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"Oh why not, Bella? It can be your welcome home outing. Do you want me to pick out your outfit?"

"What am I, eight? I think I can dress myself, Alice."

"Whatever. We're leaving in thirty minutes. Go get pretty."

The door closes and I'm finally by myself.

Thank God.

I love Alice. But really.

New little black dress. Nice enough to dress up or down. It's been too long.

Heels. Tastefully high, but not too high. It's just a small town club. Music will probably suck, and be about five years old. But it's a night out. And as much as I protest, I need it. Can I still do this? I'm twenty-four. I should be able to do this.

I'm actually happy to be back, don't get me wrong. Mom and Dad are happy to have me back too. I think. They never liked Mike. Mom hated him more than Dad. But they wanted me happy, and if happy was with Mike, then so be it. But five years of marriage later, and I have to agree with them.

But now, happy is being officially divorced. And if that's not a reason to celebrate, what the hell is?

I finally feel more at ease. I'm with my friends, whom I've missed so so much. Rose and Alice grew up with me until we left for college. Rose's parents retired and moved to Florida, but she married Emmett, another high school aquaintence. He was never really a part of our group back then, but always had a little bit of a thing for Rose. When Rose came back to town to help her parents move, they met and lived happily ever after.

Alice is still single, which she's still pretty happy about. She owns a little boutique in Port Angeles. It's successful enough that she doesn't really need to be there all the time. Between her and her business partner, Jane, the place takes care of itself. Her parents, the Brandons, are like my second family. The didn't like Mike either.

Go figure.


Forks is as it's always been. Small. Social circles, smaller. Everyone knows your business and all that. There's one grocery store. It doubles as the post office and barber shop. There's one gas station, one bookstore, and one strip mall. That's it.

Oh. And a Walmart on the outskirts of town. There's always a Walmart.

But I'd much rather be here than stupid Seattle.

It's stupid. Really.

The one nightclub is an old converted warehouse. It's decent in size for the few of-age crowd that needs a place to unwind and drink and grind against each other.

The inside of the club is dark, crowded, and the music is loud. Rose is joining us tonight, even though she has a loving husband at home. Some people call her bitchy. I call her awesome. I love her hard. Being married with kids among single friends makes her the designated driver by default. Fortunately, having parents that live in town allows me to enjoy a little libation, knowing Garrett is safely tucked in with his grandparents.

I love my parents. I love Garrett. He's the coolest guy I know, next to my dad.

I follow the girls to the VIP area, if you can call it that. It's just a few sofas with bamboo plants as barricades. Alice had the owner make up a VIP section just for her. She might've banged him. And Alice gets what Alice wants. Always.

The night goes something like this...

Hour One: First and second set of shots and dancing.

Hour Two: Second and third set of shots and more dancing. I see Tyler Crowley and Ben Cheney, two guys we went to high school with and who were on the football team with Mike. They didn't like him either. They're immediately awesome too.

Hour Three: The boys are on the dance floor with us, and we're all a little tipsy. Except Rose. Poor Rose with her dutiful husband and 2.5 kids. She wasn't able to get a sitter. So Emmett's at home. Waiting for her. How sweet.

Somewhere around Hour Three, I need another drink. The bar is congested, but I manage to stake claim to a stool and flag down the bartender. Sitting next to me is Pretty. I call him that because I don't know his name, and he's pretty.


"Hi there."

Ooh, he has a pretty smile too. And he smells good.

"I'm Edward."


Lovely conversation.

The Bartender brings me my last shot of the evening. I think. Well, maybe my last one.

It coats my throat very nicely as the beat of the next song calls to me. I decide to do what Alice suggested. Just have fun, she said. Alright then.

"Wanna dance?"

His smile. The way the one side rises a little higher than the other. I hope it's real and not a figment of my alcohol-ridden imagination.


Warm hands on my hips. My arms raised, hovering over me. Warm hands travel to my back. He's inching closer to me with every beat until we're touching. Damn, he's in good shape. I can feel his strong chest when I drop my hands and let myself feel him.

