so I went on my bike and rode out to where my first sycamore tree was. I sat down on the small stump My eyes got teary as I remembered the wind blowing on my face. I blotted my eyes with my sleeve and felt renewed.

I went home and saw the clock it was 5:30 P.M. exactly and I heard a knock on the door. I ran towards the door and saw Bryce standing at the door smiling at me. I felt my cheeks burning. He asked me, "Are you ready to go?" I nodded and grabbed a sweater and told my parents I'd be back before ten. Off, I went and I was loving every moment. This would be a very interesting night! I was intrigued by every single second.