Knights and Magic or Dawn, this isn't home

Summary: Spinoff to Hatten's Knight Verse. After the events in the SG Verse, they were supposed to jump back. The crux here is 'supposed'.

Timeline Knight Verse: After the Enterprise visited the SG verse for the 2nd time and they wanted to go home to their own universe.
Timeline Harry Potter: AU Year 7 with a few changes. Ron died in the attack on the Ministry to save Sirius in Book 5 and the camping trip from Book 7 included Harry, Hermione, Tonks, Luna and Neville. Tonks never got together with Remus.

Disclaimer: BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon, Star Wars to George Lucas and Harry Potter to JK Rowling. The Knight Verse was created by JC Hatten combining BTVS with Star Wars.

Story One: Knight away by JC Hatten
Story Two: Knight no more by JC Hatten
Spinoff 1: Darkness falls by Razial, later joined by Hawklan and JC Hatten
Spinoff 2: Knights and Magic or Dawn, this isn't home (working title)

Author: Hawklan
Beta: Inachis

Chapter 1

Jedi Master Alexander 'Xander' Harris opened his eyes after he helped Dawn to open the rift. He couldn't help himself, but something felt off to him. He had no clue what that was exactly yet, but the Force made him aware that something had gone wrong. Then a voice he recognized as belonging to Rona entered his awareness. "Dawn…. this isn't home."

He moaned at hearing that and quickly jumped up and looked in Rona's direction. "What happened, Rona?" he quickly asked.

Pulling her gaze from the screens Rona replied, "As you two opened the rift we entered it and came out of it as planned, but look on the screen, Xander. It still looks like the Sol System to me, not one of the systems near home."

"Damn it, what went wrong this time?" Xander cursed loudly, which pulled Dawn out of her mediation. She looked up at her Master and once seeing his not too happy face, she asked, "What happened Xander?"

"Looks like we didn't arrive like planned," Xander answered, to which Dawn replied with an "Oops."

Xander looked strongly at her and then asked, "Oops?"

Dawn blushed a bit under Xander's gaze and then said, "I guess that would be my fault again. As I started to open the rift I felt a slight nudge from the Force and followed it."

As Dawn began to feel a little nervous under all the stares she got from the crew of the Enterprise, Anakin quickly took her into his arms to calm her down. After a moment he looked up, glared at the others and said, "What? Stop looking at Dawn like that. Who are we to argue the will of the Force? If the Force nudged her to open the rift to where ever we are, then there will be a good reason for that."

"I agree Anakin. Now we just have to find out where exactly are we this time," Xander said in a thoughtful tone and then with a finger he lifted Dawn's chin, looked her in the eyes and said to her in a calm tone, "Nobody is blaming you. We'd just been looking forward to getting home, but as always, the Force is working in mysterious ways."

Dawn let out a relieved breath and snuggled a bit more into Anakin's comforting arms. Xander gave them both a smile and then turned to his wife Jaina, who sat in the pilot seat. "Love, can you turn us around and bring us back to Earth? I wonder what will await us there this time."

Jaina nodded and replied, "I already turned around and we should be there soon. So far the scanners haven't registered any other ships or traffic in the system."

Xander nodded at his wife in thanks and then turned back to Dawn. "So Dawn, what exactly did the nudge from the Force tell you?"

Dawn squirmed a bit and then said, "You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you what the vision showed me, so please trust me until you see for yourself."

Xander frowned a bit at that, but then nodded in agreement. "Ok, Dawn. I will trust you in this."


A while later, in an orbit around Luna, aka Earth's moon

Danni looked up from the sensors and looked into the round. After a few moments of watching her husband and wife with quite a few lustful thoughts, she blinked those away and concentrated on the things at hand. "It looks like this is a different Earth from the one we left just a few hours ago. Our sensors couldn't detect anything more advanced than a few satellites, a primitive space station and an old flying bucket our database has identified as a so called 'Space Shuttle' on its way to Earth's moon."

"Hmm… that sounds more like the Earth most of us came from," Xander mused and before he could say anything more, his sister Lexa interrupted him, "When it comes to space faring, my home wasn't that much farther ahead than this one either."

"Then let's hope it's neither of those. While yours wasn't too friendly, ours would be deadly to us now after all the changes the Force did to us so that we could survive in our new home," Xander said and then he looked at Dawn and asked, "So Padawan, what now?"

Dawn looked up from the data pad she was currently reading. She typed something on it quickly and then held it out to Xander. "Those are the coordinates we have to go to. Can we use the new thingy those Asgard installed?"

"So you still don't want to tell us more?" Jaina asked her husband's Padawan.

"Sorry, but you all will have to see it to believe me. We should be prepared for trouble though," she replied.

Xander shook his head at this, but was still willing to give his Padawan some latitude. After all, she still had a lot to learn before becoming a full Knight. So he said, "Ok Dawn, we will trust you in this. You will put a team together to go down to Earth."

Dawn looked at her Master, shocked, and then threw a panicked gaze at her sister, who just shrugged and grinned in reply. "M… M… Me?" Dawn stuttered out, to which Xander replied with a smile. "Of course my Padawan, this is your mission and so you have to do the planning. This gives me a chance to see how you will handle yourself. You have an hour to make your plans and put a team together. Restrictions for this would be no more than four people in addition to us two and you can only take either Anakin or Jaina, not both. One has to remain on board as a pilot in case we need the Enterprise."

