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Pairings: USUK, Franada, Prucan, Turkgiri, FrUK, Chinapan, and other random crack pairings courtesy of Lambogirl666

/Blah./ Thought.

"Now tell me again, WHY THE HELL ARE WE HERE?" England shouted at the top of his lungs.

"Calm down, mon cher, everything will be fine. We are just waiting for a few more friends to show up. Then we can begin," France replied, giving England a wink.

"You sound like you want to sexually harass me, you wanker!" The smaller blonde nation retorted, English-slapping France across the face with a spare glove he kept in his pocket.

America sat fuming in the corner, watching HIS Iggy being harassed by that perverted frog… He clenched his fists tighter, the skin stretching white around his knuckles.

"Stupid France…" the cheeseburger-loving nation muttered under his breath.

Just a few minutes later, the doorbell rang, followed by frantic knocking and an angry voice shouting "FRANCE YOU PERVERTED FROG! OPEN THE DAMN DOOR IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE!"

America grinned. Oh yes, he knew that voice. He knew that voice like the back of his hand. "France, you might want to open the door, and let Hungary in soon if you don't want a face full of frying pan."

The older blonde nation nodded, remembering all the times the other nations had tasted Hungary's frying pan. France raced to the door, ducking quickly as a pan soared over his head, barely missing.

"FROG! WHY HAVEN'T YOU BEEN PICKING UP THE DAMN PHONE?" Hungary's voice reverberated around the main hall, making England jump.

"He disabled it 'cuz he was tired of hearing you nag nag nag nag nag nag…" America began, shutting up after a face full of frying pan. "Okay okay…" he said, rubbing the spot where the frying pan had made contact with his face. "Shutting up now…"

"It's all right R'ev Hungary. We agreed that as long as R'ev France let us sit in for the game that they will be playing, we wouldn't hurt him," a gentle voice said smoothly from the door.

"Ahh! Mademoiselle Israel! It's so good to see you!" France enthusiastically greeted her, pulling her into a tight hug.

"Either you let go of me, or I'll tell Greece about this."

As soon as the threat was issued, the blonde nation was a good twenty feet away and hiding behind England.

"I thought so. Now, R'ev France. Is it alright if R'ev Hungary and I sit in during your "party"? We won't cause any trouble for you," Israel pleaded.

"Of course you may mademoiselles! It would be my honor!" France smiled.

"It IS your honor," Hungary snorted.

America stifled a laugh, though very unsuccessfully. "hrmff mrff…AHAHAHAHAHA! YOU JUST GOT OWNED FRANCE!"

"I'm sorry America, I didn't catch that, was that another order of frying pan on the face to go?" Hungary asked, fingering her pan.

"R'ev Hungary, let's just go to the kitchen and make some snacks for the party…" Israel took her friend by the arm, leading her into the kitchen before she would permanently remove America's face from the face of the planet.

America sweat dropped, recognizing the fact that his face nearly became extinct. "So…umm…who else is coming?"

France thought for a second, "Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Japan, China, Russia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Switzerland, Austria—"

"Bloody hell, how many nations are coming?" England questioned.

"I'm guessing all of the men. No ladies allowed." Came Hungary's voice from the kitchen.

The host nation nodded. "Men only! I have a fun new game that I learned!" France said happily.

"Who'd you learn it from?" America asked.

"South Korea."

"Oh no…" Israel's voice drifted in from the kitchen. "My guess is that it's some random game he made up so he could claim 'Japan's breasts in the name of Korea!' " Israel mocked.

America rolled his eyes. /It's probably true though…that's what scares me…/

In the kitchen~

Israel stood over by the sink, slicing tomatoes for the sure-to-come Spain and Romano . Hungary was emptying a bag of American Cheetos ® and Doritos ® into some colorful bowls.

"Did you bring it?" Hungary whispered across the kitchen to Israel.

"It's in the bag under the table. What's it for?" She replied, continuing to slice the tomatoes.

"France told me a little while ago about this "fun" game that he invited everyone over for, and that they needed a bottle."

"Can't he just use one of his wine bottles?"

"Well there's a reason I offered to bring the bottle myself," Hungary said, winking.

"You're not seriously planning to hook my transceivers up to the bottle so we can PICK who the bottle lands on?" Israel asked, already knowing the answer.

"That's exactly what I'm saying. Can you help me set it up?" She asked Israel, picking up the bag from underneath the table.

"Ken, let me just finished slicing these tomatoes."

Out in the foyer~

Everyone was crowded in the entrance hall, munching on snacks i.e. Hungary and Israel. Romano wasn't yelling at anyone, since Spain was hurriedly collecting more tomatoes to keep his mouth filled.

Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Finland were all huddled together, though no one would dare go near in fear of Sweden's death glare. Only Israel, who was unafraid of the elder nation's stare, would venture out of the kitchen to offer Israeli falafels to the small group.

Italy, Germany, Japan, America, Canada, England and France were chatting away about unimportant wars and battle dates.

A couple minutes passed before a loud whistle echoed throughout the hall.

"Listen up boys!" Israel's commanding voice shook the walls. "Some of you know why you're here," she glared at South Korea. "And others don't." She shot a quick glance at America and England.

Hungary took over the speech. "If you will follow us, we will direct you to the gaming room, where you will participating in the game."

Hungary and Israel led the way up the stairs, down the hall, and a left turn into an open door.

"Alright boys, this is your destination for the night!" Hungary announced.

"You will be sitting in the order that we place you," Israel continued. She unfolded a piece of paper, handing it to Hungary.

Said nation walked over to the large ring of chairs, calling out names and pointing to where they had to sit.

Once everyone was seated, Israel and Hungary stood by the door, large smiled painted on their faces.

"Everyone settled?" Hungary asked the circle of boys.

They all nodded, several "yeah"s and "uh-huh"s muttered along with one "THE HERO CAN TAKE ANYTHING!" from America.

"Good." Israel nodded to Hungary.

Hungary gave a huge grin.

"You will all be playing…The Nervous Game."

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