His eyes are liquid seduction. They draw me in until I'm about to hump his fine self like I'm fifteen.

Funny, it's been a long, long time since I do anything like this, and yet, I can't get enough. I don't even recognize this Bella anymore. I was something else, something not-me for so fucking long. And... Oh, what's that? Seems this guy's little friend is desperate to say hello. Not so little. Hmmm.

So I say hello. Well, my hips say hello. His leg settles in between mine. The music has taken over for us. I grind on him just a little. His lips are at my ear. I can feel his erection against me and it's such a foreign sensation to me... it's been way too long. I grind a little more to the music. I love how being in a club automatically allows you to feel up a perfect stranger in the name of dancing.

His mouth is hot on my ear, with every exhale. My hands are tugging at the back of his hair. I can't hear it, because the music's so fucking loud, but the vibrations of his groan go though me like an earthquake. So so good.

Have I mentioned it's been too long?

Nothing's said. Because really, what do you say when you can't hear each other? How does anyone have a conversation in a nightclub? You don't.

No words needed.

Once the song morphs into something less desirable, we stand there just staring. I can tell he doesn't want it to end. neither do I. Something about him.

"Wanna sit somewhere?" he leans in to kinda shout close to my ear.

I nod, because really, who's gonna say no to that? No one would be stupid enough to say no to him.

He takes my hand, his eyes burning into mine and drags me back to the nearest booth and sits me down next to him.

We order another drink for each of us. We talk very little. We do a lot of staring. I don't want to break the spell right now. When he dips in to speak into my ear, I'm lost in goosebumps and honey voice.

"You're fucking beautiful." My eyes roll back. His voice is sex.

"So are you," I respond, mirroring his action and feeling his hand snake its way around my waist, gripping tight. He's on the verge of unleashing something.

Unleash away, Edward. Unleash away.

And just like that, he's nipping and sucking at my neck, hands flexing and gripping at me until I feel like I'm almost straddling him.

The following make out session is, by far, far, FAR... the best of my life. Sober or not.

I'm hot and bothered, my body down below is very much awake and screaming for attention. His tongue is spectacular. His lips are stellar. Seems he's liking it too.

I could probably stay right here for the foreseeable future, but of course, life hates me, or my friends hate me. Either or.

"Hey! There you are! Oh, hello, um... sorry to interrupt. Hey..." I open one eye, lips still attached to him, to see Alice tapping Edward on the shoulder. At least she looks apologetic.

"Hi, I'm sorry. But we have to go. Rose's gotta get home to Em and the kids."

Edward's lips linger on mine as he eyes my friend. He grins at her as he breaks with me.

No, no, no. Unacceptable! I grab his shirt to bring the lips back to mine. I want more.


Damn it, Alice!

"Don't you 'damn it Alice' me! We have to go!"

I said that out loud. Oops. Edward chuckles against my mouth.

"I guess this is goodbye."

"Noooo..." Yes, I'm whining. It makes him laugh. Even his laugh is sex.

I give Alice what I hope is a murderous look, but she rolls her eyes at me and pulls me away. Apparently, I have a problem walking.

I can only manage to wave my fingers and smile at him before I'm dragged away.

It's only after I'm in Rose's car on the way home that I realize.


"What?" Rose and Alice say at once.

"I didn't get his number!" I whine some more.

Did I mention I whine a lot when I'm drunk?

Rose laughs. "I wouldn't worry. It's a small town. If he's from around here I'm sure you'll bump into him again."

"Yeah." But I can't say anymore because Alice's shoulder is really comfortable and it's time for a nap.

Ten minutes later. Alice is helping me into bed. She sighs.

"I wanna kisssss him s'more." I slur. I do. I really do.

"Yeah, well you can't right now. You need to sleep now."

I hear her say something else, but I don't even know.

This is a nice pillow.

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