Dawn was blushing a bit under all the attention she was getting and then she mumbled, "OK Master, I'll be in my cabin thinking about it." With this she quickly hurried down the corridor leading to the cabin she shared with Lexa.


One hour later

Dawn returned into the main room of the Enterprise where all already waited on her. Xander and his wives lounged on the big couch, which was made out of the skull of the monster he had struck down on Kashyyk, while Buffy and Riley were snuggled together on a 'Loveseat' and Rona, Anakin and Lexa sat at the table drinking a hot chocolate. Buffy looked up and at her younger sister. "So sis, ready?"

Dawn blushed again under the renewed attention her sister's question brought down on her and then she nodded. "Yes, I decided on Anakin and Lexa because we're a good team and in addition I would like Rona and Riley to join us," she replied.

Xander nodded and was satisfied with her choice, but being a 'responsible' adult and her Master, he said, "Ok. Anakin, Lexa and you have proven on the last mission that you are a good team, so that choice is clear, but what are your reasons for Riley and Rona?"

"Simple, with you, Anakin and me, we already have three Jedi in the team, Lexa is our PSI talent and so I choose Rona and Riley, to ensure that we have a Force Ranger and Guardian with us as well. In addition, Riley is a trained field medic as well."

Xander nodded, but added another question to test her further. "Ok Riley is clear as well, because he's the only Ranger on board and as you said, besides being a master marksman he is also a trained field medic, which is always a good thing to have, but why Rona and not Buffy, as the choice for the Guardian?"

Dawn blushed a bit and then answered, "Because Rona is a master in a lot of Martial Arts and… and…," here she blushed a bit further and then said, "And for the other reason you should ask Buffy herself."

With that all attention turned to Buffy, who simply replied, "I asked Dawn not to consider me, because I don't feel too well at the moment."

Satisfied with Dawn's answers Xander said, "Ok Dawn, I approve your choices and your reasons for them. Good work Padawan. So now continue."

"Continue?" Dawn asked, confused.

"Of course, as I said this is your mission and it doesn't end with putting a team together. You're in command for this mission and I will only be an observer," Xander replied.

"But…but…," Dawn stuttered.

"No buts Dawny," Xander said with a proud smile, "You're ready for this and now it's time for you to show what you have learned. Consider this a part of your Knight Trials."

Dawn gulped a bit, but then said with a sure tone. "OK, everyone I mentioned gear up, because we might be heading into a possible hot zone. For now I would suggest setting your blasters on stun. The rest who are staying on board, please remain on standby. You have 30 minutes until we head down."

With that all who were going down to the surface quickly left the room to gear up and after they met up again were transported to Dawn's coordinates by the new Asgard thingy, as Dawn called it.


Earth, somewhere in Scotland

In a bright white light the team appeared in full combat readiness on a huge meadow. As they quickly took in their surroundings, they saw a small village not far away. Or rather, what was left of a village. A few of the buildings were still burning, while others were only smoking ruins. Besides the more or less destroyed village they saw a huge castle which was surrounded by a huge smoke cloud and on the meadow and all between the village and the castle lay dead bodies.

Rona gulped at seeing all this and asked the question all had on their mind. "What the hell happened here?" Looking around Riley replied, "No clue, sis, but it looked like a huge battle." Pointing at a few of the bodies he continued, "Look at this, a lot of teenagers and adults and from the way this is all looking, they fought against the guys with the white masks and those giant and wolf looking creatures."

As Xander looked around he finally paused his gaze on Dawn and only said, "Hogwarts?" to which Dawn only nodded sadly.

"Why am I still surprised after all that we have already seen?" he asked himself.

Dawn shrugged her shoulders and then said in a quiet tone. "Looks like we landed at the final battle," she said. She closed her eyes to listen to the Force and with a wince she said, "The Force is quite disturbed here from all the killing and dark emotions, but I can sense some life near the sea."

She looked with a question in her eyes at Xander, who shook his head and replied, "Your mission, Dawnie."

Dawn nodded grimly and said, "Ok, let's check it out."

With that the group jogged into the direction Dawn mentioned and after a quick run they reached the shore of the sea and saw a group of four teenagers and a slightly older looking woman with pink hair, fighting against an overwhelming group of masked men and a snakelike looking man. All of them were already bleeding from several wounds and it didn't look like they could hold out much longer.

Dawn gasped, "Those must be Harry, Hermione, Neville, Luna and Tonks fighting against Death Eaters and Voldemort, I would guess. We have to help them," she said and with a hiss she activated her lightsaber.

List of Characters so far:

Finn, Riley – Force Ranger – married to Buffy – Human

Granger, Hermione - Witch

Harris, Alexandra 'Lexa' – PSI talent and Xander's 'sister' from another Earth – Human

Harris-Solo, Alexander 'Xander' – Jedi Master, husband to Jaina and Danni - Human

Harris-Solo, Danni – Jedi Knight, Wife to Jaina and Xander - Zeltron

Harris-Solo, Jaina – Jedi Master and Xander's wife - Human

Longbottom, Neville – Wizard - Human

Lovegood, Luna – Witch - Human

Potter, Harry – Wizard - Human

Rona – Force Guardian - Human

Solo, Anakin – Jedi Padawan - Human

Summers, Dawn – Jedi Padawan - Human

Summers-Finn, Buffy – Force Guardian, married to Riley Finn – Human

Tonks, Nymphadora – Witch, Auror - Human