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Israel and Hungary raced from the room down to the kitchen. Each taking their own laptops.

"Hurry up hurry up!" Israel said excitedly, logging onto her computer and opening up the FanFiction link.

"I'm logging on, sheesh, calm down!" The other nation opened her laptop, logging on. Her background was a picture from DeviantArt of America and England kissing. Hungary also went to FanFiction, logging onto her account.

"Hungary look!" Israel said excitedly, pointing to her computer screen. "Reviews already! People really love this stuff!"

The older nation smiled, "Yeah, eight reviews already! This is awesome! The first one's from Chocotaku. The reviewer would like us to do USUK…and RomanoxJapan…ha…this is going to be so much fun!"

France stood up, winking at Canada, who blushed and looked at the floor. "Now my friends, the nervous game is played by first, we press this button," the blonde nation gestured to a red button next to the bottle. "The bottle will pick a random player, then spin again and pick the partner. The first player will have to try and make the second nervous. By any means possible. Namely by…groping…harassment…"

England rolled his eyes. This would be a game FRANCE would want to play. Sexually assaulting people, sounds like fun!

"The cameras are running right?" Hungary asked, checking the computer screen.

"Yup, all up and functional. Now playing live feed to living room TV," the chestnut-haired country turned the TV on, showing the upstairs room in which all the boys were currently seated in. "I'll get the popcorn," Israel offered, popping a bag in the microwave.

"And I'll get drinks," Hungary added, grabbing sodas from the fridge.

The two girls grabbed their supplies, snacks, and laptops, and headed into the living room to watch their master plan unfold before their eyes.

"So press the bloody button so we can get on with this bloody game!" England shouted, having enough of the Frenchmen demonstrating how to play the nervous game on Canada.

"Gee Scone-bastard, ever say "bloody" to much?" Romano called, from the other side of the circle.

The green-eyed nation glared at the Italian, wishing he could strangle the smaller boy.

"Now, who would like to press the button?" France asked.

Murmurs passed throughout the room, no one really wanting to be the first to touch "the button".

"Nonon! Why must I be the first to press?" The perverted blonde, (A/N: I'm running out of ways to describe this guy…) walked to the center, leaned down, and pressed the glowing red dot, a whirring sound came from the device as it whizzed around in circles before landing on America.

"Yeah! The hero goes first!" The blue-eyed nation jumped up, eager to find out who the second nation would be. He leaned down and pushed the blinking circle, as it whizzed around the circle again.

The green bottle started slowing down, slowly past China, Russia, Spain, Germany, Italy, before stopping on England.

England sputtered, mouth agape. "There is no bloody way I am letting that wanker grope me! Not now not ever!"

"Aww, come on Iggy! Am I really that bad?" America asked, winking at the older nation.

"YES! And don't call me Iggy!" The blonde nation shouted, turning a bright crimson.

"Now now, mon cher, the rules of the game are you get three chances, if you are really THAT scared, you can chicken out. But, after you use up all three of your chances, you are done. You can't skip anymore. If the person who is trying to make the other nervous runs out of ways to make their partner nervous, they are finished. Accepte?"

All of the nations present, nodded or gave grunts of agreement.

"Good. Now, Angleterre, do you use one of your chances, or let America try and make you nervous?" France asked England.

"I…well…umm…I, you see…" England began.

Oh man…what am I going to do? I can't chicken out now, then I'll seem like a wimp…but if I let America…

England shuddered. "Fine. Go on America. Get it over with…"

America broke into a huge grin and walked to the other side of the circle. "Hey Iggy," he asked.

"What do you want wanker?"

The young nation put a finger under England's chin, making him look at him eye to eye. "Are you nervous yet?"

England gulped. Yes he was nervous, but he wasn't going to tell America that, not just yet…

"N-no, not even a b-bit," he stuttered.

The "hero" nation, snorted. "Yeah, right."

"You wanker! I am not ner—" The green-eyes nation was stopped mid-sentence as America pressed his lips to England's, finding this to be the only way to shut him up.

Romano snorted, Russia started "kol"ing, Canada laughed at his brother, and the camera in the corner snapped pictures of this entire event.

"AWWWWWWWW!" Israel and Hungary cooed simultaneously, squeeing with joy at the two on the full-screen monitor.

"That is so cute!" Hungary squealed, writing down ideas for yaoi fics.

"We are geniuses," Israel sighed, high-fiving her best friend.

"Five bucks England will shout "nervous" in less than a two minutes," Hungary offered, placing a five-dollar bill on the coffee table.

"Ten says less than thirty seconds," Israel raised, placing her bet next to Hungary's.

Upstairs, America was working his "magic" on poor England. And, needless to say, Israel won the bet. In less than twenty seconds, England was screeching "nervous" at the top of his lungs.

"Alright, alright! I SAID NERVOUS YOU YANK! NOW GETTHE HELL OFF!" England yelled, buttoning up his shirt and setting his tie straight.

America smiled, giving the other nation a wink. "We'll finish this sometime later Iggy…"

The room was dead silent. England slowly got up, pressing the button, the bottle slowly stopped on Romano.

"OH FUCK!" The Southern Italian yelled.

"Oh look! Lovi~ you look like a little tomate!" Spain called from two seats down.

**Headbutt censored**

"Shutup tomato bastard," Romano hissed, angrily hitting the button.

The green bottle spun, slower, and slower, before stopping and pointing to Japan.

"SAY WHAT? THIS IS FUCKED UP!" Romano cursed.

Japan was freaking out. Romano was seething. The room was silent.


"I will do this stupid thing if you don't call me "Lovi" for the rest of the friking day."

Spain slowly nodded his agreement.

Romano walked over to where a very, VERY, pale Japan was sitting. He had barley placed a hand on hand on Japan's knee when he yelled "Ochitskanai!"

"Alright, I take it that means "Nervous" in Asian, so I'm done," Romano said, sitting down.

"It's Japanese-aru," China corrected.

"Like I give a damn!"

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